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Want your team to collaborate seamlessly on inbound customer queries in a unified workspace? WhatsApp Slack integration via ControlHippo can help. 

This also enables you to improve response times, which is a major contributor to customer satisfaction. In fact, 46% of customers expect businesses to respond to their queries within 4 hours

To help businesses achieve this and more, we have curated this guide on the step-by-step process and benefits of integrating WhatsApp with Slack.

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Missed updates, low productivity, and fragmented communication can hinder team efficiency and customer satisfaction. Avoid this with ControlHippo’s WhatsApp Business Slack integration. It is a secure, organized, feature-rich, and robust collaboration platform that guarantees improved teamwork, speedy decision-making, and efficient critical data retrieval.

How to Integrate WhatsApp with Slack?

Integrating WhatsApp with Slack is a wise choice when dealing with a huge influx of customer inquiries and managing a large team to address them. Why? Because integrating these platforms enables your team to access and work on all WhatsApp queries within a collaborative workspace. 

This eliminates duplication of responses, unresolved customer issues, time drainage in toggling between multiple windows, and miscommunication between teams. 

Now that you know why you must turn to WhatsApp to Slack integration, it’s time to discover how to do it effortlessly –

Step 1: Create a business account with ControlHippo and log in to it by entering your credentials. 

ControlHippo - SignUp

Step 2: Find and tap on the integration option from the list displayed on the left side of the ControlHippo website screen.

ControlHippo - Dashboard

Step 3: Now, all the integrations that ControlHippo offers will show up on your screen. You just have to find and click on the Slack integrate button.

Select Slack Integration

Step 4: After selecting Slack integration, a prompt will appear as a part of the integration setup. So, click on the Add to Slack button in the lower right corner. 

Add to Slack - ControlHippo

Step 5: Next, decide and enter a new Slack workspace URL name. This is the link your team will use to access and collaborate within Slack.

Sign in to Slack Workspace 

Step 6: After this, a new page will show up, asking you to select a thread or channel where you want to centralize your activities in Slack. Out of multiple options, find and select the general channel. Lastly, hit allow to grant the required permissions.

Integrate ControlHippo with Slack

Step 7: As soon as you hit allow, you’ll be directly taken to the ControlHippo integration page. Here, you’ll notice an Integrated button under Slack.

Step 8: Without any further ado, head to the Chat page and strike up a conversation with any of your desired contacts.

Step 9: After following this step-by-step process, you will be able to find a general named channel in your channel list on the right side of the window. When you click on it, all the conversations happening on WhatsApp will show up in real-time. 

Key Benefits of WhatsApp Slack Integration using ControlHippo

WhatsApp Slack integration facilitates friction-free teamwork, enhances support efficiency, and improves decision-making through centralized customer conversations and real-time insights. Let’s dive into some of the major benefits of WhatsApp Slack integration using ControlHippo –

Advantages of WhatsApp Slack Integration using ControlHippo

1. Improved team collaboration 

With ControlHippo’s Slack and WhatsApp integration, your teams (sales and support) can access and collaborate on all customer inquiries in one place. Unified communication promotes efficient teamwork, which ultimately results in better response times. 

2. Higher customer satisfaction 

If you respond to inbound queries quickly, your customers are bound to have a great customer experience, which will ultimately boost their satisfaction and loyalty towards your business. 

This is possible when you implement Slack integration with WhatsApp. It gives your team a centralized space to collaborate and cater to inbound queries as they come in. 

3. Data-driven decision making

Slack integration with WhatsApp using ControlHippo brings real-time insights into customer conversations and team performance. Using this data, you can better inform your decisions and modify your strategies. When your strategies are modified as per industry changes, you get an edge over your competitors and optimum resource allocation. 

4. Boosted productivity 

Slack and WhatsApp integration centralizes customer conversations in one dashboard, streamlining workflows and providing comprehensive oversight. This enables your team to manage and switch between multiple WhatsApp numbers with the highest efficiency, ensuring top-notch customer support. 

5. Hyper-personalized customer interactions

When you integrate both Slack and WhatsApp using ControlHippo, you get a plethora of information about each customer–past interactions, pain points, purchase history, and more. 

This information can help your team interact with customers in a more personalized manner and deliver contextual support, raising customer satisfaction and happiness. After all, 71% of customers expect businesses to deliver tailored interactions

6. Automated routine tasks 

Catering to routine responses, tailoring messages as per customer’s needs, and segmenting customers are time consuming. Slack and WhatsApp integration via ControlHippo can help you automate such tasks, streamlining workflows and enabling teams to focus on rigorous tasks.

WhatsApp + Slack Integration using ControlHippo
Ensure flawless communication by syncing your WhatsApp conversations to Slack.

Wrapping Up

Upon successful implementation of Slack and WhatsApp integration, you’ll notice more streamlined workflows, enhanced collaboration, boosted productivity, and better data-driven decisions. 

To avail of these benefits, select a reliable integration platform like ControlHippo. Apart from the basic WhatsApp Slack integration, it offers a plethora of features like automation and multi-number management. So, without any further ado, start ControlHippo’s free trial today!

Updated : April 18, 2024

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