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Telegram ranks among the top ten social networking sites— its popularity is immense! Telegram business is reshaping the way businesses engage and connect. Offering secure and encrypted messaging, Telegram ensures your communication is confidential. 

Its flexible channels and groups help teams collaborate seamlessly. Telegram simplifies and enhances various aspects of business operations, like marketing, customer support, and internal team communication.

Let’s see how to use telegram for business and utilize its various features and benefits.

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What Is Telegram Business And When To Use It?

Telegram business is a cloud-based messaging and desktop communication platform that offers seamless synchronization.

Even though the Telegram business account is quite similar to WhatsApp, it is gaining popularity by emphasizing certain features that attract more users and businesses. The strong focus on privacy makes Telegram a leader in keeping user data secure. Such unique quality makes Telegram for business a fantastic option. 

Companies can use Telegram to:

  • Talk to customers and offer support around the clock.
  • Keep an eye on important data like views, subscribers, mentions, and reposts to measure digital marketing effectiveness.
  • Maintain ongoing conversations and learn about how customers are interacting with the business.

What Are The Key Features Of Telegram Business?

Telegram offers unique features that make it stand apart from its competitors. Let’s take a look.

Key Features Of Telegram Business

1. Privacy 

The Telegram secret chat feature encrypts all messages, preventing parties from forwarding them to other conversations where this feature is not enabled. It ensures the security of your customers’ information.

2. Channels

Telegram channels are of two types:

  • Private channels: Users can only join these channels if they receive an invitation.
  • Public channels: Users can join these channels by searching for them.

While all members of a Telegram group can see each other’s list, users in a channel remain anonymous to one another.

3. Telegram Chatbot

A chatbot on Telegram can simulate client discussions, minimizing the work of the support team. The chatbot effectively handles duties, including processing sign-ups, gathering contact information, addressing product requests, and sending notifications or updates by responding to a variety of client queries.

You need to create a link to the Telegram Business API to launch the Telegram Bot. The API is free. However, it doesn’t have an interface.

4. Chat Groups

Like a typical group chat, multiple users can communicate at once in a Telegram group. Telegram allows groups of up to 200,000 people, which is a great benefit for organizations looking to build a customer or potential client community.

What Are The Benefits of Telegram Business?

Telegram business offers multiple benefits to organizations. It’s rising popularity across the with 700 million users worldwide, is proof. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.

Advantages of Telegram Business

1. Free and Unlimited Storage

Telegram Cloud provides a secure and useful solution for users to store large files and media. You can upload large files and media with Telegram for Business, while the maximum size for one upload is 2 GB. 

It enables you to easily share a variety of files with your clients in the form of excellent photos or videos, including event posters, promotional materials, and product updates, all while maintaining the resolution and quality of the original content.

2. Easy Reach For Unsaved Client Contacts

With Telegram usernames, you can connect without having to exchange phone numbers. By looking up one other’s usernames, clients can find each other. Companies can increase their exposure by creating a public channel and adding relevant search terms to the description and name of the channel. This method makes it easier for people looking for a certain kind of business to find and join the channel.

When it comes to having more participants in a chat room, Telegram Channels are similar to group chats in messaging apps like WhatsApp groups. They are different, though, in that Telegram Channels work primarily as a one-way communication tool. There is no upper restriction on the number of participants in Telegram Channels; only the admins are able to send messages.

3. Improved Access On Multiple Devices

Telegram messaging app allows many devices to be used simultaneously. It means that you can use the app on multiple devices with a single telegram account, guaranteeing real-time updates for all of your conversations. In addition, Telegram offers the capacity to perform a variety of administrative tasks, promoting collaboration and communication among team members.

4. No Messaging Limit

Telegram’s free-of-cost nature makes it a popular choice among businesses for customer communication. Telegram does not enforce a 24-hour messaging window. It means that, for time-sensitive marketing, you are neither restricted by message limits nor reliant on clients reaching out to you first. 

You can reach out to customers at any time by sending broadcasting messages on telegram or reminders without having to wait for message approval.

5. Secret Chat For Privacy

End-to-end encryption is used in Telegram’s Secret Chat function, which gives user messages more protection. The encryption keys are exchanged during the setup of a Telegram Secret Chat and are not stored on Telegram’s servers. In other words, only the participants in the private conversation can see the messages, and they cannot be intercepted by third parties, including Telegram.

Telegram Secret Chat only encrypts messages exchanged within that specific chat. The Telegram Cloud houses other communications from group chats and your inbox. If you need to communicate sensitive information and want to make sure that it stays private between your company and the recipient, Telegram Secret Chat can be helpful.

How To Use Telegram Business for Customer Communication?

Using Telegram Business for customer communication is an effective way to engage with your audience and provide better customer service. 

Here’s a guide on how to use Telegram Business for customer communication:

Steps to use telegram business for customer communication

Step 1: Create a Telegram Business Account

  • If you don’t have a Telegram Business account, create one by downloading the Telegram app and signing up.
  • Choose a business category that best describes your business.

Step 2: Set Up Your Profile

  • Add a professional profile picture and a concise description of your business.
  • Include relevant contact information, like your business address and website.

Step 3: Create a Telegram Bot

  • Bots are essential for automated interactions. Create a Telegram Bot via the BotFather (search for @BotFather on Telegram).
  • Follow the instructions to create a new bot and obtain the token.

Step 4: Add the Bot to Your Channel or Group

  • If you already have a channel or group, add the bot as an administrator. If not, create a new channel or group.
  • Configure privacy settings to allow the bot to read messages.

Step 5: Use Chat Folders and Labels

  • Organize your chats using folders and labels to efficiently manage conversations.
  • Use labels to categorize chats based on customer inquiries, feedback, or order-related discussions.

