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ControlHippo Vs. ZapFacil: Feature-Wise Comparison

Check out the complete feature comparison between ControlHippo and ZapFacil. Understand why
ControlHippo is the most effective WhatsApp shared platform.

Canned Messages (Templates)
Chrome Extension
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ControlHippo: The Definitive WhatsApp-Shared Inbox

ControlHippo’s multi-number shared inbox for WhastApp includes a number of smart, interactive features
designed to improve your agent’s proficiency and customer experience.

Connect Your Audience Using WhatsApp Broadcast Messaging

  • Allows users to text a message to multiple recipients at the same time without creating a group chat
  • Personalize broadcast messages by including names or other dynamic content.
  • Experience increased engagement and privacy with advanced, user-centric communication solutions.
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WhatsApp broadcast messaging

Boost Customer Service with Effortless File Attachments

  • Optimize agent-customer interactions by sharing files in conversation, such as documents, images, and videos
  • Users can attach various formats, including PDFs, Word documents, Excel sheets, and media files.
  • Offers advanced security measures, ensuring that only authorized persons securely access attachments.
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Respond promptly to customer inquiries with canned messages

  • Empower users to generate and customize canned messages (templates) that accommodate certain use cases.
  • Agents can easily access canned messages directly within the conversation interface.
  • Allows users to create templates in multiple languages.
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Canned Messages

Enhance business productivity by using the Chrome extension

  • ControlHippo Chrome extension allows you to browse from your preferred web browser.
  • Have quick access to essential features and tools, such as canned messages, file attachments, and more.
  • Get real-time notifications for incoming messages.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • ControlHippo, DelightChat, Enchant, Respond.io, and Interakt are some of the best Zap Facil alternatives.

  • The major WhatsApp shared inbox platforms are ZapFacil and ControlHippo. When we evaluate features, pricing, plans, and reliability, ControlHippo comes out on top.

  • Yes, by following an easy migration process, you may quickly switch from ZapFacil to ControlHippo and take advantage of ControlHippo's new features. Connect with our support team to learn more about the porting process.

  • Yes! ControlHippo enables agents to do so by allowing them to access multiple WhatsApp numbers from a single dashboard, allowing for effective chat management.

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