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Imagine a world without instant messaging apps. It’s hard, right? These apps have seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, becoming a necessity for many.

Their prominence has surged in recent years, with over 3 billion people now using messaging apps on a regular basis, and this trend shows no signs of slowing.

But the question is: which app should you choose to have better communication in this diverse digital marketplace? 

This article will delve into the most popular messaging apps of 2024. 

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Popular Messaging Apps: How Many People Use Them?

As of 2024, the total number of people using this type of communication channel has surpassed the astounding figure of 5 billion. 

This figure includes a wide range of platforms, from well-known ones such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and Telegram to more regionally specific apps that cater to different cultural and linguistic preferences.

Below is a summary of the most popular messaging apps with active monthly users:

Messaging Platform
Active Monthly Users
WhatsApp2.4 billion
Instagram2 billion
WeChat1.3 billion
Messenger1.01 billion
Telegram900 million
Viber260 million
Discord150 million

7 Most Popular Messaging Apps Globally

The 7 most popular instant messaging platforms across the globe are:

1. WhatsApp

With more than 2.5 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app across the globe. This Facebook-owned platform has a simple user interface and provides end-to-end encryption for secure communication across multiple devices.

WhatsApp has been the only free messaging app, connecting Android and iPhone users.

Below is an outline of WhatsApp downloads from the Google Play Store globally in 2024 (in millions)

In the first quarter of 2024, approximately 35 million downloads of WhatsApp (a mobile messaging app) were made by Indian Google Play users. 

Throughout the period, there were about 8.5 million WhatsApp downloads in Indonesia. Additionally, Android users downloaded the mobile messenger app 115.8 million times in total worldwide.

WhatsApp provides secure conversations, voice, and video calls, among other features, making it more than just a messaging app. 

Users can now send disappearing messages and take advantage of more functional end-to-end encrypted group chats, thanks to recent updates.

2. Instagram

On the surface, Instagram is a photo and video-sharing app, but it has also become a very well-liked chat tool. Companies that are active on this app, which has 1.22 billion users worldwide, can expect to receive a good number of direct messages from their followers.

According to a survey conducted by Instagram, 44% of people shop on Instagram once a week, which makes Instagram an approachable and sensible tool for business. 

Below is the number of users each country has on Instagram:

Users (in millions)
326.6 million
168.6 million
132.6 million
106.0 million
56.4 million
54.7 million
43.8 million
33.8 million
United Kingdom
33.5 million
30.3 million

From a 7-year-old child to a 70-year-old mature man, people of all ages use Instagram for messaging and shopping purposes. 

Here’s a profile of different Instagram age-group users:

3. WeChat

While predominantly used in China, WeChat boasts over 1.2 billion monthly active users globally. 

Apart from messaging, it offers a wide array of services, including mobile payments, social networking, and even gaming, making it a super-app in its own right.

Leading Countries for WeChat App Downloads:

China has the highest number of downloads, accounting for 66 million. Moreover, WeChat has managed to acquire a sustainable user base in the US, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

4. Facebook Messenger

Messenger could be the greatest social messaging app for you if the Asian market is important to your business, especially India. Messenger has a large user base in India, with almost 378 million users.

But that is not to say that big brands can’t profit; over 1.3 billion people use Messenger to maintain friendships and relationships, communicate with their families, and manage their companies worldwide.

Below are the lists of countries that have large Facebook messenger users (in millions)

India leads the world in terms of Facebook audience size, with over 378 million users in that country alone.

Other than India, the US, Indonesia, and Brazil have 193.8 million, 119.05 million, and 112.55 million Facebook users, respectively, making them the three markets with more than 100 million users each.

5. Telegram

Telegram is a well-known instant messaging platform, initially known for its focus on privacy and security. According to Wikipedia, Telegram will have amassed a user base of over 900 monthly active users in 2024

Its secret chat feature, along with robust encryption protocols, appeals to users seeking enhanced privacy in their communications.

9.87% of the world’s population uses Telegram, with India having the most users (104.04 million). Indian users account for 6.66% of all Telegram users.

Here’s a table of Telegram users by country as of 2024:

  • Telegram receives approximately 49.41 million unique visitors per month.
  • Telegram currently has over 900 million active users.
  • The platform has an average of 318 million monthly visits globally.

6. Viber

With over 260 million users worldwide, Viber provides free instant messaging, voice, and video calling services. It distinguishes itself with features such as hidden chats, self-destructing messages, and stickers, which cater to users’ various communication preferences.

WhatsApp has two billion monthly users worldwide. However, Viber is more popular than WhatsApp in Eastern Europe and Russia. In 2018, Viber surpassed WhatsApp in Russia with 100 million subscribers.

According to MixPanel, Viber has over 260 million monthly users across the globe. 

Here’s a breakdown of the percentage of Viber downloads in different countries. 

7. Discord

Initially designed for gamers, Discord has expanded its user base to include communities, businesses, and educators, with over 150 million monthly users worldwide. 

Its text, voice, and video communication channels, along with features like screen sharing and custom emojis, make it a versatile platform for collaborative work and social media platform interaction.

Discord is most commonly used in the United States (27%) and least in the United Kingdom (3.85%). However, Discord is banned in China. 

Users (%)
27 million
12.8 million
4.4 million
4.24 million
United Kingdom
3.85 million
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How Many People Use Messaging Apps?

According to the latest report, more than 3 billion people actively use messaging apps worldwide on a monthly basis. 

How many people use messaging appsSource: Exploidingtopics

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Frequently Asked Questions

WhatsApp is the only messaging apps among others, which has over 2.5 billion users worldwide.

The best free messaging app varies depending on individual preferences and requirements. Some popular choices include WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger.

While WhatsApp enjoys global popularity, Americans often use alternatives such as Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and SMS for messaging purposes.

Updated : June 3, 2024

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