Top 20 B2B SaaS Companies to keep an eye in 2024

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The B2B SaaS business have been gaining attention in recent years. As a result, businesses have started adopting B2B SaaS products for day-to-day activities. However, before you make an investment or think about developing a B2B SaaS product, it is essential to gain an in-depth understanding.

In this blog, you’ll learn about B2B SaaS, its benefits, and the twenty top B2B SaaS companies ruling the world. 

What is B2B SaaS?

 Why B2B SaaS is the Best Business ModelSource

B2B SaaS stands for business-to-business software-as-a-service. It is a business model where companies sell cloud-based software to other businesses on a subscription basis. B2B SaaS helps businesses solve complex issues with efficient operations and streamlined workflows.

According to a report, there were 17,000 SaaS companies in the United States in 2022 alone. And together, the SaaS companies had 59 billion customers worldwide. Imagine the total number of SaaS companies and their customers globally!

Some standard examples of B2B SaaS products are:

  1. Invoicing and payroll software
  2. Project management software
  3. CRM and digital marketing tools
  4. Team collaboration software 
  5. Inventory and logistics management tools

What are the benefits of B2B SaaS Products?


The benefits of B2B SaaS products are:

1. Easy Accessibility 

SaaS applications can be used with a reliable internet connection. Unlike the on-premises system, b2b SaaS products need no installation. You can easily download SaaS products through the internet. With remote working gaining relevance worldwide today, B2B SaaS is a perfect fit for employees working in different time zones. Employees can access the B2B SaaS tools anytime on any device by entering the required credentials. 

2. Cost Effective

Unlike traditional software, B2B SaaS products are cost-effective. The products eliminate the need for companies to install and run applications on their system. The B2B SaaS tools run on a single cloud infrastructure. It means that your company can save on hardware equipment, bug fixing, and maintenance expenses. Every time there’s an update, you need to make one change  that applies to all customers. Along with being cost-effective, SaaS products save time as there’s no need to install and maintain the software. 

3. Simple Upgrades and Additional Features

With SaaS tools, you don’t need to wait years to update your software. The service provider automatically and centrally updates the core upgrades. There’s no reason to fret, as the updates will not obstruct the business’ customer operations. Moreover, if your company wants to upgrade to a higher plan and get access to multiple features, you can do that too! The service providers offer several plans. Choose your plan and automatically get the new feature additions once it goes live.

4. Better Client Experience 

Client satisfaction is one of the primary factors of efficient B2B lead generation and higher ROI. You can expect higher retention rates and better conversions if your clients are satisfied. Earlier, companies had to send employees to solve customer problems. But now, with virtual meetups made available from cloud-based tools, businesses can resolve customer issues quickly without commuting. 

5. Flexible Payment Methods

Businesses have flexible payment options for B2B SaaS products. Instead of paying a huge upfront fee, you can subscribe to SaaS products and pay quarterly, monthly or an annual fee. When you move to scheduled operating expenses, merchant operators can control operations better with a predictable budget. Users can also stop SaaS subscriptions when they want to save recurring costs. 

Top 20 B2B SaaS Companies

Experts estimate that the global SaaS market will grow at a CAGR of 27.5% by 2028! Each year, the demand for SaaS products and services has been increasing. While some SaaS companies are trying to stand out, the top B2B SaaS companies are ruling the world. 

Let’s take a look at the twenty best B2B SaaS companies.

1. Google


Google has a myriad of productivity tools for businesses. Google Workspace provides over 15 tools for every business, be it a small business owner, a startup owner, or an enterprise owner. Google has become an everyday tool for businesses worldwide. The company targets a wide range of industries like retail, manufacturing, and life sciences and various departments like finance, HR, marketing, etc. 

2. ControlHippo


ControlHippo is one of the finest B2B SaaS examples. ControlHippo provides a single space to manage all your SaaS apps. It offers options for IT professionals to control, discover and optimize their company’s SaaS usage and costs. You can reduce 20% of your SaaS spending by lowering SaaS wastage. 

ControlHippo is one of the top-ranked SaaS operations management platforms

3. HubSpot



HubSpot helps customers to analyze, attract and support business customers. The B2B SaaS platform primarily focuses on B2B marketing automation, sales performance management, CRM, online course providers, and help desk. The tools HubSpot offers help businesses improve their marketing, sales, service, operations, and content management processes.

Did you know that HubSpot was the first to coin the term “inbound marketing”?

4. CallHippo


CallHippo is a B2B SaaS platform that provides businesses with a virtual phone system. It is the best option for small businesses. 

Companies can buy different numbers for multiple departments or a single number for the entire organization’s communication requirements. It is a cloud-based business telephony solution that lets you connect anywhere and anytime. 

5. Adobe 


Adobe is a common name in all businesses. It is famous for its products and services in digital marketing, printing, digital media, and publishing software.

Adobe owns over 50 computer software products. Users can create website animation, edit pictures/videos, and conduct real-time content reviews. The B2B SaaS platform also offers free tutorials to help users.

6. SoftwareSuggest


SoftwareSuggest is among the top B2B SaaS companies that help businesses find the right software for their needs. It is an online platform that simplifies the process of software discovery by listing, comparing, and reviewing the business software with its competitors. You can connect with verified service providers and boost your business.

7. Slack 


Slack is one of the most adopted B2B SaaS examples. Within two years of its launch in 2012, Slack became the first-ever startup to achieve a $1 billion valuation. It helps businesses communicate with internal messaging, phone calls, video conferencing, and AI bots. Slack provides value from the beginning and encourages the teams to upgrade to its premium version. 

