WhatsApp for Education Industry

Optimize student collaboration and engagement through ControlHippo integrated WhatsApp solution.

  • Facilitate Instant Feedback Mechanisms
  • Streamline Communication with Parents and Students
  • Improve Collaboration Among Educators
  • Simplify Administrative Tasks and Processes
Education Industry

WhatsApp For Education Industry: Improve Learning and Collaboration

ControlHippo WhatsApp Business for Edutech offers you more than one benefit– including optimized collaboration and improved student engagement.

Stimulate Student Interest with Captivating Ads

  • Engage students with visually appealing ads tailored to their interests
  • Utilize Broadcast Campaigns to reach a wide audience instantly
  • Analyze ad performance through detailed Analytics for better targeting
  • Personalize ads to resonate with diverse student demographics effectively
Stimulate Student Interest with Captivating Ads
Simplify Enrollment through Interactive Conversations

Simplify Enrollment through Interactive Conversations

  • Seamlessly delegate inquiries to the appropriate team with Assign Chat
  • Foster prompt enrollment by resolving queries with WhatsApp Auto Reply
  • Utilize “Multiple Users Access” to ensure collaborative management
  • Provide immediate assistance and guidance with round-the-clock support

Sustain Engagement with WhatsApp Automations

  • Use WhatsApp Auto Reply to promptly address common queries & concerns.
  • Automate follow-ups to maintain student interest and nurture engagement.
  • Utilize WhatsApp Automation to send personalized messages based on behavior.
  • Ensure continuous support with ControlHippo’s Live Chat for real-time engagement.
Sustain Engagement with WhatsApp Automations
Resolve Queries Promptly with Canned Responses

Resolve Queries Promptly with Canned Responses

  • Streamline and expedite issue resolution by organizing chats with Chat Labels.
  • Easily manage unresolved queries with ControlHippo’s Resolve/Unresolved Chat feature.
  • Expedite query resolution with pre-written responses tailored to common student inquiries.
  • Ensure consistency and accuracy in responses by designing and using canned responses.

Why Choose ControlHippo for Your Education Industry?

Customer Support
Manage queries, provide swift responses, enhance customer satisfaction effortlessly.

Team Collaboration
Efficiently coordinate tasks, share updates, foster seamless teamwork dynamics.

Sales Engagement
Engage prospects, nurture leads, and close it faster with personalized interactions.

Marketing Campaigns
Broadcast promotions, gather feedback, and analyze campaign effectiveness collaboratively.

How to Set Up Education Business On ControlHippo?

Step 1: Sign up with ControlHippo for free.

Step 2: Verify your WhatsApp Business account.

Step 3: Integrate your CRM with ControlHippo and add users.

Step 4: You’re all set to use ControlHippo.


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Frequently Asked Questions for Education Industry

  • ControlHippo WhatsApp for Education industry benefits your business by optimizing communication, enhancing student collaboration, and streamlining operations. All in all, it improves student engagement, satisfaction, and overall business efficiency.

  • Yes, ControlHippo WhatsApp for Education industry offers seamless integration with various leading Edtech platforms and CRM. It also ensures minimal disruption to your current workflows.

  • ControlHippo helps you with targeted outreach, personalized engagement, and efficient follow-ups. All these benefits will eventually drive enrollment growth, increase revenue streams, and boost overall business profitability.

  • ControlHippo offers comprehensive support, including onboarding assistance and ongoing customer service. This will guarantee a smooth implementation process.

  • Yes, ControlHippo WhatsApp Business for Education provides robust analytics capabilities. This will allow you to gain valuable insights into student behavior, preferences, trends, and more.

  • Yes, at ControlHippo, we provide customizable features and flexible configurations based on your unique requirements. Get in touch with our product expert to learn more.

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