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Given the intensity of competition prevailing in the marketplaces, businesses must build a strong online presence to be able to sustain and thrive. Omnichannel platforms offer a wide range of tools and technologies for businesses to connect with their customers across multiple sales channels and deliver a seamless shopping experience.

It must be noted that on average, customers refer to six touchpoints per purchase, and this has tripped from just two in 2021, which in turn shows the importance of omnichannel marketing for businesses to promote customer satisfaction. Read the blog to understand the best omnichannel software tools for E-commerce and communication channels.

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"An omnichannel platform helps streamline customer experience across different channels and various touchpoints. As customers increasingly use multiple channels to get in touch with businesses, an omnichannel platform helps offer a consistent customer experience."

What Are Omnichannel Platforms?

Omnichannel platforms serve as a method for an integrated marketing strategy and help businesses reach customers through different channels including email, social media platforms, mobile apps, websites, etc. They allow businesses to communicate across multiple channels from a single platform. 

An omnichannel marketing platform serves as a holistic channel to build and strategize marketing campaigns while ensuring consistency of the messages across various touch points. They collect and generate data from these touchpoints, which in turn offer valuable insights and information to design targeted marketing campaigns and messages. Even certain branding elements that involve a logo design, a tagline, imagery, and positioning can be influenced according to that data. 

5 Best Omnichannel Platforms for Effective Communication

There are several omnichannel platforms in the marketplace, and businesses must carefully evaluate their features before choosing one. We have listed the best omnichannel platforms along with their features, pros, cons, and pricing so businesses can find one that best matches their requirements.

How we select and analyze these tools?

Our selection process for [Omnichannel Platforms] is conducted by carrying out thorough research and scrutiny. These tools are selected based on usability and satisfaction factors, which include features, ease of use, ratings, and reviews from SoftwareSuggest, G2, and Capterra. We are committed to helping businesses make informed decisions to enhance their operational efficiency and productivity.

1. ControlHippo

ControlHippo - Omnichannel Platforms

ControlHippo remains one of the popular omnichannel platforms for businesses with its robust, shared WhatsApp inbox. ControlHippo helps businesses streamline WhatsApp communication and manage a high volume of messages without any hassles. It offers enormous data and insights that help businesses design targeted campaigns, promote consistency in marketing WhatsApp messages, and reach the right set of customers. 

ControlHippo also helps automate the communication flow across different channels. It allows multi-user access so businesses can handle high conversation volumes.



  • ControlHippo integrates seamlessly with other sales and CRM tools like Slack, HubSpot, Zoho, Pipedrive, etc.
  • By providing an omnichannel software platform, ControlHippo eliminates the need to juggle between multiple platforms.
  • ControlHippo provides real-time data and analytics that help evaluate and refine customer experiences.
  • It offers 24/7 customer support and personalized assistance to get the platform set up and running.
  • ControlHippo allows multi-user access so several agents can collaborate when it comes to managing high communication volumes.


  • ControlHippo could add more advanced features when it comes to WhatsApp automation.
  • The learning curve is steep and takes a bit of time.


  • 10-day free trial
  • $20 per user per month

2. Soprano Design

Soprano Design - Omnichannel Platforms

Soprano Design remains our second-best pick when it comes to omnichannel platforms for businesses. It offers CPaas, a Communications Platform as a Service that helps promote meaningful customer engagement by reaching them across multiple devices.  Soprano Design helps communicate across multiple channels including SMS, IP messaging, WhatsApp, email, voice broadcast messaging, etc. 


  • Bulk text messaging
  • Automated inbound messaging
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Automated reminders and alerts
  • International SMS
  • Custom reports


  • Soprano Design provides deeper insights and access into the 360D customer journey.
  • It helps nurture meaningful customer interactions and personalized experiences.
  • It offers industry-specific solutions for finance, government, healthcare, logistics, retail, and education.
  • Soprano Design helps streamline and automate appointment scheduling and reminders. 


  • When compared to other platforms, the pricing is on the higher side, so it may not be affordable for startups.
  • The integration abilities are limited when compared to other platforms.


  • Business – From 25 USD per month, up to 500 contacts
  • Enterprise- From 250 USD per month, up to 2500 contacts
  • Corporate – From 900 USD per month, up to 10,000 contacts

3. Trengo

Trengo - Omnichannel Platforms

Trengo remains one of the popular omnichannel marketing platforms helping businesses strategize their business communication under one roof. It helps streamline communication across WhatsApp, social media platforms, email, Facebook Messenger, live chat, SMS, voice messages, etc. through a single platform. With Trengo, you can automate customer communication on different channels. 


  • Shared inbox
  • Broadcast messages
  • Conversation history
  • User permissions
  • Custom channels
  • Multichannel inbox
  • Bot automation


  • Trengo can be integrated with CRM channels, messaging, and e-commerce platforms.
  • Trengo has extensive communication features that help businesses save time and money.
  • The UI looks intuitive and the layout is highly functional.
  • The ticket system provides a quick overview of the new tickets, closed, and picked up.
  • Trengo provides API and lets you add your custom channels.


