Integrate WhatsApp with Google Sheets using ControlHippo

Leverage ControlHippo and Google Sheets integration to automate data entry and management, promote accurate targeting, gain access to customer trends, and improve the reach of your campaigns. Transform your sales and customer support potential with effortless customer engagement.

Google Sheets Integration Features

Effortless Data Management

Automate the process of data entry and management using WhatsApp and Google Sheets integration. Google Sheets adds a new row each time a customer enquires about a product or service. Manage records in an organized manner.

Enhanced Targeting Precision

With Google Sheets integration, leverage customer data to enhance the precision and accuracy of targeting. Specify the criteria of customer selection for WhatsApp broadcasts using conditional formatting and reach out to the right set of customers.

Performance Monitoring

Based on the real-time data gathered by Google Sheets, monitor the performance of your customer support functioning. Put forth corrective actions and strategies based on customer satisfaction levels monitored with Google Sheets integration.

Automated Messaging

Enable businesses to send messages to a targeted set of customers using ControlHippo and Google Sheets integration. Set up automated reminders and abandoned cart messages, which in turn helps improve your conversion rates.

Optimize Data Management with ControlHippo Google Sheets Integration

Improve data accuracy and management efficiency with ControlHippo’s Google Sheets integration, streamlining your data processes effortlessly.

Promote seamless data transfer and automate message flows

  • Manage customer records in an organized manner and enhance the accuracy of the process.
  • Eliminate the manual efforts needed for data management and allow agents to focus their time on core tasks.
  • Automate the end-to-end processes involving data entry, management, retrieval, and targeting.
Boost conversion rates and sales team productivity
Deliver personalized responses and timely follow-ups

Engage with more customers using automated messaging features

  • Set automated responses to leads from advertisement campaigns on social media channels.
  • With customized targeting and broadcast features, engage with many customers at once.
  • With enhanced targeting precision, reach out to the right set of customers.

Make informed decisions and corrective actions based on real-time data

  • Leverage real-time customer data to make informed decisions regarding staffing and business strategies.
  • Use the data collected on Google Sheets to create visuals and make custom reports.
  • Gain a 360-degree view of sales, marketing, and customer support functioning and put forth effective decisions.
Access real-time insights for decision-making

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