How to Use Multiple Telegram Accounts on a Single Device?

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Telegram is a messaging app that is gaining popularity. However,  even with 550 million monthly active users, it lags behind more popular apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger because of its problem of spam. To gain an edge over its competitors, Telegram has introduced a unique feature. The latest version of Telegram has multi-account support that allows you to add and use more than one account simultaneously.

This feature will help you manage your instant messaging smoothly and keep your work account and personal account conveniently separate. You will also be able to use the application on multiple devices. So, let us look at how to create multiple telegram accounts.

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"The Telegram multiple accounts feature is highly recommended as it can help users manage instant messaging in a streamlined manner. It can also be used to keep your work account and personal account separate. You can create multiple Telegram accounts to switch between them easily and manage notifications easily."

Multiple Telegram Accounts: What’s the Problem?

Until a short while ago, Telegram did not support multiple accounts. What this meant was that users couldn’t have several accounts on the same phone. Every new Telegram account is attached to a unique telephone number. So, users would have needed multiple phones to open multiple accounts. Even on dual SIM phones, they would have needed to log out of one account to access another.

The multi-account support feature in Telegram 4.7 has made adding and using multiple accounts on the same device much simpler. However, many users still don’t know how to create multiple telegram accounts or how to switch between them. They are still resorting to older, less convenient methods to manage multiple Telegram accounts.

If you have the latest version, you can avoid these complicated techniques for adding and managing several Telegram accounts. It will save time and make your communications more efficient. If you have Telegram 4.6 or older, you can update it. Next, you can follow the steps discussed in the subsequent sections to use multiple Telegram accounts.

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How to Add Multiple Telegram Accounts on Mobile

Telegram’s latest multi-account support feature allows you to add and use up to three different user accounts on the app. There is no change in the process of opening your first account. However, the processes of opening the second and third accounts are somewhat different. We will discuss how to open the second new account on your mobile below for both your Android and iOS devices.


The process for adding a second Telegram Account is quite simple once you have a second mobile number. You also need to have the Telegram app on your mobile device. Finally, you must have your main account on Telegram with your first mobile number.

The steps for adding the second Telegram account on an Android phone are given below:

Step 1: Open your mobile phone’s Telegram app and log in.

Step 2: You will see three parallel horizontal lines in the top left corner of the main page. Tap these lines. Alternatively, you can swipe the page to the right as well.

Step 3: A menu will appear after the last step. In the top portion of this menu, to the right of your name and number, you will see a downward arrow, “?”. Click on this arrow to get a drop-down menu.

Step 4: In the menu that appears, you will see “Add Account”. Click on this option.

Step 5: When you click Add Account, you will get a screen where you have to enter two details. The first is the country code. Click the box saying “Country >” to get the list of countries and their codes. Select the country that applies to you.

Step 6: Once you select your country, you will automatically get redirected to the previous page. Now, you can add your phone number in the second box. You will notice that it now shows your chosen country’s code before the phone number. For example, it will show Canada’s country code if you enter a Canadian phone number.

Step 7: Below the two boxes for country and phone number, you will find a checkbox and the text “Sync Contacts.” If it is not checked automatically, you can check it manually now.

Step 8: The next step is to click the white arrow at the bottom right corner of the page.

Step 9: You will get a text message from Telegram with a verification code for confirming the entered number. Enter the code number given in the SMS to confirm your number.

Step 10: Once your number is confirmed, you can enter your name in the box given for the purpose. Providing your first name is compulsory. Providing your last name is optional. Then click on the white checkmark on the top right corner of the screen.

Step 11: If you now return to the menu that shows your accounts, you will find that your second Telegram account has been added below your first. You can use both your accounts from the same app.

These steps will help you to add your second account on your Android mobile phone. However, many people use iPhones, for which these steps are not fully applicable. As the OSs of the phones are different, there are some differences in how you can add your second account on an iPhone. Let us discuss that next.

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Adding a second Telegram account on an iPhone is just as easy as adding it on an Android phone. While the process is essentially the same, the exact steps are slightly different. As before, first, you need a Telegram account and a second phone number. Then, you can go through the following steps:

Step 1: Open your phone’s Telegram app and log in.

Step 2: You will notice a gear icon in the screen’s bottom right corner. This is the icon for Settings. Click this icon.

Step 3: You will see your Telegram name and number at the top of the screen. Tap on this. You will get the option to edit your profile details.

Step 4: In the Edit Profile page, you will see “Add Account” as an option. Click this option.

Step 5: Similar to Android phones, you can then add your country and phone number. After adding these details, click “Next” at the top right corner.

Step 6: You will get a text message from Telegram to verify the entered number. Enter the code number given in the SMS to confirm your number.

Step 7: Once your number is confirmed, you can enter your name in the box given for the purpose.

Step 8: If you now return to the menu that shows your accounts, you will find that your second Telegram account has been added below your first. You can use both your accounts from the same app.

We have discussed how to add your second account on the mobile Telegram app. You might wish to use Telegram on your desktop or laptop. The good news is that it is possible to add Telegram accounts when you use the app on your PC. We will discuss how to do this next.

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How to Use Multiple Telegram Accounts on a Desktop?

You can also use multiple accounts on the Telegram app from your laptop or desktop. There are two ways you can do this—using the Telegram Desktop App or using its web version. The process of adding and using multiple accounts on your desktop is also quite simple. Let us look at the steps involved in using both options. 

