Integrate Bitrix24 with ControlHippo WhatsApp

Optimize lead tracking and communication by integrating Bitrix24 with ControlHippo WhatsApp Shared Inbox. Improve team collaboration, streamline processes, and ensure efficient lead management.

Bitrix24 Integration Features

Unified Communication

Synchronize all WhatsApp conversations from ControlHippo into Bitrix24, offering a centralized platform for communication management. This integration ensures cohesive collaboration among teams by ensuring everyone has access to relevant conversations and updates in real-time.

Lead Tracking

Effortlessly capture leads generated through ControlHippo within Bitrix24 CRM– thereby preventing any potential opportunities from slipping through the cracks. This feature streamlines lead management processes, facilitating effective lead nurturing and enhancing conversion rates.

Task Automation

Simplify task management by creating tasks directly within Bitrix24 from ControlHippo conversations. This functionality enables swift follow-up actions and task assignment to the appropriate team members– eventually, boosting productivity while ensuring efficient workflow execution.

Customized Workflows

Design and implement personalized workflows within Bitrix24 triggered by actions in ControlHippo. This customization capability allows for tailored responses to various scenarios, streamlining processes, and optimizing efficiency across the organization.

Maximize Sales and Customer Satisfaction Bitrix24 Integration

Learn how integrating ControlHippo with Bitrix24 streamlines communication, boosts productivity, and optimizes lead management.

Enhanced Lead Management with Automated Workflows


  • Automate lead capture from ControlHippo to Bitrix24 CRM for comprehensive tracking and real-time monitoring.
  • Ensure timely follow-up on leads with centralized lead management capabilities offered by Bitrix24 and ControlHippo.
  • Customize lead stages as per your workflows and efficiently assign tasks to agents for optimized conversion.
Enhanced Lead Management with Automated Workflows
 Improved Customer Communication with Auto-Replies

 Improved Customer Communication with Auto-Replies

  • Access WhatsApp conversations in real-time within Bitrix24 for seamless monitoring and customer engagement.
  • Respond promptly to customer queries with real-time communication integration and auto-replies.
  • Personalize each of the customer interactions by accessing customer history and preferences in Bitrix24.

 Streamlined Workflow with & Track Conversations

  • Create tasks directly from ControlHippo conversations, expediting workflow processes while saving time.
  • Assign tasks to relevant team members instantly within Bitrix24 for efficient collaboration and quick resolution.
  • Track task progress and completion status in real-time within Bitrix24 for streamlined workflow management.
 Streamlined Workflow with & Track Conversations
Monitor your Team Performance with Comprehensive Reporting<br />

Monitor your Team Performance with Comprehensive Reporting

  • Generate detailed and customized reports on lead generation and conversion metrics from ControlHippo data.
  • Analyze communication trends, customer interactions, and buying patterns for informed decision-making.
  • Monitor team performance and identify areas for improvement based on Bitrix24 analytics and reporting insights.

How to Integrate Bitrix24 with ControlHippo?

Step 1: Sign in to your ControlHippo account.

Step 2: Navigate to the integration option in the side menu.

Step 3: Select the "Integrate" button for Bitrix24.

Step 4: A pop-up will prompt you to enter your Bitrix24 domain URL. If logged in elsewhere, ControlHippo will integrate directly.

Step 5: Install the ControlHippo from the Bitrix24 marketplace for complete integration. Go to Market > ControlHippo > Install.

Step 6: Click "Add to Bitrix24" to finalize integration. Choose sync preferences in the pop-up.

Step 7: Begin conversations on the chat page with your contacts.


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