Customer Journey Analytics: Everything You Need to Know in 2024

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Recognizing your customer’s journey and their experiences with your brand is more crucial than ever in the cutthroat business world of today. Customer journey analytics come into play in this situation.

You may learn important lessons about enhancing customer happiness, growing brand loyalty, and optimizing the customer journey by looking at how customers interact with your company at different touchpoints. 

The benefits of customer journey analytics in 2023, important metrics to monitor, and the best customer journey analytics use cases will all be covered in this article. This blog will offer insightful advice whether you’re new to customer journey analytics or trying to enhance your current strategy.

What is Customer Journey Analytics? 

Customer Journey Analytics

Customer journey analytics is finding out the significance of each interaction a consumer has with your organization. Determining the effect of the customer experience entails examining consumer behavior over time and across several touchpoints. 

A UX research exercise is called customer journey mapping. It lets you get a complete, end-to-end picture of your customers’ behavior. The advantages of customer journey analytics include continuous visualization of consumer behavioral data across all points of contact with your brand. 

Sentiment analysis can be used with customer journey analytics to detect positive or negative opinions in customer feedback. Firms could learn more about the clientele. By using customer journey analytics, they may identify chances to improve and optimize the customer journey. 

It entails identifying common issues, examining what motivates customers to purchase, and determining which pain points are most effective.

Customer Journey Analytics Vs. Customer Journey Mapping 

Customer journey analytics and mapping are two major tools that businesses may use to enhance the customer experience. Even though they complement each other, there are some significant differences between them.

Customer Journey AnalyticsCustomer Journey Mapping 
Customer journey mapping is graphically illustrating the various steps and points of contact a customer has with a company. Customer journey analytics shows the collection and analysis of data on customer interactions with a business.
It entails drawing a flowchart or map that depicts the customer’s journey from first being aware of a product or service to post-purchase follow-up.Various sources, including website analytics, customer reviews, and sales data, can provide this information.
Businesses can benefit from customer journey mapping to understand better their client’s wants, needs, and motivations.Customer journey analytics uses the information to comprehend the customer experience better and benefit them by identifying pain points where the company can improve it.
Example:- a business might start by identifying key customer touchpoints in a journey map.Example:- Customer journey analytics enables us to analyze the raw data collected from these touchpoints and identify areas for improvement.

Nevertheless, customer journey mapping and analytics are two distinct processes. If we combine and use them together, it would bring a deeper comprehension to study the customer journey.

For e.g., Remember the differentiations between customer journey mapping and customer journey analytics when comparing. One of the most significant perks of analytics is the quantitative information it provides in the customer experience. 

Firms that collect and analyze data on customer behavior and comments may have an in-depth complete, and accurate understanding of the customer journey. They will be able to accomplish

How To Use Customer Journey Analytics? 

Entire customer journey analytics is a strategy to gather and analyze data better to understand customer behavior at each stage of their journey. Firms can gain valuable insights that will help them improve their customer experience and drive growth. This section will depict how to use customer journey analytics to improve your business.

1. Map your customer journeys and aggregate data 

Mapping your customers’ trips is the first step in implementing customer journey analytics. A customer journey map illustrates the stages a client takes to interact with your business. It may encompass several touchpoints, including website visits, social media interactions, customer service calls, and sales.

You may begin collecting data from multiple sources by creating a map of your customer’s journeys. Data from your website, social media platforms, CRM software, and other sources may be included. By gathering this data, you may develop a crystal clear picture of how clients engage with your firm.

2. Analyze your customer behavior and data 

Now, analyzing client behavior, and data is the following stage. In order to acquire insights, the technique needs to spot patterns and trends in customer behavior and apply data analytics technologies. You might want to focus on some of the following important metrics:

Getting new clients: How do customers find your company? Which marketing avenues are most successful at generating new business?

Customer engagement: How do they engage with your company? Which customer touchpoints are the most interesting?

