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Effective communication is paramount for businesses, and combining the power of HubSpot and WhatsApp can be a game-changer. This blog will walk you through the step-by-step process of setting up WhatsApp HubSpot integration with ControlHippo to seamlessly connect these platforms, unlocking a host of benefits. HubSpot has over 100k customers, out of which many use WhatsApp for business communication. Their productivity can be doubled by simply integrating both platforms and syncing the data.

Let’s dive in and explore how to harness the full potential of WhatsApp and HubSpot integration with ControlHippo.

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In optimizing your integration of WhatsApp HubSpot using ControlHippo, it's crucial to carefully plan and execute each step. Leverage the capabilities of ControlHippo through HubSpot WhatsApp integration to streamline processes, consolidate data, and gain valuable insights, ensuring a more efficient and effective communication strategy for your business.

How to Integrate WhatsApp with HubSpot? 

Syncing WhatsApp with HubSpot is easier than ever using ControlHippo. Below are simple steps that you can follow to ensure WhatsApp HubSpot integration. 

Step 1 – First, sign in to ControlHippo and go to the ControlHippo Integration page.

signup and integration tab

Step 2 – Click on the integrate button below the HubSpot logo.

Click on Integrate - Hubspot ControlHippo Integration

Step 3 – Click the Add to HubSpot button when a pop-up box appears.

Add to HubSpot - Controlhippo HubSpot Integration

Step 4 – It will take you to the HubSpot login page. Enter your HubSpot account credentials to log in.


Step 5 – The HubSpot account can be selected on the new page that displays; choose the account after selecting the account.

Choose HubSpot Account

Step 6 – You will be taken to the ControlHippo Integration page after clicking the button. If the integrated text on the button is not visible, try refreshing the page. 

WhatsApp HubSpoy Integrated via ControlHippo

Step 7 – Start your conversation with customers by going to the chat list page.

Start Conversation - ControlHippo Dashboard

Step 8 – The consumer has created a new contact, as you can see in your HubSpot account.

New Contact Created in HubSpot

Step 9  -The message appears in the activity area when you open the contact. Make sure you have checked the WhatsApp check box from the filter if you are having trouble viewing it.

WhatsApp Message Sync in HubSpot

Step 10 – In ControlHippo, leads are sent to the HubSpot user’s contact and deal sections. If the user has neither of these, ControlHippo will immediately establish a contact and save the chat in that. 

Key Benefits of WhatsApp HubSpot Integration using ControlHippo

With Integrating WhatsApp with HubSpot via ControlHippo, you get to experience effortless WhatsApp numbers management, streamlined support processes, and data-driven decisions. 

Below are the main benefits of WhatsApp integration with HubSpot using ControlHippo –

Advantages of WhatsApp HubSpot Integration

1. Real-Time Activity Logging

The integration ensures seamless tracking by automatically logging every WhatsApp conversation from ControlHippo as trackable HubSpot activities. This real-time synchronization provides a comprehensive view of customer interactions within HubSpot contact records, enhancing the efficiency of tracking and managing engagements.

2. Unified Activity Timelines

By consolidating fragmented data sources, the integration creates unified activity timelines in HubSpot contact records. This consolidation of data ensures enhanced visibility into customer interactions, fostering a cohesive understanding of the complete engagement history, and facilitating more informed decision-making.

3. Contextual Centralization

The integration centralizes contextual inputs from various sources, including chat sessions, emails, forms, and more. This holistic approach enables personalized and targeted communication by providing a consolidated understanding of customer interactions across different channels.

4. Rich Conversational Insights

ControlHippo pulls rich conversational data into HubSpot, uncovering valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviors. This data enrichment informs better sales and marketing approaches, allowing businesses to tailor their strategies based on a deeper understanding of customer needs.

5. Streamlined Interactions

The integration eliminates the need to toggle between apps for manual interaction logging or accessing previous messages. This efficiency boost streamlines workflows, reduces manual data entry efforts, and enhances the overall user experience for representatives using both HubSpot and WhatsApp.

6. Enhanced Rep Transparency

Representatives benefit from enhanced transparency through activity tracking directly tied to individual contributions and performance. This direct link between activities and outcomes fosters accountability and provides a clear understanding of each representative’s impact on customer engagement.

7. Holistic Customer Understanding

By housing all engagement data in one place, the integration creates a holistic understanding of every customer relationship. This 360-degree view of customer interactions allows businesses to develop more personalized and effective customer engagement strategies.

8. Tailored Messaging

The integration strengthens customer experiences by enabling highly tailored, relevant messaging driven by integrated datasets. In fact, personalization increases the open rate by a whopping 26%. Leveraging these integrated datasets allows businesses to communicate with precision, delivering messages that resonate with customers and enhance overall communication effectiveness.

WhatsApp + HubSpot Integration using ControlHippo
Facilitate seamless business communication by integrating your WhatsApp conversations into HubSpot with ControlHippo.

How to Set Up HubSpot Automation in ControlHippo? 

Want to improve the efficiency of HubSpot leads? Start automating the process with ControlHippo; check out how to execute HubSpot WhatsApp automation –

Step 1: Open the ControlHippo account and log in.

Step 2: Visit the HubSpot integration page and complete the integration.

Step 3: Go ahead and create a HubSpot account. Select the “Automation” option on the screen.

Step 4: Choose workspace from the drop-down menu that appears.

Step 5: Select “Create Workflow” from the menu. Choose the option “From Scratch.”

Step 6: Now, make sure the workflow radio button is blank and choose the contact-based option. Next, click on it. [Note: Any option may be chosen in accordance with your needs.]

Step 7:  Next, set up the trigger for when you want the event to be executed.

Step 8: Choose the event that the trigger will now act upon. Select “Save” by clicking. [Note: Depending on your needs, you can choose any alternative.]

Step 9: Click the Plus button to configure the integration for the specific action. Choose the ControlHippo: Shared Inbox option to define where this action will take place.

Step 10: Proceed to set up the ControlHippo: Shared Inbox configuration.

  1. From the list of numbers, all available numbers in the account will be displayed. Choose the specific number through which you want your automated message to be sent.
  2. Under “To number,” choose a phone number from the contact field (HubSpot Field) that uniquely identifies the recipient contact.
  3. When composing your message, choose the token values that you wish to dynamically include in the message.

Now click on save as your workflow is ready.

Step 11: To enable the workflow, simply click on the “Review and publish” button.

Step 12: Navigate to ControlHippo to send or receive the initial message to/from the contact. The workflow will automate this process.

Final Thoughts 

Integrating HubSpot with WhatsApp through ControlHippo streamlines communication processes, providing a unified platform for managing interactions and enhancing customer engagement. By seamlessly logging activities, consolidating data, and enabling personalized communication, this integration empowers businesses to gain deeper insights into customer interactions.

Updated : February 19, 2024

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