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ControlHippo Vs. BetterCloud

The best BetterCloud alternative, ControlHippo, lets organizations manage, optimize, and secure SaaS applications. Discover applications and automate onboarding and offboarding with ControlHippo.

Best Free BetterCloud Alternative

Manage Your SaaS Spend Effectively With The Best BetterCloud Alternative

This BetterCloud Alternative provides easy access to your SaaS applications, improves data security, and allows you to keep track of your SaaS spending. With ControlHippo, you can take advantage of several missing features from BetterCloud, and it’s completely free!

Automate Workflows

Reminders for access, procurement, and renewal.

Comprehensive Management

Monitor, track, and manage SaaS infrastructure.

Complete Visibility

Frictionless monitoring of all SaaS applications.

Feature wise comparison

Feature Comparison ControlHippo BetterCloud
Setup Simple Complicated
Pricing Free Expensive
Visibility High Low
Customer Support Finest Limited
License Management 🚫
Renewal Management 🚫
Usage Based Renewal Automated Manual

Efficiently Handle All Your SaaS Subscriptions From One Place

ControlHippo, a superior alternative of BetterCloud, allows businesses to manage all SaaS applications from a centralized location, monitor usage, automate SaaS procurement, remove duplicate applications, and manage billing and renewal activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

ControlHippo is the best BetterCloud alternative. ControlHippo SaaS management platform is innovative, offers multiple unique features, and is quite affordable. With this tool, you can significantly reduce SaaS waste and better manage your SaaS subscriptions.

It's simple to get started with ControlHippo - a perfect alternative of BetterCloud. First, install the ControlHippo Chrome extension. Next, register on the ControlHippo website. Once completed, you will be able to monitor your daily SaaS usage and have 360-degree visibility in all SaaS applications.

ControlHippo is the best BetterCloud alternative given its extensive feature set, low cost, easy app monitoring and optimization, and a 360-degree view of applications' usage. All of these factors will enable you to save nearly 20% on SaaS spending.

ControlHippo certainly has the edge over BetterCloud for a range of reasons. For example, BetterCloud does not support license management or renewal management. On the contrary, ControlHippo lets you manage SaaS subscriptions and renewals.

The five best BetterCloud alternatives are: ControlHippo, Productiv, Zluri, Torii, and Zylo. All these BetterCloud alternatives enclose diverse features that will help you manage SaaS apps more effectively and reduce SaaS waste.

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