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The most effective SaaS Management Software gives you the visibility you need to determine which applications are being used by your team, their frequency, and their impact. Start tracking within minutes.

$14.34 B

the software licensing market reach by 2023.(Source)


of a company’s IT budget is software and 50% of it is wasted.(Source)


companies don’t use automated software to manage their software license.(Source)

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How ControlHippo Streamlines Your SaaS Licenses And Supports Your Business Users?

Reclaim unused licenses

ControlHippo’s technology reduces SaaS spending by spotting unused or underused app licenses.

Manage your SaaS

ControlHippo allows you to track all the work and usage so that nothing goes unused, wasted, or underutilized.

Automate Workflows

ControlHippo collaborates with users according to their license usage and automates workflows.

Zero Waste

Use SaaS License Management to track your SaaS app user licenses, and usage to avoid wastage.

Optimize Your SaaS in Minutes

Monitor and reclaim the unused licenses and make the most of your SaaS investment.

Cloud customer Experience

Reinforce software asset management with ControlHippo, save money and consolidate licenses.


Handle All Your Used And Unused Licenses With ControlHippo

The SaaS License Management Program tracks licenses and detects extra, un-optimized, and inactive licenses and disorganized SaaS renewal management. It helps companies by preventing license duplicity and reduces cost by optimizing licenses. ControlHippo- SaaS management platform automates license renewals checks to negotiate pricing and conditions and re-assess the team’s need.

Use The ControlHippo SaaS License Management For Your Company’s Benefit

ControlHippo’s SaaS License Management offers businesses the chance to save wastage. The program helps you recover unused licenses and bring major savings. It also offers saas management tool for optimization opportunities at a glance and helps you right-size, assign, re-assign, or downgrade licenses for the best results.

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Why Managing SaaS Licenses Matters

Why Managing SaaS Licenses Matters 

Using SaaS solutions can lead to several organizational benefits. Replacing legacy and on-premises software with SaaS solutions can improve productivity, facilitate communication and collaboration, boost employee satisfaction, and expand businesses’ ability to attract more talent.

Software asset managers, finance, and procurement are faced with several growing responsibilities with the advent and acceleration of SaaS applications in businesses. There are many challenges to managing SaaS licenses, including securing business data, enforcing compliance, managing technology, and SaaS spending, and ensuring employee productivity.

SaaS License Management FAQ’s

SaaS license management software (SLM) is a subset of software asset management that centers around cloud-based applications and services. SaaS license management software manages multiple licenses within an organization.

SaaS software license management is crucial for your business for several reasons:

  1. SLM identifies unnecessary spending
  2. SLM identifies duplicate applications and unused licenses
  3. SLM provides transparency
  4. SLM provides security
  5. SML keeps your business compliant.

There are various SaaS licensing management models. To manage saas licenses, you can use SaaS licensing management tools like per-user licensing, usage-based licensing, tiered pricing, pricing per feature, pricing per active user, flat rate pricing, and open-source pricing.

Yes, a SaaS license management tool is necessary for businesses with multiple licenses. A SaaS license management tool can help identify unused licenses or underutilizing licenses. Your organization can save time and money with SaaS professional licensing management software.

Software as a Service (SaaS) licensing involves providing software to clients in exchange for a monthly fee. It is similar to paying rent - companies can use software for as long as they pay.

Below are some of the benefits of SaaS license management:

  1. Save time & money
  2. Keep track of business licenses
  3. Stay compliant with licensing constraints
  4. Lower costs by eradicating duplicative tools
  5. Improve security and diminish risk

The SaaS model has a license. Perpetual license software requires the customer to buy the license, while SaaS requires the user to sign the license to indicate that they have agreed to the terms.

To manage saas licenses, check for the data collected and used and the pricing terms, service level agreements, and license termination policy while buying a subscription.

Manage License Data in One Place

Manage And Save Cost

Use ControlHippo to prevent your SaaS Subscription from going to waste.

Automate License Management

Easy license management with automated SaaS license management.

Precise Calculation

Measure license metrics in real-time with our License Management Program.

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