Integrating WhatsApp With Salesforce CRM

Integrating Salesforce with ControlHippo’s WhatsApp Shared Inbox will elevate customer-centricity, streamline processes, and enhance decision-making for exceptional sales customer service.

Integrating WhatsApp With Salesforce CRM

ControlHippo+Salesforce Integration Features

Streamlined Data Synchronization

Seamlessly integrate Salesforce CRM with ControlHippo so your team can immediately access the most recent client data. Get rid of the need to manually enter data and avoid delays while retrieving crucial leads.

Automated Lead Creation

Utilize ControlHippo-Salesforce integration with ControlHippo to automatically capture, organize, and prioritize leads. This ensures effective lead management and timely follow-up and eventually enhances sales conversation rates.

Performance Insights

Acquire practical knowledge on the performance of your sales force by monitoring interactions from ControlHippo and the Salesforce integration. Analyze trends in messaging, response times, and conversion rates to alter strategies and improve sales efficiency.

Enhanced Collaboration

Centralizing data within Salesforce using ControlHippo integration enables seamless communication and improves overall business productivity. Foster collaboration and alignment between sales and other departments.

Accelerate Sales Growth with ControlHippo – Salesforce Integration

Streamline your sales process and increase your team’s productivity with seamless data synchronization and enhanced insights.

Maximize Conversations And Efficiency Of Your Sales Team

  • Reduce the amount of manual data entry so that the sales team can focus on generating revenue.
  • Increase conversion rates by responding to leads as soon as possible, increasing sales productivity.
  • Automate the process of prioritizing and engaging with high-potential leads and improve the effectiveness of your sales pipeline.
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Deliver customized Responses and Prompt Follow-Ups

  • Integrate Salesforce’s data with ControlHippo’s WhatsApp data to get a comprehensive customer review.
  • Maintain a high level of client satisfaction by responding and following up in a highly personalized manner.
  • Establish a brave relationship with the customer by understanding their history and responding promptly.

Get Timely Information And Make Wise Decisions

  • Leverage real-time information through the integration of ControlHippo and WhatsApp Salesforce.
  • Analyze collaborative results and customer relations to make informed decisions.
  • Optimize resource allocation and sales tactics to achieve substantial revenue growth.

Track the Performance of Your Team with Detailed Reporting

  • Create comprehensive and personalized reports on lead generation and conversion metrics using data from ControlHippo.
  • Analyze communication trends, customer interactions, and buying patterns for informed decision-making.
  • Analyze team performance and identify areas for development using Salesforce reporting insights and analytics.

How ControlHippo integrates with Salesforce: Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Visit the Integration page on ControlHippo.

Step 2: Select Salesforce from the available tools.

Step 3: Approve the integration by authenticating with your Salesforce credentials.

Step 4: Click on Allow and Install to complete the integration.

Step 5: Choose the data you want to send from Salesforce to ControlHippo and vice-versa.


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Frequently Asked Questions For Salesforce WhatsApp Integration

  • Yes, ControlHippo and Salesforce integration supports both regular WhatsApp and business numbers, providing flexibility for personal and professional communication.

  • ControlHippo seamlessly integrates Salesforce with WhatsApp, allowing one to manage customer interactions, send automated messages, and track communication for enhanced productivity.

  • Yes, you need the WhatsApp Business API for the integration to work. It enables businesses to automate messaging and integrate WhatsApp into their existing systems for streamlined communication.

  • Yes, you can automatically create leads and contacts in Salesforce from new WhatsApp chats using ControlHippo, which syncs communication data directly to your CRM.

  • The integration syncs WhatsApp chats to Salesforce by automatically capturing messages, categorizing them, and associating them with relevant contacts. It streamlines customer data management and enhances personalized communication.

  • Yes, you can connect multiple WhatsApp numbers to synchronize agents' WhatsApp communication into Salesforce, streamlining customer interactions and improving team productivity.

  • The Salesforce ControlHippo WhatsApp integration has three pricing plan options:
    Bronze: $20 Per user/month billed annually

    Silver: $28 Per user/month billed annually

    Gold: $40 Per user/month billed annually

    10-day free trial available

  • Yes, our integration supports sending and receiving attachments through the connected platform, enabling users to share files, images, and documents effortlessly.

  • Yes, ControlHippo enables users to send mass messaging campaigns on WhatsApp, streamlining outreach and improving communication efficiency for your business.

  • You can use third-party apps or integrations like ControlHippo to send automated, personalized WhatsApp messages from Salesforce, streamlining communication and enhancing customer relationships.

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