Integration of WhatsApp and Zoho CRM

Enhance Your Sales and Support Efficiency

Integrate ControlHippo’s WhatsApp integration with Zoho CRM to simplify your sales and customer support workflows. Enhance collaboration, enable data-driven choices, and effortlessly handle multiple WhatsApp numbers.

Key Features of ControlHippo for Zoho CRM

Improved Lead Management

Efficiently manage leads and prospects by capturing WhatsApp conversations directly into Zoho CRM. Enable better tracking of leads' progress, follow-ups, and conversions, ultimately boosting sales and revenue with WhatsApp Zoho CRM.

Streamlined Communication

Centralize customer communication with Zoho and WhatsApp integration. Streamline communication processes and make it easy for sales and support teams to manage conversations, respond fast, and maintain a consistent brand image.

Real-Time Notifications

Easily receive real-time notifications in Zoho CRM when customers engage on WhatsApp. Empower sales and support teams to respond promptly to inquiries, resolve issues, and seize new sales opportunities.

Lead Nurturing

With automated workflows, nurture leads through Zoho WhatsApp business messages based on specific triggers or actions. Ensure potential customers receive timely and relevant information and increase the likelihood of conversion.

Optimize Workflow with ControlHippo- Zoho Integration

Streamline operations and enhance workflow efficiency with the seamless integration of ControlHippo and Zoho, optimizing your business processes.

Streamline Sales Processes and Automation

  • Analyze and optimize the sales process to eliminate bottlenecks and reduce redundancy.
  • Provide sales representatives with the necessary tools to streamline their workflow and focus on selling products.
Streamline Sales Processes and Automation
Enhance Customer Engagement and Satisfaction

Enhance Customer Engagement and Satisfaction

  • Streamline customer interactions and provide a unified platform for communication via WhatsApp integration with Zoho.
  • Leverage WhatsApp data to craft tailored responses, enhancing the overall customer experience.
  • Improve customer retention by addressing needs through follow-ups and personalized messages.

Improve Decision Making With Real-Time Data

  • Elevate decision-making with live data from Zoho and WhatsApp integration.
  • Track team performance and customer interactions in real-time to gain a competitive edge.
  • Fine-tune your sales strategies and resource distribution for maximized ROI.
Enhance Customer Engagement and Satisfaction

How ControlHippo integrates with Zoho: Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Visit the Integration page on ControlHippo.

Step 2: Select Zoho from the available tools.

Step 3: Approve the integration by authenticating with your Zoho credentials.

Step 4: Click on Allow and Install to complete the integration.

Step 5: Choose the data you want to send from Zoho to ControlHippo and vice-versa.

How ZOHO Integration Works: A Visual Guide


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