How to Assign Message to a Responsible Agent on WhatsApp?

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WhatsApp, with its staggering 63% daily usage, has transformed from a simple messaging app into a powerful business tool, efficiently managing incoming messages.

Assigning WhatsApp messages to specific team members helps streamline communication processes and ensures that customer queries and issues are promptly addressed. But to promptly address the issues, the queries should be assigned to a responsible agent, who has the ability to resolve the customer’s problems.

Don’t worry; let us understand how to assign message to a responsible person.

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Use chat assignment tools not only to assign WhatsApp messages but also to analyze trends and optimize workflow. Monitor frequently assigned topics to identify areas where automation or additional resources may be required. Regularly respond with the set WhatsApp templates to ensure that your team is equipped to handle common queries efficiently.

How to Assign Messages on WhatsApp to a Particular Teammate?

Chat assignment on WhatsApp is a simple and easy process, but it requires the right tools and a device with an active internet connection. Here’s how you can assign WhatsApp business chat to a responsible agent.

Step 1: Open the chat you want to assign.

ControlHippo Dashboard Chat

Step 2: Click on the “i” button in the top right-hand corner. 

ControlHippo Dashboard Chat - Click on info icon

Step 3: Click the box next to “Assign To” and select the agent from the list. The chosen user will get both in-app notifications and an email.

Assign-to box - ControlHippo Dashboard Chat

You can unassign a chat using the same drop-down option.

How are Chats Assigned in the Application? 

Here’s how you can assign WhatsApp chat in the application:

Step 1: Open the chat you wish to assign in the app.

Step 2: Click on the “i” button in the top right corner.

ControlHippo Dashboard Chat - Click on info icon - Application

Step 3: Now, you can assign the chat to any person.

Assign-to box - ControlHippo Dashboard Chat - Application

Utilize WhatsApp for Higher Customer Engagement Rates
Assign Messages To The Right Agents To Enhance Customer Satisfaction

How To Sort Messages That Are Assigned To You?

If your agents only want to see chats assigned to them, they can filter chats using a WhatsApp account and see chats assigned to a particular agent. 

It will allow you to avoid confusion and find appropriate chat faster, along with template messages.

Here are some tips for sorting assigned messages effectively:

1. Prioritize Urgent Messages

Identify messages that require immediate attention, such as customer complaints or urgent queries, and use a WhatsApp template that suits the query.

Address these messages first to maintain customer satisfaction with the help of WhatsApp message templates

2. Categorize Messages

Group assigned messages based on their nature, such as sales inquiries, support requests, or general inquiries. 

Categorizing messages in the WhatsApp business app helps simplify your workflow and set a specific WhatsApp message template for each type of query. 

3. Set Reminders

If you can’t answer a message immediately, set WhatsApp reminders to follow up later.

Message assignment tools often have reminder capabilities that notify you of pending messages at scheduled intervals. Use the same template notified by the business owner to respond in such a situation.

4. Archive Resolved Messages

Once you’ve addressed a message and no longer need it for reference, archive it to declutter from the inbox of your WhatsApp business account.

Archiving keeps your inbox of flow variables organized and makes it easier to find relevant messages when needed. 

Wrapping Up

Assign message to the responsible agents on WhatsApp to improve your customer service and optimize your communication of flow a variable. 

By using the right tools and implementing effective business strategies, companies can ensure that every message is handled promptly and efficiently with dynamic content.

Whether it’s assigning messages automatically based on predefined rules or manually assigning them to specific team members, the goal is to provide timely responses and exceptional customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

To add a chat on WhatsApp, simply open the app, tap on the chat icon (usually a speech bubble or a chat symbol), and select [New Chat]. Then, choose the contact or group chat you want to start communicating.

You can perform variable string substitution to personalize your WhatsApp chat by changing your profile picture, updating your status, customizing your chat background, and using features like stickers and emojis to express yourself.

A chat lock in WhatsApp allows you to secure your chats with a password, fingerprint, or facial recognition. It adds an extra layer of security to your conversation, ensuring that no one else can access them.

To transfer a specific chat on WhatsApp, open the chat, tap on the three dots in the top right corner, select [More], and then choose [Export chat]. You can then choose whether to include media files and select the method of transfer, such as email or messaging apps.

Updated : May 9, 2024

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