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ControlHippo is one of the best SaaS billing software solutions, helping small and medium-sized businesses to large enterprises discover, manage, and secure multiple SaaS applications from a single dashboard.


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How ControlHippo Helps You Manage Your SaaS Subscriptions?

Optimize SaaS Spend

ControlHippo– a SaaS management platform, can cut your SaaS spend by nearly 30%.

Secure Your Organization

ControlHippo also helps you with access management and app filtering based on security standards.

Compliance Management

You can also keep your IT infrastructure GDPR and CCPA compliant by using ControlHippo.

Reduce IT Shadow

ControlHippo also ensures that no individual purchases any SaaS application without your approval.

Enhanced Visibility

Our SaaS subscription management platform also improves visibility across SaaS applications.

Manage Billing Activities

ControlHippo– the best SaaS billing software, also assists you with billing and invoicing tasks.

SaaS Subscriptions

Efficiently Manage Your SaaS Subscriptions From a Single Spot

ControlHippo SaaS subscription management platform enables businesses to manage all of their SaaS applications from a centralized location. SaaS subscriptions allow organizations to purchase Saas licensing permissions on a quarterly, monthly, or otherwise limited-duration basis. They can track usage, automate SaaS procurement, and get rid of duplicate apps. Furthermore, the saas management tool assists them with billing and renewal activities.

Manage On-Boarding and Off-Boarding with a Single Click

ControlHippo SaaS subscription management software allows you to manage the employee on-boarding and off-boarding processes with a single click. You can grant new employees access to the required membership management saas set of SaaS apps and revoke access to existing employees.


Frequently Asked Questions

SaaS membership management requires you to create a robust strategy to monitor and manage the purchase proactively of all the SaaS tools. This helps ensure you are not overspending (by renewing tools you don’t use) and strengthens your data security. The best way to manage your SaaS tools is by using a SaaS subscription management platform.

SaaS subscription management software is a tool that helps you manage SaaS subscriptions throughout their lifecycle in your organization. SaaS subscription software like ControlHippo gives you a 360-degree view of the SaaS tools you use, including the date of purchase, cost, users, security standards they follow, and even automate procurement.

SaaS subscriptions have gained huge popularity, with 99% of companies using at least one SaaS tool globally. However, when you use multiple SaaS tools in your organization, managing them could be overwhelming. With a SaaS subscription platform, you can:

  1. Discover your SaaS footprint
  2. Understand potential security risks
  3. Identify overlap between SaaS applications
  4. Automate employee onboarding and offboarding
  5. Define administrative and access controls

The best subscription management software gives you a birds-eye view of your SaaS tools and enables you to reduce your spending. The key features of the SaaS subscription management tool include:

  1. Application discovery
  2. Application usage insights
  3. User management (onboarding and offboarding)
  4. License renewals and software cancellation
  5. Vendor management
  6. Security and compliance management

ControlHippo is an excellent SaaS subscription platform because it offers a wide range of features that make SaaS management effortless. It includes application discovery, usage management, permission management, renewals, and more. As a result, you can cut your SaaS spend by almost 30%, track all your licenses & app permissions, and automate renewals.

The best SaaS billing software helps reduce your SaaS spending by:

  1. Cross-checking new tools against existing applications
  2. Checking for compliance with data security, legal, and financial protocol
  3. Ensuring all the SaaS tools are being used (against their license)
  4. Identifying applications with too many or too few seats
  5. Alerting you of upcoming SaaS renewals

Sign up with ControlHippo to get SaaS subscription management software for free. All the features of ControlHippo are free and come with no hidden fees, making it the best SaaS billing software.

When a SaaS tool no longer meets renewal criteria, you will need an off-boarding plan to remove the software from your organization securely. For example, with a SaaS membership management platform, you can create a transition plan to ensure the functionality of associated data. It also defines the processes to erase sensitive data from outgoing applications.

ControlHippo platform allows you to do more than manage SaaS subscriptions

Multiple Easy Integrations

ControlHippo is compatible with a wide range of applications.

Seamless Apps Monitoring

You can get complete, real-time visibility into all of your SaaS apps.

Optimize SaaS Spending

Assist you rationalize your portfolio and reduce your SaaS spending.

Monitor your SaaS Programs Well! See What ControlHippo Can Do For You.