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The most effective SaaS Management Software gives you the visibility you need to determine which applications are being used by your team, their frequency, and their impact. Start tracking within minutes.

$130 B

spent on Cloud Service market in 2021 (Source)

$34 B

Is wasted in licensing yearly between US and UK(Source)


Redundant SaaS applications in companies. (Source)

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How ControlHippo Help Businesses To Reduce SaaS Mismanagement?

Automated IT Task

ControlHippo helps you automate your IT processes and tasks for efficient and quick functioning.


ControlHippo allows you to track all the work and usage and so that nothing goes unused, wasted, or underutilized.

Complete Visibility

ControlHippo offers frictionless monitoring of all your software as a service applications and uses without any obstruction.

SaaS Compliance

ControlHippo works in complete compliance with the SaaS regulations and Cloud standards.

Easy Onboarding

The automated IT tasks offer effortless onboarding, giving access to all apps together.

Effortless Off-boarding

It gives users the ability to revoke apps with just one click, making offboarding simple.


Handle All Your Used and Unused Apps in One Place

The SaaS Management Tool rationalizes your portfolio and eliminates duplicate apps. It detects different apps according to their usage giving you 100% efficiency. You can acquire a holistic view of your organization’s SaaS Management and manage SaaS subscriptions, bargain contracts and eliminate waste.

Optimize your SaaS Management with ControlHippo

Controlhippo is the leading SaaS Management Platform (SMP) that enables IT to discover, manage, and secure the growing stack of SaaS applications across the digital workplace. The SaaS management software helps to reduce redundancy, wastage, and additional operational cost. It detects used, unused and underused apps and helps save money. Using ControlHippo’s balanced technology and expertise, you can centralize and ease your SaaS spending and contracts.


SaaS Management Software FAQ’s

SaaS management software manages and monitors the onboarding, licensing, purchasing, renewals, and offboarding of all the SaaS applications within the organization. SaaS management software also tracks and controls SaaS subscriptions and all associated expenses.

The following points need to be considered to choose a SaaS management software:

  1. Automated app discovery
  2. Contract management
  3. Security features
  4. Disaster recovery plans
  5. Usage tracking and analytics
  6. Cloud-based online access
  7. Choose a SaaS management software that suits your business needs and enhances your ROI.

ControlHippo is the best SaaS management software. With ControlHippo, you can detect different apps according to their usage, and manage, discover, and secure the growing stack of SaaS applications across the digital workplace. In addition, ControlHippo lets you centralize and ease your SaaS contracts and spending.

A SaaS management tool lets businesses track and control SaaS subscriptions. It monitors, manages, and secures licensing, purchasing, renewals, onboarding, and offboarding SaaS products within a company.

SaaS management software has a plethora of benefits.

  1. Cost-effective
  2. Scalable and accessible
  3. Time savior
  4. Highly compatible
  5. Real-time reports
  6. Cloud-based online access
  7. Guarantees data recovery, backups, and levels of service

Do not just monitor your SaaS program, enhance your productivity too

Assess and Automate

Automate your IT tasks to better manage your SaaS spend.


Integrate Apps Directly

Integrate ControlHippo and get insights on users, apps, and usage.

SaaS Ops Management

Unleash your SaaSOps solution by merging your portfolio

Top 10 SaaS Management Platforms in 2023 

With the increase in digitalization, it is not feasible for organizations to operate their business on conventional methods. All organizations, regardless of the field of business, require multiple software to carry out their day-to-day business operations. Moreover, it is important to ensure the effective usage of these software to enhance operational efficiency.

This article will provide a detailed explanation of SaaS management platforms and how to choose one. 

What is SaaS Management?

To achieve operational efficiency, organizations utilize SaaS management platforms for their business. Multiple software, like ERPs, HR, CRM, etc., are available. Business enterprises utilize all these software to simplify their processes and administer all the activities undertaken by the employees. In addition, managing multiple software at once and gaining optimum results is not feasible. So, SaaS management platforms are highly assistive to enterprises.

Criteria for Selection of SaaS Management Software

A SaaS management platform selection relies on factors like

  • Organizational requirement.
  • Features Provided.
  • Price Structure.
  • Integration Capability.
  • Security.

Organizations require SaaS management software for operations, cost, license, subscription, and compliance. Businesses can choose an appropriate platform based on its capabilities and consonance with enterprise requirements.

All the Saas management solutions in the market offer different features. Appropriate software can be preferred based on the features matching the requirements. Coming across management software that perfectly suits an organization’s requirements is practically impossible.

