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ControlHippo Vs Blissfully

If you are looking for gaming-changing solutions for your company, ControlHippo is your best option. We help you track down and monitor your SaaS spending and streamline business operations.

Best Blissfully Alternative - ControlHippo

Why Choose ControlHippo As Your Saas Management Software?

Managing apps in today’s time is tough for companies.ControlHippo is a perfect Blissfully alternative SaaS mangement platform that gives you easy monitoring solutions for apps, frequency and impact.

Efficient Tracking

Real-time tracking for better operational efficiency

Reduced Manual Work

Automated IT tasks to save time and effort

Abiding Norms

SaaS compliance to ensure better regulatory measures

Feature wise comparison

Feature Comparison ControlHippo Blissfully
Renewal Management Renewals Calendar, insights, and smart suggestions Calendar and growth trends only
Spend Analysis Reporting Reports with ‘Active Usage’ Status Spend analysis reports
License Renewal Based on Insights Automated Manual
Application Discovery In-built auto-detection of 70,000+ SaaS applications Detects 60,000+ popular apps
Duplicate App Detection 🚫
Unused App Detection 🚫
Automated IT Workflows 🚫
Staff Access Management 🚫
Consolidating Apps with Overlapping Functions 🚫

Make Your Saas And User Association Better With This Best Blissfully Alternative

Use ControlHippo to keep on top of your SaaS contracts and services. This alternative of Blissfully offers amazing onboarding and off-boarding while staying compliant with your security obligations.

Frequently Asked Questions

ControlHippo is the best Blissfully alternative. ControlHippo SaaS management platform is sophisticated, loaded with unique features, and reasonably priced. This tool can significantly reduce SaaS waste and better manage your SaaS subscription.

ControlHippo clearly has the upper hand over Blissfully for several reasons. For example, Blissfully does not automate IT tasks or detect duplicate apps. In contrast, ControlHippo assists you with duplicate & unused app detection and IT task automation.

It is very easy to get started with the ControlHippo. First, install the ControlHippo extension from the Chrome web store. Next, register on the ControlHippo website. Once completed, you can monitor your daily SaaS usage and get a 360-degree view of all SaaS apps.

ControlHippo is the best alternative of Blissfully because of its wide range of features, low cost, easy monitoring and optimization, and a 360-degree view of all applications. All these factors combined save you about 20% on SaaS spending.

The five best Blissfully alternatives are: ControlHippo, Zylo, Zluri, Torii, and Productiv. All of these Blissfully alternatives have unique features that can help you reduce SaaS waste.

What Are The Top Alternatives To Blissfully Software

Using SaaS apps has revolutionized the way businesses use technology. And one of the most famous platforms in the market is Blissfully. However, despite the many advantages Blissfully as a SaaS platform provides, many issues need to be addressed in using it.

Since the primary purpose of managed SaaS platforms is to reduce risks and maximize rewards, Blissfully comes with its glitches. But we bring you six alternatives to Blissfully:

  1. BetterCloud
  2. Torri
  3. ControlHippo
  4. Applogie
  5. Coreview
  6. Zylo
  7. Productiv

Read on to know more about Blissfully and its alternatives in detail.

What is Blissfully?



Blissfully is a SaaS management software that empowers IT, teams. It helps you evaluate usage, remove inactive accounts and eliminate duplicates. Every aspect of your technology stack is organized, automated, and secure with Blissfully.

In addition to automating offboarding, this platform also automatically provisions new employees and removes licenses when an employee leaves (offboarding). As well as viewing invoices, managing license renewals, and creating approval workflows are available.

Depending on the size and technology of each organization, pricing plans are customized. Trials are available upon request.

Features of Blissfully

Blissfully is known for these features as a SaaS management platform:

  1. Automatic SaaS discovery
  2. Access Controls/Permissions
  3. Benchmarking your SaaS spend
  4. Inventory Management
  5. License Tracking
  6. Reporting expenditures
  7. Self Service Portal
  8. Tools usage tracking
  9. SaaS Operations Management
  10. Audit Trail
  11. Performance Metrics
  12. Renewal Management
  13. License Management
  14. Shadow IT Detection

Blissfully Software’s Limitations

Even though Blissfully has proven extremely helpful for different organizations, it has certain drawbacks that don’t make it universal.

Below are some of the limitations one might face with this SaaS-enabled management tool.

1. Inefficient app discovery feature

One of the main functions of a SaaS management tool is to discover all SaaS applications used by the organization. It lists down all SaaS applications so that the professional can check each software quickly. Blissfully’s App Discovery feature is only 63%. While listing all SaaS applications, it will leave a few apps.

2. Doesn’t accept multiple currencies

Another major disadvantage one has to face with Blissfully is payments done with multiple currencies. It has limited currency options and charges a lot as a transaction fee.

3. Performance errors in the interface

If you are multitasking on Blissfully’s dashboard, the UI will often crash, creating many problems. Your work will be halted, and if any task isn’t safe, you won’t be able to find the original version.

