Integrate WhatsApp with Pipedrive CRM using ControlHippo

Transform Your Sales and Support Performance

Combine the power of ControlHippo’s WhatsApp shared inbox with Pipedrive’s CRM to streamline your sales & support process. Elevate teamwork, make data-driven decisions, and manage multiple WhatsApp numbers effortlessly.

Pipedrive Integration Features

Real-time Data Sync

Sync your Pipedrive CRM effortlessly with ControlHippo, ensuring your sales team has up-to-date customer information at their fingertips. No more manual data entry or delays in accessing crucial lead and deal details.

Automated Lead Creation

With ControlHippo and Pipedrive integration, incoming WhatsApp inquiries can be automatically converted into Pipedrive leads. This streamlined process ensures that no potential customer falls through the cracks– optimizing your sales funnel.

Sales Team Collaboration

Boost teamwork and customer responsiveness by centralizing Pipedrive data within ControlHippo. Sales, support, and marketing teams can seamlessly collaborate, accessing Pipedrive contacts and deals from their WhatsApp shared inbox.

Performance Insights

Gain actionable insights into your sales team's performance by tracking interactions from ControlHippo within Pipedrive. Analyze messaging trends, response times, and conversion rates to refine strategies and enhance overall sales efficiency.

Drive Sales Success with ControlHippo- Pipedrive Integration

Enhance sales processes and collaboration with the seamless integration of ControlHippo and Pipedrive, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Boost conversion rates and sales team productivity

  • Reduce manual data entry– ensuring sales teams can focus on revenue-generating activities.
  • Boost conversion rates by promptly attending to leads, resulting in increased sales productivity.
  • Effortlessly prioritize and engage with hot leads, maximizing your sales pipeline’s efficiency.
Boost conversion rates and sales team productivity
Deliver personalized responses and timely follow-ups

Deliver personalized responses and timely follow-ups

  • Merge ControlHippo’s WhatsApp data with PipeDrive for a comprehensive customer view.
  • Deliver highly personalized responses and follow-ups, leading to greater customer satisfaction.
  • Foster stronger customer relationships by understanding their history and responding in a timely manner.

Access real-time insights for decision-making

  • Leverage real-time insights derived from the ControlHippo and PipeDrive integration.
  • Make informed decisions by monitoring team performance and customer interactions.
  • Optimize sales strategies and resource allocation for more effective revenue growth.
Access real-time insights for decision-making

How ControlHippo integrates with Pipedrive: Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Visit the Integration page on ControlHippo.

Step 2: Select Pipedrive from the available tools.

Step 3: Approve the integration by authenticating with your Pipedrive credentials.

Step 4: Click on Allow and Install to complete the integration.

Step 5: Choose the data you want to send from Pipedrive to ControlHippo and vice-versa.

How Pipedrive Integration Works: A Visual Guide

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