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ControlHippo Vs B2Chat: Feature-wise Comparison

Explore and compare the major features of ControlHippo and B2Chat to understand why ControlHippo is the top alternative of B2Chat.

Additional User
Channels Accessible
Platforms Support
Customer Support
Free Trial
Basic Plan
Web, Android, iOS, Chrome Extension
10-day Free Trial
B2Chat Logo
Upto 2
Web, Android, iOS

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Features That Make ControlHippo #1 WhatsApp Shared Inbox

The ControlHippo WhatsApp Shared Inbox is equipped with multiple features and tools designed to improve all aspects of your business communication, including agents’ productivity and customer experience.

Offer Instant Support Using Canned Responses

  • Respond promptly to customer inquiries with pre-prepared auto-responses.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by providing quick and consistent support.
  • Customize canned responses as needed to address common queries.
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Canned Messages
controlhippo integration

Easily Integrate Critical Tools and Platforms

  • Seamlessly connect essential tools and platforms without complex configurations.
  • Enhance productivity by integrating solutions like Pipedrive, Slack, Hubspot, and Zoho.
  • Maximize efficiency and accuracy across the organization's processes, workflows, and data.
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Monitor Customer Experience Data Through Real-Time Analytics

  • Gain insights into customer behavior and preferences through comprehensive analytics.
  • Identify trends and patterns to optimize products and services for improved CX.
  • Make data-driven decisions to enhance overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.
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Upload and Share Multiple Media Files Simultaneously

  • Easily share media files with customers and teams to help them better understand messages.
  • Share unlimited images, videos, and documents in a single upload without any size restrictions.
  • Upload your contact list in CSV format and send unlimited promotional messages in one go.
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We got amazing help from the ControlHippo team. They're really quick to respond, know a lot, and do everything they can to help with our questions.

Boban Jagodic Sales Assistant

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ControlHippo WhatsApp Shared Inbox is a centralized platform for managing WhatsApp conversations. It enables efficient communication and collaboration among team members as well as with the customers.

  • Yes, ControlHippo is designed to efficiently manage high volumes of messages, thanks to its scalable infrastructure and advanced message routing capabilities. Also, the tool allows you to use multiple WhatsApp numbers in a single account.

  • Yes, ControlHippo provides better analytics tools that offer deep insights into customer behavior and interaction patterns. This will empower you to make informed decisions and optimize your communication strategies effectively.

  • Yes, ControlHippo supports multi-channel communication, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, Email, and more. This ensures that you can connect and serve your customers across various platforms.

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