WhatsApp Shared Inbox for Sales and Support Teams

Efficiently handle multiple WhatsApp accounts, and integrate with CRM for streamlined communication.

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Getting started with ControlHippo is a breeze! Simply scan the provided QR code and be up and running in just a minute. Our seamless setup process ensures quick access to all features– saving you time and effort.

Power Up Your Sales and Support with WhatsApp Shared Inbox

Efficient Team Collaboration

Unified Message Management

Improved Communic-ation Workflow

Real-time Sales Leads Tracking

Instant Feedback Management

Elevate Customer Collaboration Effortlessly

Elevate Customer Collaboration Effortlessly

Centralize WhatsApp conversations to boost teamwork across sales, support, and marketing teams, enhancing customer experiences through seamless communication within a single window.

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Smart Insights for Informed Decisions

Smart Insights for Informed Decisions

Empower decision-making with real-time insights into team performance and customer interactions. Adjust strategies promptly based on up-to-the-minute analytics– enhancing overall efficiency.

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Seamlessly Connect Platforms with ControlHippo

Seamlessly Connect Platforms with ControlHippo

Effortlessly integrate tools like Slack, HubSpot, and more for centralized support. Encourage cross-platform data sharing, refine data accuracy, and personalize workflows for heightened productivity.

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Maximize Efficiency through Multi-Number Access

Maximize Efficiency through Multi-Number Access

Empower agents with a single dashboard to manage diverse WhatsApp numbers. Streamline workflows, consolidate customer conversations, and maximize efficiency through comprehensive oversight.

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How ControlHippo Works: A Visual Guide

Expand Your Horizon: Integrate ControlHippo with Essential Apps

Discover limitless possibilities by seamlessly integrating ControlHippo with popular tools like Slack, HubSpot, PipeDrive, Zoho, and more. Boost collaboration and productivity like never before.

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