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Let your contacts instantly connect with you on WhatsApp from your website with a simple QR scan. No setup, no calling fees, no barriers!

  • Seamlessly integrate WhatsApp into your website
  • Allow instant access without any additional steps
  • Easily initiate conversations with potential clients
  • Enhance accessibility for non-tech-savvy individuals
WhatsApp QR Code Generator
WhatsApp QR Code Generator

Generate WhatsApp QR Code

Enter your WhatsApp number along with your country code (without the ‘+’ symbol).

Amplify User Engagement Through WhatsApp QR Code Integration 

Boost user engagement by making it easy for them to connect and chat using WhatsApp QR codes.

Why WhatsApp QR Integration?

WhatsApp QR integration on your website allows visitors to connect with you on WhatsApp without typing numbers– just by scanning a code.

How Do WhatsApp QR Codes Work?

ControlHippo enables you to generate QR codes for all your business numbers. When scanned, users are directed to your support team.

How To Integrate QR Codes?

Generate a QR code from ControlHippo, then add it to your website or share it wherever you want people to connect with you.

Benefits of ControlHippo WhatsApp QR Code 

Make connecting with your business super easy with ControlHippo’s WhatsApp QR code.

Easy Connections

Just scan and chat! QR codes save time and hassle, letting your customers reach you instantly without typing numbers.

Better Engagement

Quick access means more conversations. Connect faster, chat easier, and build stronger relationships with customers.

24/7 Availability

Whether on phone or computer, QR codes work anywhere. Stay connected, wherever you or your customers are.

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Let’s Create And Integrate WhatsApp QR Code

Make it easy for people to connect and chat with you with ControlHippo WhatsApp QR codes.

Frequently Asked Questions for WhatsApp QR Code Generator

  • ControlHippo's WhatsApp QR Code Generator simplifies connecting with your business, enabling users to initiate conversations instantly by scanning a QR code. It enhances user engagement, boosts accessibility, and facilitates seamless communication without the need to manually input contact details.

  • ControlHippo's WhatsApp business QR Code generator creates a unique QR code for your business number. When scanned, users are directed to initiate a conversation with your team on WhatsApp.

  • ControlHippo facilitates the creation of QR codes for WhatsApp groups. Simply sign up, generate a QR code for your group, customize it as needed, and then share it with your desired audience.

  • To scan a ControlHippo WhatsApp QR Code, users can open the camera on their smartphone, point it towards the QR code, and wait for the code to be recognized. Upon recognition, users will be prompted to open the link in WhatsApp.

  • If a user who doesn't have WhatsApp scans the ControlHippo WhatsApp QR code, they will likely receive a prompt to download WhatsApp from their respective app store to initiate the conversation.

  • While ControlHippo's WhatsApp web QR Code Generator offers an efficient solution for connecting via WhatsApp, alternatives include traditional contact methods such as phone numbers and email addresses.

  • ControlHippo offers both static and dynamic QR code generators for WhatsApp. Static codes contain fixed information, while dynamic codes can be edited and updated as needed. The choice depends on your specific requirements and preferences.

  • As with any technology, there are several pros and cons of ControlHippo’s WhatsApp QR Code generator.


    Enhanced User Engagement

    Simplified Communication

    Versatile Application

    Customization Options


    Dependency on Technology

    Privacy Concerns

    Compatibility Issues

  • A ControlHippo WhatsApp QR Code typically features a square grid of black modules on a white background. When scanned, it directs users to initiate a conversation with your business on WhatsApp.

  • Upon scanning the ControlHippo WhatsApp QR Code, users are directed to the WhatsApp application or web interface with a pre-filled message to initiate a conversation with your business.

  • ControlHippo is a free WhatsApp QR code generator and you don’t need to pay anything.

  • Yes, you can use the QR codes generated by ControlHippo for commercial purposes to enhance customer engagement and streamline communication with your target audience.

  • Yes, ControlHippo allows you to create multiple QR codes to cater to different business numbers, departments, or promotional campaigns. This gives you complete flexibility and customization options.

  • Yes, you can make your QR code look cool by adding colors and logos that match your brand.

  • Just create the WhatsApp QR code on ControlHippo and add it wherever you want people to see it, like your website or emails or promotional materials.

  • Yes, WhatsApp QR codes are universally compatible. It works on all phones and computers, so everyone can access them easily.

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