Multi-Account Facebook Messenger Inbox

Efficiently handle multiple Facebook Messenger accounts simultaneously with ControlHippo shared inbox solution.

  • Assign chats to team members for quick handling
  • Use auto-replies for prompt customer support
  • Categorize chats with easy-to-identify labels
  • Access consolidated communication history
  • Analyze trends for informed decision-making.
Facebook Messenger Shared Inbox
Handle Multiple Facebook Messenger Simultaneously

Handle Multiple Facebook Messenger Simultaneously

  • Add as many Facebook accounts as you want with three simple steps.
  • Invite team members to manage multiple Facebook business messenger accounts.
  • Control the number of Facebook accounts you want to grant access to for each team member.
  • Track and manage chat statuses using Resolve/Unresolved Chat feature.

Assign & Label Chats for Smooth Customer Support

  • Add Chat Labels to each message for improved organization or sorting.
  • Use the Assign Chats feature to allocate chats to the most suitable agents.
  • Access specific conversations easily by utilizing labels when necessary.
  • Provide context to other agents by adding “Private Notes” to conversations.
Assign & Label Chats for Smooth Customer Support
Automate Message Handling with Auto-Replies

Automate Message Handling with Auto-Replies

  • Improve customer interactions with automated messages and quick replies.
  • Send targeted announcements and offers at scale with Facebook Bulk Messages.
  • Increase sales by leveraging Automation to send messages based on customer behavior.
  • Conduct outreach using Broadcast Campaigns with pre-scheduled messages.

Maximize Outcomes by Integrating CRMs

  • Seamlessly integrate CRMs and other tools to further maximize efficiency.
  • Direct leads sourced from Facebook Messenger to your CRM effortlessly.
  • Gain valuable, real-time insights into the progression of each sales lead.
Maximize Outcomes by Integrating CRMs

Benefits of Integrating Facebook Messenger With ControlHippo Shared Inbox

With Meta Business Suite, businesses can manage Facebook Messenger chats collectively. However, it has limitations: it supports only Facebook Messenger and Instagram, and it’s designed for small teams.

This is why you need ControlHippo. With ControlHippo Shared Inbox, you can:

    • Centralize all Facebook Messenger chats for better organization and management.
    • Assign and track messages seamlessly, ensuring prompt response and resolution.
    • Leverage automation features for handling routine tasks and improving productivity.
    • Integrate multiple communication channels for comprehensive customer engagement.
    Benefits of Integrating Facebook Messenger With ControlHippo Shared Inbox

    How to Integrate Facebook Messenger with ControlHippo?

    Step 1: Sign up with ControlHippo.

    Step 2: Access the dashboard and navigate to "Channels" on the sidebar.

    Step 3: Select "Messenger" and then click "Connect".

    Step 4: Log in to your Facebook account using your credentials.

    Step 5: Select the business pages you wish to integrate with ControlHippo.

    Use Cases of Facebook Messenger Shared Inbox

    Customer Support
    Manage queries, provide swift responses, and enhance customer satisfaction

    Team Collaboration
    Coordination of tasks, sharing of updates, and seamless teamwork dynamics are possible.

    Sales Engagement
    Engage prospects, nurture leads, and close it faster with personalized responses.

    Marketing Campaigns
    Broadcast promotions, gather feedback, and analyze campaign effectiveness easily.


    Sync Your Team Communications into Your CRM Without Any Hassle

    Use Case by Industry

    Let's Make Facebook Messaging Easier for Your Team!

    Try ControlHippo's Facebook Messenger shared inbox today for smoother communication and collaboration!

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    Frequently Asked Questions for Facebook Messenger Shared Inbox

    Get quick answers to your questions related to ControlHippo and Facebook Messenger Shared Inbox.

    • A Facebook Messenger shared inbox is a centralized platform that aggregates all Messenger conversations from multiple accounts. It enables teams to collaborate efficiently by managing messages collectively, assigning tasks, and ensuring prompt responses for streamlined customer support.

    • To invite your team members, follow the steps outlined below:

      • Step 1: Log In to ControlHippo Account
      • Step 2: Access the dashboard and navigate to "Users."
      • Step 3: Select "Invite" from the top-right corner.
      • Step 4: Enter the member's email and send the invitation.
    • No, there is no limit to the number of Facebook Messenger accounts you can integrate. You can integrate as many accounts as you wish.

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