Save 20% On Your SaaS Spending By Reducing SaaS Wastage

  • SaaS Management Platform to automate IT task
  • Automatic SaaS Discovery
  • Spend Reporting
  • Usage Tracking
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Frictionless Monitoring

Frictionless Monitoring

Gain complete visibility of all your SaaS applications and usage with best saas management platform, ongoing and seamless monitoring.

  1. Data-driven insights
  2. Discover all SaaS products & spending
  3. Ensure SaaS compliance
  4. Automate workflows

Automate IT Tasks

Save thousands of hours of manual labor by automating IT tasks and saas management platform vendors.

  1. Automate SaaS procurement
  2. On-boarding: Give access to all apps at once
  3. Off-boarding: Revoke apps’ access with a single click
  4. Never forget an upcoming renewal
Automate IT Tasks
Reduce SaaS Wastage

Reduce SaaS Wastage

Save one-third of your SaaS spend by rationalizing your portfolio with SaaS management platform.

  1. Remove duplicate apps
  2. Detect unused & underutilized apps
  3. Consolidate apps with overlapping functions
  4. Renew SaaS licenses with usage insights

Most Trusted SaaS Operations Platforms

ControlHippo has been named to SoftwareSuggest’s Best Software for 2022 list! We ranked in the top 25 for SaaS (Software as a Service) operations management platform. We’ve also been named a High Performer in SaaS- related product categories.

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Connect Your Applications Directly with ControlHippo Integration

Through ControlHippo Integration, you get deep insights on users, apps
usage, and spend management.

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