Step 6: Create a Welcome Message

  • Set up a welcome message that users will receive when they join your channel or group. Include essential information and links.

Step 7: Utilize Chat Features

  • Leverage Telegram’s features, like inline keyboards, buttons, and interactive media, to create engaging and user-friendly interactions.

Step 8: Automated Responses with Chat Bots

  • Integrate chatbots to automate common queries and responses.
  • Consider using Telegram’s Bot API to develop custom bots for specific business needs.

Step 9: Secure Communication

  • Enable two-step verification for added security.
  • Be cautious about sharing sensitive information and encourage customers to use private chats for confidential matters.

Step 10: Promote Your Telegram Channel

  • Share your Telegram channel link on your website, social media profiles, and other marketing materials to encourage promotion.

How To Build a Telegram Bot For Business?

Creating a Telegram account bot for your company can prove a useful way to interact with clients and automate processes. The basic stages of building a Telegram bot that meets your company’s needs are as follows:

Ways to Build A Telegram Bot For Business

1. Get a Bot Token

 start a discussion using Telegram’s bot for bot creation, BotFather. Using your Telegram business account, search for “@BotFather” and enter “/newbot” to create a new bot. After asking you to choose a name and username for your bot, the BotFather will provide you with a token.

2. Choose a Programming Language

Python, JavaScript, Ruby, and other languages can all be used to create Telegram bots. Select a language that you and your group are comfortable speaking.

3. Use the Telegram Bot API

 Make use of the Telegram Bot API to send messages to other Telegram users, interact with the Telegram server, and obtain updates. A variety of operations, including uploading files, getting updates, and sending messages, are made possible by this API.

4. Create Your Bot

 Use the Telegram Bot API to design the features of your bot. It could include things like reacting to user interaction, sending out automatic messages, and carrying out operations like getting information from other sources.

5. Try Out your Bot

 Test your bot’s functionality by sending messages to it and seeing if it responds correctly.

6. Deploy Your Bot

Once it has undergone extensive testing and any required modifications, place it on a hosting platform like Heroku, AWS, or GCP so that Telegram users can access it.

7. Integrate Your Bot Into Your Business

Seamlessly incorporate your bot into your business by sharing a link to the bot on your website or in your marketing materials. Promote it to your customer base and channel members to enhance engagement.

How To Create a Telegram Channel For Businesses?

You can set up a Telegram channel for your company with the following steps:

  • Click the menu button (three horizontal lines) in the upper left corner of the Telegram app after opening it.
  • From the menu options, select “New Channel”.
  • After giving your new channel a name and a description, click “Create Channel.”
  • Add a cover photo and profile picture, change the other parameters, and personalize your channel.
  • Choose whether you want your channel to be secret or public. Private channels are only available to users you invite; public channels are exposed to all users and can be found via Telegram search.
Simplify Communication with Telegram + CRM Integration
Effortlessly sync your team's Telegram conversations to your CRM using ControlHippo.

Connect Telegram Business Account With CRM Software Using ControlHippo

Telegram for Business stands out as an excellent cloud-based messaging application for brand-customer communication. Relying solely on one communication channel is insufficient. Modern consumers utilize at least two messaging or other social media platforms. 

To enhance customer convenience and accessibility, your business should strive to offer a consistent messaging experience across various apps, catering to the trend of customers switching between other messaging apps.

Connect Telegram Business With CRM Using ControlHippo

1. Reporting and Analytics 

ControlHippo offers analytics and reporting tools that shed light on the effectiveness of customer support. To assess and improve service quality, businesses might monitor measures like customer satisfaction, response times, resolution rates, and other key performance indicators (KPIs).

2. Unified Customer Interaction Dashboard

Customer support staff can monitor, reply to, and track messages all from within a single interface with ControlHippo, which provides a centralized dashboard that compiles all Telegram groups. The processing of consumer inquiries and answers is made easier by this integrated view.

3. Data Management Control and CRM Integration

Beyond Telegram, Hippo’s integration capabilities provide smooth interaction with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms. Through this connectivity, companies may better manage their client relationships by collecting customer data, keeping records, and streamlining information.

4. Customized Reactions and Templates

ControlHippo makes it easy to create personalized answers and templates for often-requested queries or standard operating procedures. It improves efficiency and customer satisfaction by helping customer service agents provide consistent and correct information.

5. Effective Conversation Management

By serving as a central hub, ControlHippo gives companies the ability to monitor and control every Telegram communication from one single platform. By removing the need to switch between various chat platforms, this integration offers a more effective method of responding to client inquiries.

6. Excellent Response Handling

Telegram integration with ControlHippo allows customer support personnel to respond quickly to incoming messages. The UI of the platform enables customers to browse messages and categorize them according to priority or type of inquiry, so ensuring prompt responses to their inquiries.


Telegram Business provides a confidential environment for businesses to engage with their audience. Integrating ControlHippo with Telegram amplifies the capabilities of businesses. The unified dashboard, data analytics, CRM integration, customized responses, and efficient conversation management enhance the overall customer service experience. Businesses can leverage these features to not only streamline their communication processes but also to gain valuable insights into customer interactions and improve service quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Telegram is an excellent choice for business communication. With secure messaging, diverse channels, and features like analytics and chatbots, it offers a versatile platform for engaging with customers and colleagues.

Yes, Telegram for Business is free to use. Businesses can access its features, including secure messaging, channels, and groups, without any cost, making it a cost-effective communication solution.

Choosing between Telegram and WhatsApp for business depends on specific needs. Telegram offers features like secret chats, unlimited storage, and extensive channel capabilities, making it suitable for diverse business requirements.

Updated : May 1, 2024

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