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WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform for personal and business use with over 2 billion monthly active users globally. Integrating WhatsApp into a CRM system will undoubtedly improve business efficiency.

WhatsApp Bitrix24 integration using ControlHippo allows employees to promote business growth.  ControlHippo is a WhatsApp team inbox that empowers sales and support teams to enhance customer experience and streamline operations. Bitrix24 is a free team collaboration tool that improves productivity while providing organizations with a practical online management solution.

Let’s see how we can integrate WhatsApp with Bitrix24 using ControlHippo.

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Leverage ControlHippo’s integration of  Bitrix24 WhatsApp for enhanced business growth and efficiency. By integrating these platforms, companies can reap multiple benefits that enable teams to excel in customer service and project execution.

How To Integrate WhatsApp with Bitrix24?

Let’s take a look at the steps that’ll help us with WhatsApp integration with Bitrix24 using ControlHippo. 

Step 1: Log in to your ControlHippo account.

ControlHippo - Signup Page

Step 2: Click on the integration option from the side menu.

ControlHippo Dashboard - Click on Integrate

Step 3: Click on the integrated button of Bitrix24.

Bitrix24 ControlHippo Integration

Step 4: A pop-up box will appear.

Enter Bitrix24 URL - ControlHippo Dashboard

Provide your Bitirx24 domain URL.

Bitrix24 URL

If you have already logged in to your Bitrix24 account, ControlHippo will directly integrate with the existing account. [Please Note: You need to install the ControlHippo application from the Bitrix24 marketplace for complete integration: Market>ControlHippo>Install]

Install ControlHippo from Bitrix24

Step 5: Click on the Add to Bitrix24 button to complete the integration.

Add to Bitrix24 - ControlHippo

After Clicking on Add to Bitrix24, Your Bitrix24 account will be integrated with ControlHippo.

Bitrix24 Integrated with ControlHippo

Step 6: Go to the chat page and start a conversation with your contacts.

Chat Page for Bitrix24 Integration

Step 7: Open your Bitrix24 account to see whether your team has made a deal. You can check that in the deal section of Bitrix24.

Bitrix24 Deal Page

Maximize Efficiency & Streamline Communication
Integrate WhatsApp with Bitrix24 to improve communication and boost productivity

Key Benefits of WhatsApp Bitrix24 Integration Using ControlHippo?

Considering the popularity and quick adoption of WhatsApp globally, creating a CRM system that runs on WhatsApp is a smart move. Moreover, there are multiple benefits of WhatsApp Bitrix24 integration. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. Task Automation

Integrating Bitrix24 with WhatsApp allows businesses to automate tasks more efficiently. Businesses can easily schedule messages and broadcast campaigns within WhatsApp.

 Automating repetitive work boosts productivity and helps employees focus on crucial projects.  Bitrix24’s user-friendly automation features make task management easier while increasing productivity and improving client satisfaction. 

2. Centralized Platform

WhatsApp Bitrix24 integration makes centralizing tasks in a single platform easier. Teams can use this capability to handle work, client interactions, and communications from the same platform. All the WhatsApp conversations will be directly added to Bitrix24.  This integration optimizes workflows, ensuring productivity and teamwork, from responding to queries to assigning work.

3. Sales Efficiency And Customer Retention

WhatsApp’s integration with Bitrix24 improves sales efficiency and customer retention through easy-to-use communication channels. Teams can use this to quickly interact with potential customers and generate leads through one-on-one conversations. 

Automated follow-ups help avoid missed opportunities. Real-time analytics make customized strategies possible, which promotes strong relationships and customer satisfaction, driving revenue growth and loyalty.

4. Team Collaboration 

Bitrix24’s integration with WhatsApp improves teamwork by enabling seamless communication. Customers don’t have to wait for a specific agent. They can inquire about their queries with the available agent as per the availability. It improves team communication dynamics and ensures workflow efficiency and productivity.


The ControlHippo integration of WhatsApp with Bitrix24 is an essential step in improving business growth and efficiency. Businesses reap multiple benefits from WhatsApp business Bitrix24 integration. 

WhatsApp Bitrix24 integration enables sales and support teams to improve customer experiences and operational efficiency. With Bitrix24 and WhatsApp integration with ControlHippo, businesses can competently embrace the future of streamlined communication and management.

Updated : April 23, 2024

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