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ControlHippo Vs Gallabox: A Detailed Comparison

Here is an exhaustive, feature-by-feature comparison of ControlHippo and Gallabox. Discover the unique features of
ControlHippo and examine how it has an edge over other communication platforms.

Canned Message Templates
Chrome Extension
Contact Sync
Customer Support
Monthly Pricing
Offers a wide range of canned templates
24/7 support through phone calls, email, live chat, etc.
Gallabox Logo
Does not provide canned templates
Not Available
Has restrictions
Limited support through email.

Note: The information provided above is accurate to the best of our knowledge and is subject to change without prior notice

Features That Make ControlHippo #1 WhatsApp Shared Inbox

ControlHippo has advanced features like Chrome extension, pre-defined message templates, etc. that help enhance the sales and customer support abilities of your business. Achieve seamless automation and boost your business communication efficiency.

Automate responses to customer queries using canned templates

  • Leverage ControlHippo’s template composer to set automated responses to repeated customer queries.
  • Deliver instant responses to sales and support queries and demonstrate your commitment to serving customers.
  • Maximize agent productivity and optimize their utilization by allowing them to focus on complex queries and critical operations.
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Canned Messages

Achieve seamless hassle-free remote access using the Chrome extension

  • Empower agents to access the WhatsApp shared inbox solution using a Chrome extension.
  • Access the platform even in remote areas with limited internet connectivity through the Chrome extension.
  • Supports businesses with remote workforce as agents can access the platform from anywhere, anytime.
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Deliver immersive customer service by sending multiple files at once

  • Share multiple files, documents, images, videos, etc., and deliver superior customer service.
  • Speed up query resolution by sharing information in an intuitive, user-friendly manner.
  • Offload agent workload as they can share knowledge base files, data, and information directly.
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controlhippo integration

Integrate seamlessly with the CRM tools & enhance business productivity

  • Achieve seamless integration with CRM tools and eliminate the hassles of switching between multiple platforms.
  • Automate record maintenance, data entry, and workflows by integrating ControlHippo with your CRM tools.
  • Enhance the customer service quality using data and insights from the CRM repository.
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We got amazing help from the ControlHippo team. They're really quick to respond, know a lot, and do everything they can to help with our questions.

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