Conversion: How many customers actually make the desired purchase or action? Which elements affect conversion rates?

Retention: What percentage of your consumers come back? What elements affect a customer’s loyalty?

You may learn more about how customers interact with your business and pinpoint areas for development by examining these indicators. For instance, you might look into ways to enhance the checkout process if you discover that many clients leave their shopping carts unattended on your website.

3. Take action informed by data-led insights 

Ultimately, you can enhance your business by taking action on the information you learn from entire customer journey analytics. Also, take the activities below:-

Increasing customer engagement and conversion rates may be accomplished by optimizing specific touchpoints in light of your findings. For instance, you could enhance your website’s appearance or offer better customer service.

Personalizing the customer experience: You may learn about the preferences and habits of certain customers by studying customer data. It can assist you in modifying your goods and services to suit their requirements and offer a more individualized experience.

It is a continuous process that includes checking and improvements. You may continuously enhance the client experience and spur growth by testing and experimenting with various techniques.

Customer journey analytics is, therefore, a very effective and efficient system. Firms may learn more from it about how their target market engages with their brand. Businesses may improve customer interactions and increase growth by carefully observing customer journeys, evaluating data, and acting on insights.

5 Ways Business Teams Benefit From Customer Journey Analytics

A game-changer for companies looking to enhance customer experience, stimulate growth, and improve operations is customer journey analytics. Companies can gain useful insights by analyzing customer behavior and data at each stage of the customer journey, which can help influence decision-making and deliver business outcomes. In this piece, we’ll examine five ways that a customer journey analytics platform might benefit business teams.

1. Customer Experience Teams

CX teams can pinpoint the areas in the customer journey with pain spots by evaluating customer behavior and data. These can include places where customers leave, get frustrated, or run against difficulties.

2. Marketing

Customer journey analytics can assist marketing teams in campaign optimization by revealing what is and isn’t working. For instance, marketing teams can change the messaging or style of an email campaign if it is not generating engagement.

3. Analytics

Analytics teams can quickly determine the core cause of problems by using journey analytics to spot them as they happen. AI-powered root cause analysis facilitates analysts to understand not only what is happening but also why it is occurring by automatically identifying defined risks within journeys. Analysts can then identify which interactions affect or negatively impact your clients’ success.

4. Digital Customer Care

Digital customer service teams may speed up response times by optimizing their operations by identifying pain areas along the customer journey. Digital customer service teams, for instance, can find ways to streamline the procedure and speed up response times if clients are suffering lengthy chat wait times.

5. Service Teams

By giving service teams insights into how consumers use their goods or services, customer journey analytics can help optimize those products or services. They can use this to find chances to enhance current features or introduce new ones.

Best Customer Journey Analytics Software In 2023

In 2023, customer journey analytics software has become increasingly essential for businesses aiming to provide exceptional customer experiences. The best software offers advanced analytics and segmentation, enabling companies to understand and optimize customer journeys.

1. Glassbox 


Glassbox enables firms to design frictionless digital customer journeys. Their real-time digital experience analytics technology promotes growth. It also promotes loyalty across mobile apps and websites. This software is a single collaboration tool with AI-driven visualization and analytics capabilities, assisting teams in prioritizing interactions with customers and digital product enhancements.


  • Analytics for product use
  • Profiles of consumer experiences
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Dashboard for customer experience
  • Mapping the customer journey
  • AI-driven suggestions


  • Identifying customer issues
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Increase conversion rates 
  • Analyze customer churn
  • Get consumer feedback


  • Mapping interactions could be better
  • Email templates need to be improved

Pricing is not offered. It is based on individual quotes.

2. Insider 

Insider Source

One platform for customized, cross-channel experiences is Insider. It allows enterprise marketers to link client data from many systems and channels. Additionally, use an AI intent engine to forecast their future behavior and plan customized customer experiences.

With a 4.7/5 rating based on user feedback, the company has been rated the No 1 Leader in Mobile Marketing Software, Customer Data Platforms, and Personalization Grids. Also, many reputed organizations have declared it one of the world’s top 50 best software products.