8. Xero 


Xero is a cloud-based accounting system that has acquired a vast customer base since its launch. As a result, it is the best option for small businesses, as Xero helps them to pay bills, track expenses, and manage payrolls and projects. In addition, the tool has a dashboard that gives business owners an idea of the budget and finances of the organization. 

9. MailChimp


Mailchimp is a top marketing platform for small businesses. The B2B SaaS platform lets customers set up automated and trigger-based emails. With Mailchimp, you can also track campaign insights. It offers solutions in transactional email, email marketing, marketing automation, and others. Mailchimp also helps customers effectively improve their marketing strategies. 

10. Workday


Workday is a cloud-based software vendor that began as a human capital management solution. But, it has now expanded to several domains. Workday is a unified SaaS software solution for planning, finance, professional services automation, human capital management, HR automation, project management, business intelligence, and web analytics. The tool helps companies empower decisions at every stage of their business.

11. Shopify


Shopify has helped multiple startup organizations and small businesses take their stores to the global level. Retail POS and e-commerce stores widely use the application. Shopify is a SaaS product that is easy to use, offers customization capabilities, gives merchant support, and is affordable. Its successful affiliate program results in its significant growth rate. 

12. Atlassian


Atlassian is a software company that creates products for project managers, software developers, and various software development teams. Trello and Jira are some tools that Atlassian has under its umbrella. In addition, the B2B SaaS platform provides development, collaboration, and issue-tracking software for multiple teams. The main aim of Atlassian is to help companies unleash the power and potential of every team. 

13. Microsoft


Microsoft is a multinational technology corporation with over 100 cloud products in various industries. The company produces computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and multiple other services. Microsoft is a top provider of cloud computing services, computer and gaming hardware, video games, and other online services. However, it is best known for its software products. 

14. Salesforce 


Salesforce is one of the oldest SaaS B2B companies. It has around 58 cloud computing products.

 It provides applications focused on sales, marketing automation, customer service application development, and analytics. 

Salesforce provides one of the best customer relationship management software to businesses. The platform takes pride in bringing clients and customers together to achieve the best business results. 

15. Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey

SurveyMonkey offers cloud-based software solutions to businesses of all sizes. It provides software for brand insights, product experience, social media marketing insights, online survey development, personalized customer experience, employee experience, other market research services and a collection of paid back-end programs. With SurveyMonkey, companies can drive their business forward by using the online free survey tool to capture people’s voices and opinions. 

16. DocuSign 


DocuSign is a software company that offers electronic e-signature to sign on various devices. It aims to reduce the time a company spends on finalizing documents. The SaaS platform helps employees sign, manage and send every copy to any corner of the world. In addition, the platform offers three free digital signatures, and users can choose the purchase plan according to their needs. 



AVADA is an e-commerce platform that develops intuitive applications to solve business problems. The B2B SaaS company innovates and maximizes the effectiveness of its products. It consistently updates and adopts innovative technologies to enhance business processes. AVADA gives the best overall design and editing experience. It is one of the best intuitive website builders with various ready-to-use design elements. 

18. Ahrefs


Ahrefs is an SEO tool that has a huge ton of marketing opportunities. Companies can research content ideas, find linking opportunities, explore various keywords and do much more! Ahrefs helps businesses analyze SEO health, keyword rankings, and a website’s link profile. It also allows the users to check the backlinks of websites. 

19. Semrush


Semrush is a SaaS platform that offers SEO and site monitoring tools. It is mainly used for online ranking data, including metrics like cost per click and search volume. However, Semrush is one of the best tools for keyword research. With Semrush, your company tracks the keyword strategy, runs SEO audits of blogs, looks for backlink opportunities, and much more. 

20. DropBox


Dropbox is a file hosting service provider that brings web shortcuts, cloud content, and traditional files together in one place. In addition, it provides a smart workspace where the teams can collaborate and use various tools to create and edit content. With Dropbox, you can bring your best ideas to life. 

Final Words

The B2B SaaS products are the best way to gain more customers for your business. You can get better insights after reading the blog if you want to invest in B2B SaaS products and improve your company’s productivity. With our analysis, as mentioned above, you can look at the top B2B SaaS companies leading the industry by conducting SaaS marketing for B2B websites. 

B2B SaaS FAQ's

Some of the best ways to market B2B SaaS are:

  1. Improve your customer acquisition cost
  2. Offer a free trial of your B2B SaaS product
  3. Provide customer testimonial videos
  4. Get your company listed on software review directories like SoftwareSuggest, Capterra, G2, etc.
  5. Create your screencast library

SaaS stands for software-as-a-service. And B2B SaaS stands for business-to-business software-as-a-service. SaaS offerings are created for both B2C and B2B markets. B2B SaaS falls under the category of SaaS.

ControlHippo is an example of a B2B SaaS platform. It controls, discovers, and optimizes the company’s SaaS usage and costs.

The following steps will help you develop a good B2B SaaS marketing strategy:

  1. Positioning
  2. Strategic Narrative Building
  3. Go-to-Market Models
  4. Budget
  5. Team
  6. Personas
  7. Competition
  8. Product Launches

To start a B2B business with SaaS, the following steps will prove helpful:

  1. Define product boundaries
  2. Collaborate with existing companies
  3. Make easy integration for customers
  4. Take quality feedback from paying customers during the early stages
  5. Organize your team correctly
  6. Focus your marketing strategies on growth
  7. Establish your brand

Updated : January 4, 2024

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