WhatsApp Shared Inbox for Streamlined Communications

Streamline communication, collaborate efficiently, manage customer inquiries, and enhance team coordination. Work seamlessly without making a switch between multiple channels.

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Conquer Communication Chaos

Effortlessly Add Users and Manage Conversations

  • Easily delegate chats among team members for swift resolution.
  • Assign conversations seamlessly, enabling efficient teamwork on chats.
  • Streamline collaboration by adding multiple users to a shared inbox for the team.
  • Facilitate shared responsibility, assigning chats without complexity.

Maximize Efficiency with Powerful Tools and Integrations

  • Integrate apps for streamlined workflows, boosting engagement.
  • Prevent message oversight with easy integration for WhatsApp teams.
  • Integrate tools for enhanced communication and accessibility.
  • Personalize interactions by utilizing integrated data across platforms.
Conquer Communication Chaos
Conquer Communication Chaos

Simplify Customer Interactions for Seamless Engagement

  • Consolidate all WhatsApp messages into a unified WhatsApp team inbox.
  • Simplify monitoring & avoid message duplication with WhatsApp inbox.
  • Provide a single interface for viewing and responding to messages.
  • Ensure consistency in customer interactions across the platform.

Achieve Cost Savings through Streamlined Support Management

  • Reduce operational costs by optimizing workflows & response times.
  • Minimize resource allocation by strategically managing inquiries.
  • Avoid message duplication and streamline processes with WhatsApp inbox.
  • Achieve substantial savings by improving efficiency in operations.
Conquer Communication Chaos

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“The Ultimate Solution for Streamlined Communication”

ControlHippo has transformed how we handle customer inquiries. Its shared inbox streamlines communication and increases productivity. ControlHippo is a must-have for businesses looking to thrive in customer service and collaboration. Highly recommended.

Emily Jeffrey

Marketing Specialist

“ControlHippo is What Every Sales Person Thrives For!”

ControlHippo has revolutionized my sales strategy.  With its intuitive features and powerful tools, I can streamline leads, manage clients, and close deals faster than ever. It’s a game-changer for anyone who is committed to success in sales.

Joshua Miller

Sales Manager

Integrate Your Systems. Streamline Your Workflow.

ControlHippo’s integrations establish connections, automate tasks, and enhance efficiency by seamlessly linking your tools to streamline workflow and improve communication across platforms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A WhatsApp inbox refers to the section within the WhatsApp application where users receive and manage their messages. It is essentially the area where incoming messages, media, and other communications are organized for easy access and response.

  • WhatsApp Business is designed for a single user. Each account is linked to a single phone number, and it is intended for use by small businesses or sole proprietors. But ControlHippo provides multiple WhatsApp Business account.

  • Yes, a normal person can use WhatsApp Business if they wish to utilize its features for personal branding, consulting, freelancing, or any other business-related activities. However, it's important to note that WhatsApp Business is designed with business features in mind, so individuals might find the regular WhatsApp app more suitable for personal use.

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