  • Personalization
  • Predictive segmentation
  • Multi-channel campaigns
  • Real-time analytics
  • A/B testing
  • Customer satisfaction


  • User-friendly
  • Creates outstanding Marketing campaigns
  • Lead Collection Campaigns are very engaging


  • There are still glitches with the software

Pricing is based on individual quotes. 

3. Contentsquare 

Contentsquare Source

In order to give you an unmatched understanding of the customer experience and to revolutionize your business, Contentsquare goes beyond typical analytics. They help organizations swiftly provide more human experiences while protecting privacy and accessibility. 

Thanks to intuitive technology that discloses the behavior, intent, and attitude of every and every user. Faster growth, more adaptability, and contented customers are the business outcomes. They also provide a new, more empathetic digital experience.


  • User behavior analysis
  • Heatmaps
  • Conversion funnel analysis
  • Mobile app analytics
  • A/B testing


  • Tracking interactions on the page
  • Displaying the main routes
  • Highlighting important objectives
  • Customer satisfaction


  • It takes a lot of time to watch one recording after another
  • The time and resources required to use the customer journey analytics tools are not worthwhile.

Pricing is based on individual quotes.

4. SharpSpring 

SharpSpring Source

SharpSpring is a full sales and marketing automation platform. To launch and monitor focused efforts, it brings together teams from marketing and sales. It also customizes every encounter to engage and convert more customers and increase revenue more quickly.

Moreover, SharpSpring unifies all marketing automation, sales CRM, and customer data into a single platform for SMBs and marketing firms.


  • Marketing automation
  • CRM integration
  • Behaviour-based email automation
  • Dynamic forms available
  • Analytics and Reporting


  • Better lead scoring
  • Enhanced email blast builder
  • Proper sales optimization
  • Customer support
  • Personalized landing page builder


  • Only one user has access to the native sales dialer
  • Integration of SMS

Pricing starts at $12.74 per month per user

5. WebEngage 

WebEngage Source

WebEngage is a complete marketing automation and customer data platform. 800+ consumer-facing businesses can engage and keep their customers with the help of WebEngage. With WebEngage, these businesses deliver more than 30 billion messages each month using channels. Examples of channels would be WhatsApp, Email, SMS, Push Notifications, Facebook, Google, and others. It was created with the intention of enabling companies to produce highly customized experiences.


  • Email marketing
  • Online marketing
  • SaaS management of leads
  • Social media management


  • Easy user journey creation
  • Enhanced notification Delivery
  • Cross channel attribution


  • The user interface is challenging to understand

Pricing is based on individual requirements. 

6. MoEngage


MoEngage is an insights-driven customer engagement platform. It gives marketers and product owners the capacity to quickly transform AI-driven data into engaging cross-channel experiences that delight customers. With sophisticated insights about customers’ journeys, preferences, lifestyle affinities, and more, it empowers marketers to be customer-centric.

In contrast to campaign automation and analytics solutions, which compel marketers to be more campaign focused. With MoEngage, marketers can quickly transform customer insights into compelling cross-channel experiences that will help their companies flourish.


  • Personalized Messaging  
  • Omnichannel Engagement 
  • AI-Powered Automation
  • Marketing Automation 
  • Advanced Analytics 


  • Better user journey
  • Simplified depiction of analytics
  • Better data insights


  • Complex use scenarios cannot be accommodated
  • It has bugs that make it difficult to use

Pricing is based on personalized quotes.

7. Totango 

Totango Source

Totango is the industry’s first modular fondational composable customer success platform. It was designed with quality standards incorporated to fulfill your demands right away and grow with your organization.

Totango is simple to use, easy to integrate, quick to value, and economical to own and run. In order to increase net revenue retention and boost productivity within their organizations, many of the world’s fast-growing companies and well-known software giants use Totango. 


