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ControlHippo Vs. Productiv

The best Productiv alternative, ControlHippo, helps companies reduce operational costs by reducing waste, redundancy, and additional costs associated with SaaS.

Productiv Alternative - ControlHippo

Discover why ControlHippo is the #1 Productiv Alternative

A leading alternative to Productiv, ControlHippo, tracks and monitors app usage and lets you determine which applications should be renewed based on ROI. Ultimately, your SaaS portfolio can be improved by unsubscribing from apps no longer being used.

Recover Unused Licenses

Reduces SaaS spending by spotting unused or underused app licenses.

Reduce IT Shadow

Limits purchasing any SaaS application without approval.

Compliance Management

Maintain GDPR and CCPA compliance with ControlHippo.

Feature wise comparison

Feature Comparison ControlHippo Productiv
Administration Flawless Needs Improvement
Employee Onboarding/Offboarding Effortless Cumbersome
Pricing Free Expensive
Cost Management Highly-Effective Weak
User Lifecycle Management 🚫
Centralized SaaS Management 🚫
Automated Workflows Limited

Efficiently Handle All Your SaaS Subscriptions From One Place

ControlHippo, the Best Productiv Alternative, helps reduce redundancy, wastage, and additional operational costs by specifying unused and underused applications. In addition, using ControlHippo’s balanced technology and expertise, you can centralize and ease your SaaS contracts and spending.

Frequently Asked Questions

ControlHippo is the best alternative to Productiv. ControlHippo detects different apps according to usage, gives you a comprehensive overview of your organization's SaaS management tasks, and ensures you don't waste money on unnecessary subscriptions.

Compared to Productiv, ControlHippo is faster and more affordable (cuts your SaaS spend by nearly 30%.), offers 24/7 comprehensive monitoring, recovers unused licenses, reduces IT shadow, etc. However, Productiv still lacks features such as user lifecycle management, centralized SaaS management, and so on.

Getting started with ControlHippo includes two easy steps:

  1. Install the extension from the Chrome web store.
  2. After installation, register with ControlHippo.

ControlHippo, the best alternative to Productiv, allows businesses to manage all SaaS applications from a centralized location, monitor usage, automate SaaS procurement, remove duplicate applications, and manage billing and renewal activities.

Businesses can manage their SaaS subscriptions from a single location with ControlHippo's SaaS subscription management platform. ControlHippo, the best Productiv alternative, offers optimization of SaaS spending, access management, and app filtering based on security standards, compliance management, enhanced visibility, and billing support.

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