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ControlHippo Vs Airbase

As a leading airbase alternative, ControlHippo is a SaaS management platform that enhances the customer experience by enabling companies to explore, optimize, and govern their SaaS applications.

Top Airbase Alternative

What Makes ControlHippo The Best Airbase Alternative?

This alternative of airbase improves your SaaS portfolio, automates IT tasks, and facilitates your apps based on their usage. In addition, with ControlHippo, your team can streamline licensing and onboard/offboard processes to enhance team performance.

Reduce SaaS Wastage

Removes underused and duplicate apps.

Frictionless Tracking

24/7 comprehensive monitoring and management.

Effortless On/ Offboarding

Offers quick and convenient on/ offboarding.

Feature wise comparison

Feature Comparison ControlHippo Airbase
Renewal Management Renewals Calendar, insights, and smart suggestions Calendar and growth trends only
Spend Analysis Reporting Reports with ‘Active Usage’ Status Spend analysis reports
License Renewal Based on Insights Automated Manual
Application Discovery In-built auto-detection of 70,000+ SaaS applications Detects 60,000+ popular apps
Duplicate App Detection 🚫
Unused App Detection 🚫
Automated IT Workflows 🚫
Staff Access Management 🚫
Consolidating Apps with Overlapping Functions 🚫

Build a Better Brand Image with ControlHippo

Ensure you get the most value from SaaS investments by using ControlHippo, the best airbase alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

ControlHippo is the best alternative of Airbase. ControlHippo detects different apps according to their usage, gives you a comprehensive overview of your organization's SaaS management tasks, and ensures you don't waste money on unnecessary subscriptions.

Compared to Airbase, ControlHippo is faster and more affordable (cuts your SaaS spend by nearly 30%.), offers 24/7 comprehensive monitoring and management, quick and convenient on/ offboarding features, etc. However, Airbase still lacks features such as duplicate app detection, unpracticed app detection, staff access management, and so on.

Getting started with ControlHippo includes two easy steps:

  1. Install the extension from the Chrome web store.
  2. After installation, register with ControlHippo.

ControlHippo, the best alternative of Airbase, allows businesses to manage all SaaS applications from a centralized location, monitor usage, automate SaaS procurement, remove duplicate applications, and manage billing and renewal activities.

Businesses can manage their SaaS subscriptions from a single location with ControlHippo's SaaS subscription management platform. ControlHippo, the best Airbase alternative, offers optimization of SaaS spending, access management, and app filtering based on security standards, compliance management, enhanced visibility, and billing support.

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