ControlHippo: The Best Clientify Alternative

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ControlHippo vs. Clientify: A Complete Feature Comparison

Explore the key differences that exist between the features of ControlHippo vs. alternative Clientify. Examine what is
so unique about ControlHippo and why it has emerged as a popular Clientify alternative.

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Pricing $20 $39
Messaging Channels
Unlimited contact sync
Chrome Extension
Connect one or multiple numbers Wide Range Limited
Shared Inbox interface 24/7 Limited
One-click integration
Broadcast Channels
Contact Merge
Team Inbox
Custom Inbox
User-based Access
Sync media & attachments in CRM
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Cost-effective Solutions: ControlHippo vs. Clientify Pricing & Plans

ControlHippo offers an integrated WhatsApp shared inbox solution at affordable prices starting at $20 per user. The economical pricing plans and user-friendly structure make ControlHippo, an ideal choice for businesses exploring affordable alternatives to Clientify. 

While Clientify has 4 different pricing plans with the basic single-user plan starting at $39 per month, ControlHippo has more cost-effective pricing plans.

Clientify Plan


Per User/Month
  • Automatically create Deals for new contacts from WhatsApp
  • Start new WhatsApp chats right from Pipedrive interface
  • Native Zapier Integration
  • Automatically save attachments from WhatsApp into Pipedrive

ControlHippo Plan


Per User/Month
  • Contact sync in CRM from WhatsApp
  • Unlimited contact sync
  • Chrome Extension for embedded chat view
  • Automatically assign and track responsibility for chats

ControlHippo: The Ultimate WhatsApp Shared Inbox

Discover the unique abilities of ControlHippo’s WhatsApp shared inbox. Examine the features and functionalities that
offer a leading edge to ControlHippo over its competitors to emerge as the most preferred Clientify alternative.


Unified Inbox

  • Fosters collaboration between internal business teams by bringing the conversations under a single space.
  • Streamlines communication and collaboration between different teams including sales, marketing, and customer support.
  • Eliminate silos and enhance transparency in internal communication between business teams.
  • Promotes greater productivity as team members collaborate better and work in sync with the business goal.

Real-time Analytics

  • Offers access to real-time data and analytics regarding customer requirements and agent performance.
  • Enables businesses to put forth informed, data-driven decisions regarding customer service, staffing, etc.
  • EWith access to in-depth data and information, businesses can tune their strategies to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Supports businesses in identifying and sorting the bottlenecks and challenges in the process.
Easy Integration

Easy Integration

  • ControlHippo integrates seamlessly with other third-party sales and marketing tools like Slack, Zoho, HubSpot, Pipedrive, etc.
  • Eliminates the need to switch between different platforms and helps businesses achieve greater productivity when it comes to communication.
  • Foster cross-platform collaboration while enhancing the accuracy of data and information.
  • Boost productivity by building a custom workflow to align with the features of your existing tools and platforms.

Multi-Number Access

  • Allows agents to access and monitor conversations happening across different WhatsApp numbers using a single dashboard.
  • Promotes consistency in business conversations which adds a professional image to the brand.
  • Helps businesses achieve coherence in communication by bringing together all customer conversations in a single place.
  • Agents can have comprehensive oversight of customer interactions as the data and information on different numbers can be accessed across a single dashboard.

ControlHippo’s Popular Ratings Across the Web

On major review platforms like G2, SoftwareSuggest, Capterra, etc., ControlHippo has received positive ratings and a warm
welcome from businesses. These testify to the popularity of ControlHippo’s WhatsApp shared inbox solution.

Explore the Top 5 Alternatives to Clientify in 2023

Examine the popular alternatives to Clientify that carry matching or outperforming abilities. Choose a
WhatsApp shared inbox solution that matches your budget and business requirements.

Company Rating Plan Learn More
ControlHippo Logo

Starter: $20/user

Learn More Logo

Business: $249/month

Team: $79

Enterprise: custom

Learn More Logo

Multiagent chat:$15/user

HMultiagent chat:$20/user


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Wati Logo

Growth: $49/month

Pro: $99/month

Business: $299/month

Learn More
DelightChat Logo

Startup: $49/month

Scale: $99/month

Growth: $299/month

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Some of the leading Clientify alternatives include ControlHippo, Appy Pie, Wassenger,, and Interakt.

  • Both Clientify and ControlHippo are popular tools when it comes to WhatsApp shared inbox solutions. Yet, a deeper analysis shows that ControlHippo takes the lead with affordable pricing plans and advanced communication features.

  • Yes, you can switch from Clientify to its alternative, ControlHippo by following a few, simple steps. The best part about this is you can still retain your existing business numbers and communication flow. Our customer service team offers 24/7 support to help you with hassle-free porting.

  • Yes, ControlHippo allows business agents to access multiple WhatsApp numbers. You can access and manage internal and customer conversations across multiple numbers on a single, intuitive dashboard. Doing so helps you achieve coherence and consistency in customer interactions.

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