Top SaaS Management Platforms in 2023

SaaS usage is increasing in every organization, whether small or large. SaaS tools have become an asset in businesses as it optimizes processes and increases productivity. Below is the list of the best SaaS management companies that offer key SaaS management features that are essential for an organization.

Expert Advice

Organizations must opt for a SaaS management platform that is easy to integrate and highly scalable. Once the software is introduced, SaaS applications can be utilized effectively. It is extremely valuable for an organization as it reduces costs and increases efficiency in the process.

1. ControlHippo

ControlHippo is a SaaS management platform that enables organizations to reduce SaaS wastage to a great extent. In addition, it allows small and large-sized organizations to automate several processes with the assistance of its advanced algorithms. Moreover, it eliminates the SaaS management workload for IT professionals to a great extent. Organizations root for such SaaS management tools that are highly effective in asset management. 

Key Features

  • SaaS spend reporting. 
  • SaaS license management.
  • Monitoring Usage.
  • Automatic discovery as per the requirements mentioned.


  • Effective insights are offered on SaaS costs based on data analyzed.
  • The administration of several SaaS applications gets hassle-free.
  • It offers centralized management to maintain usage and manage SaaS apps.


  • Software integration with other systems and applications is not seamless.
  • Accuracy in usage and spending reports or analysis can be improved.

2. BetterCloud

BetterCloud is one of the best software asset management platforms that can be easily integrated with other SaaS applications. This software can elevate operational efficiency and employee productivity due to the advanced features embedded. BetterCloud highly secures SaaS applications as it operates on cloud-based technology. But every software has its benefits and disadvantages.

Key Features

  • Automated workflows.
  • High-end security compliance.
  • Seamless integration with several other apps.
  • Centralized Administration.


  • It possesses advanced features that make the framework extremely secure.
  • User life cycle management features are top-notch.
  • Task onboarding and offboarding are simplified to a considerable extent.


  • Complex navigation in the SaaS management tool is a major disadvantage.
  • The interface is confusing and not user-friendly.
  • Configuration is time-consuming, and so is the adaptability of the software.

3. Torii

Torii is one of the best SaaS management software leading the market due to its innovative approach in the industry. It allows organizations to gain complete control over their workflow infrastructure and lower the wastage rate considerably. As the SaaS management platform offers such advanced features, organizations gain a competitive edge and accomplish the desired objectives effectively.

Key Features

  • SaaS procurement assistance is offered.
  • Onboarding and offboarding process management.
  • Effective shadow IT detection.
  • SaaS investment optimization.


  • Tracking the costs of the applications can be done effectively.
  • Simple to integrate with other applications.
  • The visibility of the SaaS stack and security offered is a major advantage.
  • Data analysis and reporting features are highly accurate and assistive.


  • The software does not support dynamic integration, which slows down the process.
  • Processes not being automated increase the chances of errors.
  • Documentation is not done effectively on the platform.

4. Zluri

Zluri is the best SaaS management platform you can come across to gain valuable insights on managing SaaS applications and shadow IT tools. Zluri offers reports on usage and spending for each SaaS application, which is highly useful for an organization. In addition, organizations can optimize onboarding and offboarding processes with the automation features of this SaaS management software.

Key Features

  • Centralized dashboard for all tasks.
  • Smart discovery of SaaS platforms.
  • Saving insights on application spend.
  • Efficient vendor management.


  • Best-in-class support is provided, which elevates the user experience.
  • Not just IT, cross-platform stack control feature is also offered. 
  • Apt data security and privacy framework is provided.
  • ROI is gained rapidly as precise insights are provided.


  • Configuration of the software is complex as compared to other platforms.
  • Due to consistent updates, bugs are encountered frequently on the platform.
  • The application integration process requires more automation.

5. Zylo

Zylo is a SaaS management platform that allows businesses to manage and optimize the SaaS applications utilized by the organization. It enables organizations to effectively frame SaaS strategy and contract management with automation features. With such features, organizations can control costs and achieve the determined objectives.

Key Features

  • Negotiation strategies on SaaS procurement.
  • Compliance assurance with regard to SaaS applications.
  • Renewal control and management.
  • Cost management insights on SaaS usage and procurement.


  • Customer support is efficient and available round the clock.
  • Contracts and license management get easier as integration is simple.
  • Users can make effective decisions due to the comprehensive reporting feature.
  • With effective integration, you can gain real-time insights into usage.