Telegram Desktop App

The Telegram Desktop App is available for the operating systems Windows, Linux, and macOS. You can install it on your PC to use it. You also need the Telegram service to work on your mobile with all your accounts before you can add them on your desktop. Once that is done, you can add accounts on your desktop app by following these steps:

Step 1: Open the Telegram Desktop App and log in to your account.

Step 2: You will see three horizontal lines in the top left corner, similar to your mobile app. Click on it.

Step 3: You will get a downward arrow next to your account name on the screen that opens when you click the Menu icon. Click on the downward arrow icon to get a drop-down. 

Step 4: The drop-down will give you the option to “Add Account”. Click on it.

Step 5: Once you click on “Add Account,” the screen will display a QR code. You will have to scan it from your mobile app.

Step 6: To scan the QR code, you can open your Telegram app on your mobile, switch to your second account, and then use the following path— Settings > Privacy and Security > Devices > Link Desktop Device.

Step 7: Scanning the QR code will add your second account to your desktop and sync it with your mobile app.

Step 8: You can follow the same process to add your third Telegram account to your desktop after you have added it to your mobile.

Using the Telegram Desktop App is a convenient way of using the app on your PC. However, if you aren’t able to do so or don’t want to do so, there is another way for you to add and use multiple Telegram accounts on your PC. Let us look at this option next.

Web Version

Telegram also has a web version available in which you can directly log in online without downloading the app. The complete process of using the web version is very similar to that of using the Telegram Desktop App. You can scan the given QR code to add your accounts.

Interestingly, you can sign in to the Web version with a different account from your installed Telegram app. That is, you can sign in with two different accounts on Telegram on your desktop if you use both the Desktop App and the Web version. By doing so, you can use more than one Telegram account at the same time without having to switch between them.

So far, we have discussed adding two accounts. Telegram allows you the addition up to three accounts. Let us now look at the process of adding the third account to your Telegram app.

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How to Add a Third Telegram Account?

Telegram allows you to have up to three accounts on the same device. The only rule is that each account can be added by using a different number. If your phone has the provision to insert three SIM cards, then you can add your third Telegram account in the same way as the second.

However, not all mobile phones have the provision for three SIM cards. If your phone is a dual-SIM phone, the process for adding your third Telegram account is slightly different from adding the second account.

You can take out one of the two SIMs and insert the third in its place. Then, use the steps discussed earlier to add the third account. Interestingly, you don’t need to keep the SIM card in your phone to use your Telegram account. This means that once you have added the third account, you can remove the third SIM if you want and insert the second SIM back again.

In case you don’t have a SIM card-based phone number, you can consider getting a virtual phone number from one of the many providers. You can get a number for your preferred location as well from some of these providers. The virtual phone number can then be used to open your third Telegram account.

As we have discussed above, once you have added your third Telegram account to your mobile app, you can also add it to your desktop app or access it through the web version. Once you have added all your accounts, you might need to switch between them. The next section will discuss how you can do so.

Switching between Multiple Telegram Accounts

Before Telegram had multi-account support, users who had multiple accounts had to log out of one account to log in to another. However, the current version supports multiple account creation, so you can easily switch between them.

You can switch between your various Telegram accounts on the same Telegram app on a mobile or desktop by following these simple steps:

Step 1: On desktops or Android phones, click the three lines in the top left corner. On iPhones, you can see the same list by clicking the gear Settings icon.

Step 2: You will see your list of accounts on the page that appears.

Step 3: You can switch between any of your accounts by clicking on the applicable account name.

Telegram’s multi-account support feature has made it easy to switch between your different accounts. You no longer have to log out of any account to access the others. You can use all your Telegram accounts at the same time. Their notification features further increase this convenience. Let us look at how they work and how you can manage them.

Multiple Telegram Accounts: How to Manage Notifications

Because Telegram offers multi-account support, you will receive notifications for all your accounts on the same device. This can be confusing. However, the notification will clearly mention which account it belongs to.

If you want to change how these notifications are received, you can change your preferences in the Notification Settings. You can turn notifications on or off or choose notifications that you want to receive. You have the flexibility to select different settings for notifications for multiple Telegram accounts.

In Android phones, you can access the settings from the side menu that lists your accounts. In iPhones, you can access them by clicking on the settings icon at the bottom of the main screen. On your desktop, you can click the horizontal lines to access Settings.

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Telegram is an instant messaging application that has introduced multi-account support. This feature allows you to register and use multiple accounts simultaneously on the same device. The device can be your mobile or PC. We have discussed how to make multiple telegram accounts, how you can quickly switch between your accounts, and how you can manage your notifications for all accounts.

You can use the information we have shared to have up to 3 separate Telegram accounts using a few simple steps. It will make your communications smoother. It will also help you to fully use Telegram for your personal as well as professional communication without using any special apps or complicated procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each private Telegram account is attached to a unique phone number. With the app’s current multi-account support, you can have 2 accounts on Telegram as long as you have two unique phone numbers.

Can you have multiple Telegram accounts? Yes, you can. Can you have an unlimited number of Telegram accounts? Not really. The Telegram app officially allows you to open 3 separate accounts using 3 unique numbers. You can add and switch between these 3 accounts on the same app without logging out and in repeatedly.

You can create a Telegram account without a physical phone number. You can use virtual phone numbers that do not depend on SIM cards to create your Telegram account. You can also use blockchain-powered anonymous phone numbers available on certain platforms. You can use these methods to create multiple Telegram accounts without a phone number.

Updated : April 11, 2024

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