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ControlHippo offers an unparalleled platform tailored to the needs of sales and support teams. ControlHippo enables teams to have personalized conversations with customers at scale on WhatsApp. Explore the top features that make ControlHippo the best WhatsApp Shared Inbox platform for businesses.

WhatsApp Business Web

Ensure conversations are always within reach without device limitations. Empower teams to efficiently manage high WhatsApp volumes on desktops.

WhatsApp Bulk Messages

Send timely announcements, event invites, special offers, and more at scale to inspire action and nurture meaningful customer relationships.

WhatsApp Automation

Increase sales by integrating third-party tools to automatically send WhatsApp messages based on customer behavior.

Multiple Users Aceess

Deliver seamless support by enabling multiple agents to collaborate on shared accounts and jointly manage high conversation volumes.

WhatsApp Auto Reply

Streamline customer interactions with automated messaging workflows. Instantly respond to common inquiries, send follow-ups, or route to agents.


Gain data-driven insights into the business impact of your WhatsApp communication through detailed analytics and quantify your ROI.

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Quick and easy setup
Quick and easy setup

Work with our consultants to integrate all your tools and get started instantly.

Personalized assistance
Personalized assistance

Enjoy 24/7 customer support to address your business needs.


Automate tedious tasks so you can focus on what really matters.

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Get Smart With Your shared WhatsApp inbox

Make every message count with ControlHippo's state-of-the-art WhatsApp shared inbox. Unlock the benefits of seamless WhatsApp management.