  • The interface needs a facelift and should be made more user-friendly.
  • Configuring this SaaS management platform is not simple.
  • Employees are required to be trained thoroughly for effective usage.

6. Vendr

Vendr is the only software asset management platform that assists companies in acquiring software quickly and cost-effectively. This software assists organizations in purchasing products and people-powered services as per their requirement. It reduces the need to increase the headcount for researching which software will suit the enterprise most. Apart from this, it also handles the negotiation and legal aspects with the vendors.

Key Features

  • Varied categories of SaaS platforms are provided for acquisition.
  • Assistance is offered in the price negotiation process.
  • License renewal management.
  • Effective SaaS application selling strategies.


  • It is highly assistive while purchasing other SaaS applications.
  • Valuable insights are provided regarding other software.
  • The software complies with internal aspects like budget and security.
  • It saves an organization from investing more money in software than required.


  • The services offered by this software are limited to SaaS.
  • With the constant introduction of new features, the operability gets confusing.

7. Productiv

Productiv elevates employee engagement with SaaS applications making it the most preferred SaaS application management platform. It operates on a collaborative approach that simplifies the usage of SaaS software for the workforce, thereby increasing operational efficiency. It also allows enterprises to monitor the effectiveness of the tools leveraged.

Key Features

  • Provision of a dedicated app center.
  • App recommending feature based on data analysis.
  • Collaborative spend management
  • SaaS investment and integration planner.


  • Simple configuration and operability of the software are the main advantages.
  • It enables the organization to interpret data that is highly assistive.
  • The reports provided are accurate and comprehensive.
  • It helps organizations in choosing the perfect software with the help of insights.


  • Features promised are not offered many times.
  • Pricing is variable. It depends on the size of the workforce.
  • The platform is not cost-effective as many required functionalities are unavailable.

8. NachoNacho

NachoNacho is a one-stop SaaS management software to discover a new SaaS platform that will match the requirements of an organization. Also, manage the existing applications effectively to get maximum output and gain efficiency. In addition, it ensures huge savings on the purchase and renewal of existing SaaS, allowing enterprises to save the budget.

Key Features

  • Highly secured payment portals.
  • Apt subscription management.
  • Substantial discounts on SaaS purchases.
  • Easy and effective integration.


  • Offer great perks when software is purchased from partnered vendors.
  • Organizations attain huge savings as good discounts are offered on purchases.
  • Highly customizable and comprehensive dashboard.
  • Detailed reports are offered with which informed decisions can be made.


  • Setup is labor-intensive and requires experienced IT professionals
  • The functionalities offered are not enough in comparison to other providers.
  • Varied categories of applications are not available on the platform.

9. SailPoint SaaS Management

SailPoint is the finest SaaS management tool when it comes to the discovery of applications. It operates on an algorithm that matches the organization’s requirements with the features provided by the vendor and finds the best suitable solution at an effective price. Moreover, the process gets highly secure due to its cloud-based framework.

Key Features

  • Advanced security features are leveraged to eliminate cyber risk.
  • AI-embedded compliance management.
  • SaaS management with cloud-based technology.
  • Flawless integration is offered, which streamlines the processes.


  • The tool is customizable as per the preferences of the user.
  • The installation process is simple and can be optimized rapidly.
  • It can be integrated with almost any application which is a huge benefit.


  • Licensing and its renewal is a tedious process.
  • The interface is not intuitive enough, making it tough to adapt the software.

10. Sastrify

Sastrify is the leading SaaS management platform that specifically provides services concerning spending and procurement. It accurately assists the business enterprise in monitoring the spending on SaaS apps. Moreover, it also assists with research, pricing, negotiation, etc., while procuring a SaaS platform. It offers extensive savings to the organization on the purchase and provides insights for cost reduction.

Key Features

  • Contract management and renewal.
  • Expert consultation feature at the time of application procurement.
  • Automated tracking and alert system on license renewal.
  • Simple integration to gain optimum scalability.


  • The support team available is highly competent and responsive.
  • The main benefit is the cost savings insights offered on SaaS spend.
  • Assistance is offered in framing strategies at the time of procurement.


  • Flawless operability is tough to achieve as the UI is not friendly enough.
  • Processes are not quick, and many are to be handled manually.

Wrapping Up

To sum it up, the usage of multiple SaaS applications is increasing exponentially regardless of the type of business to gain operational efficiency. Managing these applications is getting challenging for the organization, and ineffective management of these software hampers the operability of the enterprise and directly affect the revenue. So to avoid that and optimize the processes, SaaS management platforms must be integrated with those applications.

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