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How It Works?

Discovering all the SaaS applications used by your organization has never been easier. ControlHippo Track ensures complete visibility into your SaaS environment through a rigorous 5-stage discovery process that leaves no stone unturned



Install & Login to Chrome Extensions

Once you have signed up for the application, you will be directed to the system dashboard. A pop-up will appear, prompting you to install the Google Chrome extension. This extension will assist you in tracking your license application usage, so it is important to install it on your Chrome browser.



Log in to Chrome

Log in to the Chrome extension using the same username and password credentials.




Add a Team

 To track users by department or category-based spending, click on the "Add Team" button located at the bottom of the left side of your screen. This feature can be very useful in managing your team's expenses.



Application Manager

Begin by adding your paid application to the list, ensuring that you provide the application URL, which is a critical piece of information. Please note that the application URL is different from the application website URL and is the URL that you use to log in to the application. For instance, it may look like



Add User

Next, add the users who will be using the applications. Each user will receive an invitation email that contains instructions to install the Chrome extension and sign in to it.

ControlHippo platform allows you to do more than manage SaaS subscriptions

Multiple Easy Integrations

ControlHippo is compatible with a wide range of applications.

Seamless Apps Monitoring

You can get complete, real-time visibility into all of your SaaS apps.

Optimize SaaS Spending

Assist you rationalize your portfolio and reduce your SaaS spending.

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