  • The Trengo mobile app requires updates to function faster.
  • Customers have reported difficulties in tracking conversation history on Trengo.


  • Grow – 19 USD per user per month
  • Scale- 31 USD per user per month
  • Enterprise- 44 USD per user per month

4. Userpilot

Userpilot - Omnichannel Platforms

Userpilot is one of the leading omnichannel marketing software known for offering a multichannel, superior user experience without writing any code. It helps design a personalized, seamless onboarding experience for users and serves as an effective communication platform. Userpilot offers interactive walkthroughs that are more powerful than traditional product tours.


  • Real-time analytics
  • Goals tracking
  • One-click integrations
  • Robust onboarding
  • In-app support
  • Security standards


  • Userpilot has a user-friendly interface that is intuitive even for beginners.
  • It can be customized to achieve different business goals like onboarding, user engagement, conversion, etc.
  • Userpilot offers extensive analytics that help businesses personalize their user experiences.
  • The pricing is affordable for small businesses and startups.
  • Userpilot complies with GDPR and other data privacy regulations, which in turn makes it appropriate for use in regulated industries.


  • Userpilot does not work on mobile applications.
  • There is a lag when it comes to handling peak load conversations.


  • Starter- From 249 USD per month
  • Growth – From 499 USD per month
  • Enterprise- Custom plan.

5. Saysimple

Saysimple - Omnichannel Platforms

Saysimple is a robust omnichannel communication platform that helps offer a seamless digital experience across different channels. It helps manage conversations and customer interactions across WhatsApp, live chat, SMS, email, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Google Business, etc. in one go. You can also customize the platform and automate conversations to handle high communication volumes.


  • Multichannel inbox
  • Standard templates
  • Broadcast messages
  • Workflow automation
  • Call deflection
  • Robust analytics
  • Third-party integrations


  • Saysimple offers API that allows extensive integration support with other CRM, ERP, customer service software tools, etc.
  • It offers robust analytics and reports that allow you to segment and target customers based on their behaviors and preferences.
  • Saysimple adheres with GDPR and other data privacy regulations, and so can be used in sensitive industries like healthcare.
  • Customer support teams can switch between various channels like emails, chats, and calls which in turn saves time and effort. 
  • Saysimple allows businesses to measure customer support performance with custom KPIs and metrics.


  • The bulk emailing abilities on Saysimple should be enhanced.
  • Saysimple is quite expensive when compared to other omnichannel communication platforms.


  • Start – €15 per agent per month, supports 3 to 10 users
  • Grow- €25 per agent per month, supports 3 to 100 users
  • Enterprise- €35 per agent per month, supports 30+ users.

6 Best Omnichannel Platforms for Ecommerce

While we have covered the 5 best omnichannel communication platforms in the previous section, here we have curated the features, pros, and cons of the best omnichannel platforms for E-commerce. 

1. Bloomreach

Bloomreach - Omnichannel Platforms

Bloomreach remains one of the most sought-after omnichannel support platforms when it comes to E-commerce. It offers a personalized, e-commerce experience to customers with features and functionalities that support marketing automation, content management, search intelligence, and AI abilities. 

On Bloomreach, you can set up and run personalized omnichannel campaigns that help target customers across their preferred channels.   


  • Email marketing
  • Web personalization
  • Search intelligence
  • SEO support
  • Segments and audience builder
  • Ads and retargeting
  • Mobile app marketing


  • Bloomreach has a wide range of features and it is easy to use.
  • The predefined templates can be customized and are responsive. 
  • It has easy integrations and goes well with popular platforms like Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce. 
  • Bloomreach has a simple, drag-and-drop scenario builder that helps build and execute targeted, e-commerce marketing campaigns. 
  • It offers custom reports and analytics that help identify customer behavior trends and patterns and personalize the campaign accordingly. 


  • Integration is complicated and you must exercise caution to avoid data loss.
  • The dashboard and analytics options are limited.


  • Engagement
  • Discovery 
  • Content 

Bloomreach does not provide the pricing details for each of the plans. Request pricing by letting the customer support team know your business requirements. 

2. Sellercloud

Sellercloud - Omnichannel Platforms

Sellercloud is one of the popular omnichannel platforms for E-commerce businesses and helps deliver a superior user experience. It allows businesses to synchronize inventory and build a centralized point to manage sales and support across different E-commerce channels. It supports multiple languages and currencies, so you can sell beyond boundaries. 


  • International selling
  • Order rule engine
  • Consolidated shipping
  • Dropshipping automation
  • Inventory synchronization
  • Powerful integrations


  • Sellercloud offers excellent inventory management abilities across multiple channels.
  • It is easy to add new channels on the platform.
  • Sellercloud offers a great degree of customization and the team helps personalize the platform based on your requirements. 
  • Sellercloud has a high uptime and goes down only during scheduled updates. 
  • Sellercloud reduces the burden of updating the listings on different channels.


  • Integrating Sellercloud with other platforms takes time.
  • Documentation and onboarding support is poor and needs improvements.


