WhatsApp Live Chat Widget For Website

Allow visitors and prospects to get in touch with you with a single click, significantly improving engagement and conversion rates.

  • Make it convenient for visitors to reach you without any hassle.
  • Quickly resolve customer concerns with automated replies.
  • Easily monitor and analyze chat performance through analytics.
  • Integrate CRM and other tools to further improve efficiency.
WhatsApp Live Chat Widget For Website

Improve Customer Engagement With WhatsApp Live Chat Widget 

Why chat widgets?

Chat widgets offer instant communication, improving customer support and engagement and leading to higher satisfaction and conversion rates.

How do live chats work?

Live chats connect you directly with visitors on your website. This enables real-time conversations, query resolutions, and immediate assistance.

How to create a chat widget?

Creating a chat widget is easy – customize the design of your CTA, add your number and welcome message, and then embed the code onto your website.

3 Steps To Create a WhatsApp Live Chat Widget

Step 1: Design and style your chat button using brand colors, text, and position.

Step 2: Add phone number, welcome message, and embed the page URL.

Step 3: Click on the "Generate My WhatsApp Chat Widget" button. It's done!

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Generate WhatsApp Live Chat Widgets For Your Websites

Let your visitors get in touch with you without any hassle. Improve engagement, conversions, and revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions for WhatsApp Live Chat Widget

  • You can add ControlHippo's Live Chat Widget in three easy steps.

    Step 1: Sign in to your ControlHippo account.

    Step 2: Customize the design and style of your chat button.

    Step 3: Add your WhatsApp number, welcome message, and embed the generated code onto your website.

  • The widget enables real-time communication between your website visitors and your business via WhatsApp. Visitors can click on the widget to initiate a chat, allowing for immediate assistance and query resolution.

  • To embed the WhatsApp chat window, simply add the generated code provided by ControlHippo into the HTML code of your website, specifically within the desired content zone.

  • To change your WhatsApp number within the ControlHippo widget, log in to your ControlHippo account, navigate to the settings or widget customization section, update your WhatsApp number, and save the changes.

  • ControlHippo's WhatsApp Live Chat Widget is a tool embedded in websites that facilitates real-time communication between businesses and visitors via WhatsApp.

  • Yes, ControlHippo’s WhatsApp Live Chat Widget is free to use. There are no restrictions on usage or features whatsoever.

  • The key benefits of ControlHippo’s WhatsApp Widget include live WhatsApp chat, real-time query resolution, easy integration with CRM tools, and analytics to monitor chat performance.

  • You need ControlHippo's WhatsApp chat button widget to improve customer engagement, provide immediate assistance, and increase conversion rates and revenue.

  • Benefits of ControlHippo’s WhatsApp chat button widget include enhanced customer support, improved conversion rates, streamlined communication, and integration with CRM and analytics tools.

  • You should utilize ControlHippo's WhatsApp Chat Button Widget to offer convenient communication channels, provide immediate assistance, and enhance customer satisfaction and engagement.

  • Having ControlHippo's WhatsApp Live Chat Widget on your website facilitates real-time communication, improves customer service, and increases engagement and conversion rates.

  • Yes, you need a WhatsApp Business account to use ControlHippo's WhatsApp Chat Widget.

  • Yes, you can customize the appearance and design of the WhatsApp chat box and widget according to your brand's style and preferences.

  • No, it's relatively simple. You just need to generate the code provided by ControlHippo and embed it into your website's HTML

  • No, you can use your existing WhatsApp Business number to integrate ControlHippo's chat button on your website.

  • You can ensure privacy by following WhatsApp's guidelines for handling user data and communications, as well as utilizing ControlHippo's secure platform for chat interactions.

  • No, it's simple. Customize the widget, generate the code, and embed it onto your website for instant communication.

  • Absolutely! The tool offers several chat metrics like response times, visitor interactions, and conversion rates. You can utilize these metrics to improve customer support and engagement strategies.

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