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ControlHippo Vs DelightChat: Feature-wise Comparison

Compare DelightChat and ControlHippo to make an informed decision. Explore how ControlHippo stands
out as the best WhatsApp messaging platform.

WhatsApp QR Scan
Canned Messages (Templates)
Multiple File Sharing And Attachment
Chrome Extension
WhatsApp Business API
Free Trial
10 Days
$20 per month
Delightchat Logo
14 Days
$49 per month

Features That Make ControlHippo #1 WhatsApp Shared Inbox

ControlHippo multi-number shared inbox for WhatsApp houses a range of smart,
collaborative features designed to enhance your agents’ efficiency and customer experience.

Streamline Communication & Improve Productivity With Canned Messages

  • Ensure fast and standardized responses to common queries and improve communication processes.
  • Promote brand alignment and reliability with a consistent and professional tone when interacting with clients and team members.
  • Streamline interactions and empower teams to handle tasks effectively to enhance overall communication and workflow efficiency.
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Canned Messages

Boost Customer Service with Effortless File Attachments

  • Optimize time and effort with ControlHippo by selecting multiple files simultaneously, enhancing productivity.
  • Empower agents to share files from their knowledge base to showcase your commitment to delivering excellent customer service.
  • Share images, videos, documents, and more via WhatsApp chat for swift and efficient resolution of customer queries.
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Optimize WhatsApp Chats with Our Chrome Extension

  • Streamline and optimize your WhatsApp chats for a more efficient communication experience.
  • Enjoy improved accessibility and seamless navigation within WhatsApp chats. Manage conversations efficiently with our user-friendly design.
  • Maximize communication and productivity with advanced features and capabilities within WhatsApp chats.
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We got amazing help from the ControlHippo team. They're really quick to respond, know a lot, and do everything they can to help with our questions.

Boban Jagodic Sales Assistant

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The best DelightChat alternatives are ControlHippo, Callbell, enchant,, and Interakt.

  • ControlHippo enables quick responses through pre-defined message templates, reducing response time and empowering teams to handle a higher volume of messages with ease.

  • ControlHippo stands out with its user-friendly design, offering quick access and seamless navigation within WhatsApp chats. While DelightChat is user-friendly, ControlHippo optimizes the user experience for efficient conversation management.

  • Yes, you can easily switch from DelightChat to ControlHippo and leverage ControlHippo's advanced features by following a simple migration process. We suggest you get in touch with our support team to understand the porting process better.

  • Yes! ControlHippo empowers agents by enabling them to access multiple WhatsApp numbers via a single dashboard– ensuring efficient chat management.

  • Both DelightChat and ControlHippo are the leading WhatsApp shared inbox platforms. However, when we compare the features, pricing and plans, and system reliability– ControlHippo takes the lead.

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