How To Integrate WhatsApp With Zoho Using ControlHippo?

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Businesses leveraging WhatsApp not only experience increased customer engagement but also the efficiency of consolidated communication within the Zoho ecosystem. For the 50% of small businesses leveraging WhatsApp, the reported increase in customer engagement signifies a tangible benefit. By bridging the gap between WhatsApp and Zoho, ControlHippo facilitates a streamlined workflow. 

Zoho and WhatsApp integration through ControlHippo provides a powerful solution for businesses seeking to optimize communication and collaboration.

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Encourage your team to integrate chat links in Zoho for swift WhatsApp access, ensuring timely responses and organized communication. Periodically review and adjust ControlHippo's synchronization settings to align with evolving business requirements. This proactive approach enhances the integration's value, promoting a more streamlined and collaborative workflow within your business.

How To Integrate WhatsApp With Zoho Using ControHippo?

Connect WhatsApp with Zoho through ControlHippo with our step-by-step integration guide. Streamline your communication channels and optimize collaboration for enhanced business efficiency.

Step 1: Log in to ControlHippo. 

Step 2: Scan the QR code and connect with your WhatsApp account.  

Step 3: After connecting with your WhatsApp account, you’ll be directed to the chat list page, where you will be able to do all your chats.

Step 4: Select the integration page option from the side menu bar.

ControlHippo Dashboard

Step 5: You’ll see the integration page, here, select the integrate with Zoho button.

Select Zoho - ControlHippo Dashboard

Step 6: A pop-up box will appear, select the connect button, which will direct you to the Zoho login page directly.

Add to ZOHO - ControlHippo Dashboard

Step 7: Enter your Zoho account credentials and log in to your account. 

ZOHO Login Page

Step 8: To allow ControlHippo access, click on the accept button.

Allow Access to ZOHO

Step 9: This will take you back to the ControlHippo integration page. 

ControlHippo Dashboard - Integration Page

Step 10: Upon opening the dialog box, users can easily customize their integration by selecting specific fields for synchronization. The toggle options for leads or contacts provide flexibility. Refer to the bottom flowchart for a quick overview of the activity sync process. This streamlined approach ensures users can efficiently tailor the integration to their business requirements.

Step 11: Now open the chat list page and start the conversation with your contacts.

Step 12: Now check your Zoho account; you’ll be able to see the contacts in the new contact section.

Step 13: Click on that contact. You will see in the description and a chat link being added, from this you can directly open the chat of that contact.

Step 14: You will also be able to see the messages in the notes section of Contact and Lead in Zoho.

Note: To prevent duplication, the default country code is integrated into the system, thereby ensuring that contacts entered into your CRM are uniquely identified and not replicated.

Key Benefits of WhatsApp – Zoho Integration using ControlHippo

Find out the advantages of integrating WhatsApp with Zoho through ControlHippo and implement this in your organization for enhanced communications.

Benefits of WhatsApp - Zoho Integration using ControlHippo 

1. Streamlined Communication

The WhatsApp integration with Zoho crm offers a unified platform for communication, allowing teams to consolidate conversations and messages in one central hub. This streamlining of communication enhances efficiency by reducing the need to switch between different apps.

2. Enhanced Collaboration 

By seamlessly connecting WhatsApp with Zoho’s suite of business applications, businesses can foster improved collaboration. Your teams can share information, updates, and files more effectively, promoting a collaborative work environment that contributes to better decision-making and project outcomes.

3. Centralized Information

Integration enables the centralization of information within Zoho, ensuring that all relevant data from WhatsApp interactions is stored and easily accessible. This not only facilitates better record-keeping but also provides a comprehensive view of customer interactions, contributing to more informed business strategies.

4. Quick Access with Chat Links 

The integration allows for the inclusion of chat links in descriptions, providing a convenient way to directly open the chat of a specific contact. This feature enhances accessibility and quick navigation, enabling users to stay connected and respond promptly to customer inquiries or team discussions.

5. Real-time Updates and Synchronization

The Zoho WhatsApp integration ensures real-time data synchronization between both platforms, keeping information up-to-date across both platforms. This real-time synchronization eliminates data discrepancies, providing your team with the latest information, which is crucial for making informed decisions and delivering prompt responses to customers.

WhatsApp + Zoho Integration using ControlHippo
Experience seamless communication by syncing your WhatsApp conversations to Zoho.


Transform your business with ControlHippo for Zoho CRM WhatsApp integration. Streamline communication, enhance collaboration, centralize information, and gain quick access through chat links. With real-time updates, ControlHippo optimizes workflows, increasing efficiency and enabling informed decision-making in the Zoho ecosystem. 

Upgrade your customer engagement and productivity by leveraging the Zoho WhatsApp integration, emphasizing the power of technology to align communication tools with robust business applications.

Updated : May 28, 2024

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