Top Alternatives for Blissfully SaaS Management Tool

You can use many alternatives in place of the Blissfully SaaS management application. However, each of these applications has different features, which is why you must study them properly before deciding which one will be most feasible for your organization.

Alternative #1: BetterCloud



BetterCloud is known for its security protocols, using which you will be able to manage all data across different SaaS applications that your organization is actively using. In addition, it helps monitor all events continuously so that you don’t miss out on anything, be it unauthorized access or a request for license renewal.

Thanks to its API connections, you can monitor the behavior of all users currently using the application, know more about the system configuration status, and more.


  1. Has the ability to be integrated with more than 60 SaaS applications
  2. Helps in managing app onboarding and offboarding process
  3. It will show you the entire SaaS ecosystem within your organization


  1. Its subscription plans are costly
  2. The learning curve is steeper

Alternative #2: Torii



Auditing the use of SaaS applications at the enterprise level is much easier, thanks to this beautiful SaaS management tool. In addition, you will be able to use its automating feature to reduce manual intervention for repetitive tasks. This will save both your time and effort.

License optimization and tracking of all other information of different SaaS applications are possible with Torii. Its dashboard is customizable so that professionals can easily interpret the results and learn about the use of SaaS apps, expenses on license renewal, data usage, login rates, and more. To further improve security and data privacy, Torii helps encrypt all information.


  1. Helps manage the employee onboarding and off-boarding process
  2. Orchestrates license management with ease
  3. Comes with a user-friendly navigation system on the interface


  1. Multiple third-party integrations are not possible
  2. Reporting functionality is not that efficient

Alternative #3: ControlHippo


With ControlHippo‘s cost-effective SaaS management platform, you can reduce software spending and enhance tools’ efficiency. Business owners can use ControlHippo, a SaaS management software tool, regardless of their size. This SaaS provides a customized interface to meet the operational maintenance needs of a user. The solution is simple and straightforward to use.


  1. SaaS compliance
  2. Data-driven results
  3. Automated workflows
  4. Easy monitoring of SaaS products


  1. Only available on web & iOS . Yet to come out in Android

Alternative #4: Applogie



With the help of this SaaS management tool, you can cut down costs on license renewal, subscription plans, and data usage with ease. This is why Applogie has become one of the most preferred alternatives to Blissfully.

When you are using this application to check the status of SaaS applications, you can filter the list based on the license renewal date, subscription expenses, hostname, usage rate, and more. This further improves the tracking process and make sure you won’t make any mistake while doing so.

You can also keep an eye on all vendor activities with ease for every app. In addition, since all data sets are produced in real-time, you won’t have to deal with discrepancies.


  1. Analytical tracking of all user-based data is possible
  2. The real-time data collection feature is available


  1. Its pricing model is quite expensive, and that might create issues

Alternative #5: Coreview



With the help of the Coreview SaaS management tool, you will be able to manage all types of 365 applications. Apart from this, it will help you monitor the usage of each app and generate reports based on the data collected from the user end.

You won’t have to use any third-party security audit app. However, you will be able to comply with all regulations provided by the third-party hosts of SaaS applications. You can also keep an eye on the app’s operations and improve its efficiency.


  1. It Helps set different accesses based on user location
  2. Has a user-friendly interface
  3. The trial period doesn’t need any fee


  1. Doesn’t come with any training manual about the utility
  2. Can cause glitches while multitasking

Alternative #6: Zylo



Zylo has been introduced for large-scale enterprises and MNCs, and therefore, it is capable of handling the use amount of data at a time. You will be able to check how much you have spent on each SaaS application integrated within your enterprise operations.

When you use the App Discovery feature, you will be able to sort them according to categories and functions. Also, it lists down the contact information of all third-party vendors whose SaaS applications you are using actively.

If you have unsubscribed from any app, its contact info will automatically be removed from the list. One of the best features is the renewal calendar, where you can find notable dates based on the renewal time of all SaaS apps.


  1. Comes with email integration features for reminders and notifications
  2. Tracks information about SaaS-enabled applications like license number, subscription expenses, and more
  3. Comes with an analytical and reporting tool based on revenues and costs


  1. Cannot generate accurate data if integrated with different APIs
  2. Manual efforts need to be implemented during the installation

Alternative #7: Productiv



Productiv is one of the best SaaS management tools that you can use in place of Blissfully. It will help you monitor and track the usage of all SaaS applications in your organization. It can also process a wide range of login details to check the usage rate and which employees are using the apps.

It can also track events performed once the login is successful. As it is based on several data types, you won’t have to worry about managing licenses and subscription renewals.


  1. Comes with a user-friendly and intuitive interface
  2. Helps in improving the development processes
  3. Has a 24X7 customer help service


  1. It cannot be integrated with Okta
  2. Metadata management through manual intervention is not possible

Wrapping Up

On average, an organization can use up to 34 SaaS applications. Therefore, you need a proper medium to manage all data. However, you might get confused about choosing the perfect application with so many different SaaS management platforms.

You must ensure that your chosen tool can meet all your requirements without causing any redundancy or discrepancy. You must also determine the tool according to your organization’s capacity. It will only ensure that the tool won’t crash with very high incoming traffic.

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