  • Pay per transaction 

3. Salesforce

Salesforce - Omnichannel Platforms

Salesforce is a popular customer relationship management tool with a robust omnichannel platform that helps streamline customer engagement across multiple channels. With extensive analytics, it helps measure the effectiveness of your functioning and campaigns on multiple channels and make changes as per the requirements. It allows you to get in touch with customers at various touchpoints, both physical and virtual mediums.


  • Custom designs
  • Brick-and-mortar store integration
  • Advanced security features
  • Order management
  • Omnichannel support
  • Predictive AI
  • Optimize localization 


  • Salesforce helps track contacts across multiple channels like emails, phone calls, etc.
  • Salesforce helps gain a 360-degree view of customer behavior and patterns. 
  • It lets users build marketing campaigns, and view catalogs and product prices across a unified platform. 
  • Salesforce has a short learning curve and it is easy to learn and intuitive to use.
  • Salesforce offers constant upgrades and new features that allow E-commerce businesses to stay ahead of competitors.


  • Salesforce is expensive for small and medium-scale businesses.
  • Customization abilities are limited when it comes to certain features like reports.


  • B2C Commerce Starter – 1% gross merchandise value
  • B2C Commerce Growth- 2% gross merchandise value
  • B2C Commerce Plus – 3% gross merchandise value

4. Omnisend


Omnisend is the ideal omnichannel platform for online merchants who understand the importance of ecommerce marketing and are looking for a straightforward, effective way to boost sales and engage their customers across multiple channels.

With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Omnisend simplifies the marketing process, allowing merchants to focus on what they do best: selling.


  • Email, SMS & web push marketing
  • Drag-and-drop email & forms builders
  • Popups, signup forms & landing pages
  • Pre-built marketing automation workflows
  • Unlimited segmentation
  • 250+ pre-made templates


  • Very easy to use, even for beginners.
  • Saves time by letting you manage all marketing channels in one place.
  • Award-winning customer support is available 24/7.
  • Very generous free plan with access to all features & support.


  • Only available in English.


  • Free
  • Standard
  • Pro

For growing businesses, paid plans start at $16/month and go up to $59/month, with pricing adjusting based on the number of contacts.

5. Sana Commerce

Sana Commerce - Omnichannel Platforms

Sana Commerce is a real-time, B2B, integrated e-commerce platform that goes well with SAP ERP and Microsoft Dynamics. It is being deployed by 1500 web stores and this is a testimony to the quality of the offerings on the platform. By bringing together SAP or Microsoft Dynamics with E-commerce features, Sana Commerce helps eliminate silos and complexities in the process.  


  • Account management
  • Invoice processing
  • Inventory management
  • Order history
  • Tax determination
  • Customer-specific pricing


  • Sana Commerce has a user-friendly interface and provides an intuitive checkout process.
  • It supports multiple languages and is appropriate for international E-commerce.
  • It allows E-commerce businesses to add offers and promotional discounts easily.
  • The pricing is reasonable for the features and functionalities it offers.
  • With Sana Commerce, it is easy to track product movements and update out-of-stock and in accordingly.


  • Search features are basic and they must be improved.
  • The platform is rigid and it is difficult to change or customize the design or wireframes. 


  • Essential
  • Pro
  • Advanced

You must request pricing by specifying your requirements.

6. Cloud Commerce Pro

Cloud Commerce Pro - Omnichannel Platforms

Cloud Commerce Pro is an integrated E-commerce software with one of the robust omnichannel platforms. It has several modules for order management, stock control, order dispatching, shipping automation, and warehouse management. It has an extensive CRM and omnichannel messaging platform with features that streamline the entire process of customer support management and improve customer service quality.


  • Order management
  • Warehouse management
  • Shipping automation
  • Stock control
  • CRM & omnichannel messaging platform
  • Dedicated support


  • Cloud Commerce Pro helps automate several E-commerce tasks helping businesses save time and costs.
  • It helps streamline order listing and dispatching.
  • Cloud Commerce Pro is user-friendly and designed with advanced features.
  • It integrates well with popular e-commerce platforms like eBay and Amazon.
  • On Cloud Commerce Pro, it is easy to manage the information flow and updates across various channels.


  • With Cloud Commerce Pro, the initial setup is hard and takes time.
  • Sometimes there is a lag that businesses have reported overselling.


  • Custom pricing


Omnichannel platforms help reach customers through their preferred modes. This is so important in today’s fast-paced world where customers access information at various touch points. Some studies have shown that 90% of customers expect consistency in communication across different channels. Choosing reliable Omnichannel software helps ensure this consistency and gain an edge in the competitive space.

Frequently Asked Questions

ControlHippo is a leading omnichannel platform renowned for its robust shared WhatsApp inbox. It streamlines communication, manages high message volumes effortlessly, and provides valuable data for targeted campaigns, ensuring marketing consistency.

The four pillars of omnichannel are visibility, measurement, personalization, and optimization across all channels, ensuring a cohesive and efficient multi-channel strategy.

An omnichannel communication platform is a tool that integrates various channels like email, chat, and social media to provide a seamless and consistent customer experience across multiple touchpoints for effective and unified interactions.

Updated : April 30, 2024

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