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green tickPublished : December 4, 2023

Greetings, ControlHippo users! We’re excited to share the latest improvements and features that have been rolled out in October. Our team has been hard at work to make your messaging and CRM experience smoother, more secure, and feature-rich. Let’s dive into the exciting updates:

Latest ControlHippo Product Updates: October’2023

1. Multi-File Sharing: More Convenience, More Power

Now, you can share up to 5 files simultaneously, whether they are audio, video, images, documents, or more. We understand the importance of efficient communication, and with this update, you can easily share multiple files in one go. The combined size limit for these files has been set at 100MB, giving you more flexibility in your conversations.

Multi File Sharing

2. Reply Message Option: Engage in Conversations

Engage more effectively with the new Reply Message option. Users can now respond directly to messages within the chat, making conversations more dynamic and interactive. This feature is designed to streamline communication and keep the dialogue flowing seamlessly.

Reply Message option

3. Fresh UI for Filter Options: Navigating Made Easier

Experience a revamped user interface with filter options now presented as tab options above the chat list. Finding and organizing your conversations is now more intuitive, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Fresh UI for Filter Options

4. Image and Audio Save: Preserve Your Media

In ControlHippo, CX no longer needs to redownload images and audio after a session logout or expiration. We’ve resolved this inconvenience, ensuring that images and audio are saved and displayed even after a session closes.

5. Click-to-Message Default Country Code

Simplify the user experience with click-to-message functionality. Now, the default country code will be displayed when clicking on a number for users without a country code.

6. Number Wise Privacy Mode

Tailor your privacy settings with a number-wise privacy mode, syncing only with CRM contacts for added security.

Number Wise Privacy Mode

7. No Free Trials for the Same Number

Avoid redundant scans by disallowing free trials for the same number.

No Free Trials for Same Number

8. $15 Charge for Extra Number Scan

A fair charge for extra number scans to support continuous service improvement.

9. Warm-Up Logic

Prevent new numbers from being blocked by WhatsApp with our warm-up logic.

10. UI Improvements

Enjoy a refreshed user interface with dedicated cards for WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, and WhatsApp Platform API.

UI Improvements

Added Tag lines and Need Help? links for all the pages.

UI Improvement

11. Privacy Mode Activation

Ensure your personal chats stay private with ControlHippo’s privacy mode, syncing only with CRM contacts for added safety.

Privacy Mode Activation

12. Delete Message Option

It will allow the user to delete the messages that are sent on the same day. [Note: Only those messages will have a delete option, which are sent on the same day.] Delete Message 1

You can choose to delete for everyone or delete for me only.

Delete Message 2

13. Number Allocation Rights

The person who scanned the number has exclusive rights to assign it.

Number Allocation Rights

14. Credit Module for WABA Users

Introducing a credit module for WhatsApp Business API (WABA) users.

Credit Module for WABA Users

15. Info Labels

Stay informed with labels providing details about actions and events in your chat.

Info Labels

Updates in CRM Integration with ControlHippo

1. CRM Duplicate Contacts Issue Resolved

For Zoho and HubSpot users, we’ve addressed the persistent issue of duplicate contacts arising from country code conflicts. Rest assured, this problem has been successfully resolved, ensuring a cleaner and more organized CRM.

2. Zoho CRM Lead & Contact Fields Option

Empowering Zoho CRM users, we’ve introduced the option to choose specific fields for syncing conversations. Now, you have greater control over how your conversations integrate with your CRM.

Zoho CRM Lead & Contact Fields Option

3. Conversation Message Display in Zoho

Text messages in Zoho CRM will now sync and display in the notes section, enhancing the visibility and accessibility of important conversations.

Conversation Message Display in Zoho

These updates mark another step in our commitment to providing you with a seamless and secure messaging and CRM solution. Thank you for choosing ControlHippo!

Updated : January 13, 2024

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