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Enhance your business reach with ControlHippo’s WhatsApp link generator. Reach out to more customers and prospects in one go and maximize your sales potential. 

  • Establish instant connections with your business prospects
  • Upgrade your communication and marketing strategy
  • Enhance the efficiency of WhatsApp campaigns with links
  • Simplify and streamline sales and customer communication 
whatsapp link generator

Create WhatsApp Chat Links

Enter your WhatsApp number along with your country code (without the ‘+’ symbol).

How to Generate WhatsApp Link Generator: A Visual Guide

Deliver Superior Customer Service with ControlHippo’s Shared Inbox

Elevate your sales and customer support quality by allowing customers to reach you instantly.

Establish an Instant Connection

Establish your commitment to customer service by allowing them to reach you directly without adding the contact details.

Achieve a Seamless Operational Flow

Boost your engagement in marketing and sales campaigns by enabling customers to engage with the business support team instantly.

Unleash Your Revenue Potential

With personalized WhatsApp links, unlock new prospects and develop an instant engagement while increasing your revenue and profits.

Why Customers Trust ControlHippo?

Everything about ControlHippo can be customized, including the QR codes. Supercharge your business with
seamless automation and explore new opportunities in sales and marketing.

Intensify Your Sales Efforts

Add a personalized touch based on conversation history and preferences, and get closer to your prospects.

Boost Your Communication Efficiency

Automate routine tasks in business communication and allow employees to focus on tasks of strategic importance.

Roll Out Efficient Marketing Strategies

Stay on top of new trends in communication and engage with customers in a better way.

Achieve a Consistent Communication

With a consolidated overview of customer conversations, avoid repetition and deliver coherent responses to support requests.

Champion Transparent Conversations

Embrace openness in business communication and eliminate silos using a unified WhatsApp inbox solution.

Maximize Your Profits and Revenue

Help prospects to reach you through advertisements and marketing campaigns and boost your revenue.

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Robust WhatsApp Link Generator for Businesses

Upscale your reach and communication abilities with ControlHippo’s quick WhatsApp link generator. Boost the efficiency of your sales and outbound campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions for WhatsApp Link Generator

  • ControlHippo offers a free WhatsApp link generator that allows you to create personalized WhatsApp links for your business without any charges.

  • ControlHippo's WhatsApp link generator allows you to personalize the links with compelling messages tailored to your target customers. You can then leverage advanced analytics and reporting features to monitor the performance of your WhatsApp links and identify the sources of your leads.

  • When generating a WhatsApp link with ControlHippo, you can personalize it with a compelling message tailored to your target customers. This custom message appears when someone clicks on the link, allowing you to establish an instant connection and engage with potential customers effectively.

  • ControlHippo's WhatsApp chat link generator is designed to work globally as long as WhatsApp is operational in your country. However, it's always advisable to check for any specific local regulations or restrictions regarding the use of WhatsApp for business purposes to ensure compliance.

  • You can generate a WhatsApp link with ControlHippo in four easy steps.
    Step 1: Enter your WhatsApp number

    Step 2: Enter your Email ID

    Step 3: Add your custom message

    Step 4: Click on “Generate Now”

  • No, ControlHippo's WhatsApp chat link generator does not support creating WhatsApp links specifically for showcasing product catalogs. The WhatsApp generator link option is primarily focused on establishing instant connections with prospects and customers.

  • You can analyze the performance of your ControlHippo WhatsApp links by accessing the analytics section. This allows you to monitor metrics such as click-through rates and conversions.

  • When someone clicks on a ControlHippo WhatsApp link, they are instantly connected to your business's WhatsApp number. The custom message you personalized for the link will be displayed, allowing you to establish an immediate connection with the potential customer or prospect.

  • No, ControlHippo offers a free WhatsApp link generator that allows you to create personalized WhatsApp links for your business without any charges.

  • No, ControlHippo's WhatsApp link generator does not allow embedding WhatsApp links in images or graphics.

  • Adding a WhatsApp link to your Google My Business listing is a straightforward process. Here’s how you can do it.
    Step 1: Obtain your WhatsApp Business App or WhatsApp API link. If you don't have one already, use ControlHippo's free WhatsApp link generator to create it.

    Step 2: Navigate to your Google My Business Home page and locate the Appointments section. This may appear as Schedule, Booking, or Place an Order, depending on your business type.

    Step 3: Insert your ControlHippo WhatsApp link in the designated field.

    Step 4: Save your changes. Now, customers can easily reach you on WhatsApp by clicking on the appointment, booking, or order link.

  • You can manage leads generated from ControlHippo on your dashboard. Here, you can view conversations, label or assign them to the right agents, and follow up accordingly.

  • Yes, ControlHippo's WhatsApp link generator is compatible with the WhatsApp Business App. You can create WhatsApp links for your business regardless without any charges.

  • Yes, ControlHippo's WhatsApp link generator can be used to create personalized WhatsApp links for your business.

  • Yes, customers can proactively send the first message to your WhatsApp Business number. ControlHippo does not prevent them from reaching out to you.

  • The WhatsApp link generator link for your business created using ControlHippo looks like this:

  • When people click on the WhatsApp link, they are directed to the chat window of the linked account. They can initiate conversations without saving the contact.

  • No! You can use the WhatsApp link generator for free on ControlHippo.

  • No! There are no limitations when you use the WhatsApp link generator on ControlHippo to create new links for your business.

  • By creating WhatsApp links, businesses can improve their reach, engagement, revenue, and profits. They can allow customers to reach out directly from marketing campaigns and advertisements.

  • A WhatsApp link allows people to reach you by clicking on the link. On the other hand, WhatsApp QR Code allows prospects to reach you by scanning the appropriate code.

  • You should first generate the WhatsApp link and add the link to the bio of your Instagram profile.

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