  • Security of data
  • Customer segmentation is one of the highest-rated features.
  • Improved monitoring of customers


  • Uses a variety of quantitative and qualitative inputs, automates health scoring
  • To standardize the customer experience, instruct customer success teams on SuccessPlays
  • Make dashboards with reporting and insights to aid in making decisions more clearly


  • Reporting
  • Aggregating user metrics
  • Survey flexibility

Pricing starts at $249 per month. 

8. Quantum Metric 

Quantum Metric Source

Quantum Metric is a platform that enables companies to deliver digital products their customers will love. It helps firms move fast, be customer-centric, and foster digital expertise. The platform allows firms to realize customer needs in real-time and quantify priorities faster. 

Quantum Metric Atlas is a guide to navigating digital complexity. According to their website, nearly 80% of consumers still prefer the human touch. The terms and conditions governing access to Quantum Metric’s services are available on its website.


  • Error and bug tracking 
  • Analyzing data
  • Click tracking


  • Synchronized error information
  • Records income of the website
  • Geo-location data


  • Often delays while a new search
  • Glitches are still there

Pricing is based on individual quotes.

9. Dreamdata 

Dreamdata Source

The B2B Revenue Attribution Platform from Dreamdata combines data from many components of your go-to-market technology stack to provide previously unattainable insight into your B2B customer journey.

B2B businesses may use Dreamdata to run bespoke account-based attribution modeling, determine the ROI of each advertising campaign, gauge the effectiveness of content, benchmark growth, forecast sales, and make data-driven decisions about the next steps.


  • B2B Attribution
  • Marketing Channels – Marketing
  • Data Visualizations 
  • Custom Reporting 
  • Cross-Device Attribution


  • Customer-centric
  • Provides precise information about the performance
  • The team collaborates with the client for better quality


  • Account-based attribution is not there
  • Customization and integration take time

Pricing is $999 per month. 

10. Optimove 

Optimove Source

Optimove is a complete, hyper-personalized CRM marketing software. The strategy is planned, orchestrated, and optimized using a science-driven methodology. To offer its clients cutting-edge, all-inclusive customer journey analytics solutions for highly effective CRM Marketing at scale, Optimove has formed partnerships with top technology platforms, business consultants, and marketing firms worldwide.


  • Multiple Devices 
  • Predictive Modeling 
  • Recommendation Engine


  • Quick customer service response
  • Better campaign ROI & CRM related KPIs
  • Offers a complete package of customer journey analytics tools


  • Attributes missing that are exclusive to different industries
  • It could be difficult to use or learn the user interface.

Pricing is based on individual quotes.


Customer journey analytics is a crucial tool that companies can use to comprehend customer behavior and enhance the customer experience as a whole. Businesses can gain insights into how customers interact with their brand, pinpoint pain points and chances for improvement, and optimize their marketing, sales, and customer support strategies by analyzing customer data from various touchpoints and channels.

Customer Journey Analytics FAQ's

Finding out the significance of each interaction a consumer has with your organization is known as customer journey analytics. Examples of customer journey analytics are visualizing customer behavior across channels and time, defining in-journey signals, and creating customer journey maps.

It is an analytics functionality that provides customers with access to Adobe Experience Platform infrastructure's Analysis Workspace experience. It enables users to bring customer data from any channel into the Adobe Experience Platform and perform flow and fall-out analysis.

Customer journey analytics is crucial because it aids companies in comprehending how consumers connect with their brands through time and various channels. Businesses may enhance the customer experience and boost revenue development by analyzing client behavior.

Companies can use web analytics to understand customer journeys by mapping interactions across touchpoints and measuring the impact of each interaction. Visualizations can help present data in an easy-to-understand format.

Customer Journey Analytics is a business-wide analytics solution built on the Adobe Experience Platform. You can use Adobe Experience Platform data with the power of Analysis Workspace. The precursor of CJA, Adobe Analytics, had a wider range of features, including unlimited data collection.

Updated : November 26, 2023

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