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Slack, the go-to platform for business communication, not only streamlined collaboration and boosted productivity but also impressively generated $1.5 billion in revenue in 2022, as reported by Salesforce. With its structured channels for discussions, private messaging for sensitive chats, and seamless file-sharing. Slack is truly essential for coordinating efforts and centralizing communications. 

By leveraging ControlHippo for a “Slack Telegram integration,” the barriers between Slack and Telegram vanish, allowing for effortless message forwarding and ensuring teams remain interconnected and agile. This integration is a game-changer, significantly elevating communication efficiency and teamwork.

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Customize your integration settings in ControlHippo to tailor notifications and workflows, ensuring optimal efficiency and alignment with your team's preferences.  You can boost your team's collaboration and productivity by integrating Slack and Telegram with ControlHippo for seamless communication.

Steps to Integrate Slack with Telegram Using ControlHippo

Here is the process to integrate Telegram and ControlHippo followed by the Slack and Telagram integration. This will simplify your communication pathways and boost collaboration for improved business performance.

Step 1: Log in to the ControlHippo Account.

ControlHippo Login Page

Step 2: Select the Telegram channel

ControlHippo - Select Telegram Channel

Step 3: Enter your mobile number, and you will receive it on your Telegram application.

ControlHippo - Send OTP page

Step 4: Enter the OTP, and that’s it. Your Telegram is linked with ControlHippo.

ControlHippo - Enter Otp Page

Step 5: To integrate Slack, open the Integration page in the ControlHippo.

Step 6: Click on the Slack integrate button. 

Select Slack Integration

Step 7: A pop-up box will appear. Click on the Add to Slack button.

Add to Slack - ControlHippo

Step 8: A new page will open where you need to add your workspace name.

Sign in to Slack Workspace

Step 9: Next, a new page will appear, prompting you to choose a channel or thread/user in Slack where you wish to synchronize your activity. Choose the “general” channel and proceed by granting the necessary permissions with a click on “Allow”.

Integrate ControlHippo with Slack

Step 10: After this, you will be redirected to the ControlHippo Integration page. And your Slack account has been integrated.

ControlHippo Slack Integrated

Step 11: Go to the Chat list page and start a conversation with your contacts.

Start Conversation - ControlHippo Slack Integration

Step 12: Now, you can notice the messages appearing in your chosen Slack channel (“general”) that you selected for syncing during the integration process. Activity has been successfully transmitted to that channel.Message Sync - ControlHippo Slack Integration

Telegram + Slack Integration using ControlHippo
Ensure flawless communication by syncing your Telegram conversations to Slack.

Key Benefits of Slack and Telegram Integration using ControlHippo

Integrating Slack and Telegram through ControlHippo unites the strengths of both platforms, which optimizes and simplifies inter-platform communication for businesses.

Let’s look at the benefits in detail.

Advantages of Slack and Telegram Integration

1. Enhanced Communication Flow 

Integrating Telegram with Slack via ControlHippo streamlines communication by enabling real-time messaging across both platforms. This seamless connection ensures that no message is missed, facilitating instant updates and discussions, thereby significantly improving team collaboration and response times.

2. Centralized Notification Hub

The integration by ControlHippo facilitates a unified notification center, enabling the direct reception of crucial Telegram alerts within Slack through the Telegram to Slack integration. This amalgamation minimizes app-switching, boosting efficiency and ensuring that vital information receives immediate attention.

3. Automated Workflows 

The integration offers the ability to automate workflows between Telegram and Slack. By setting up custom triggers and actions, teams can automate routine tasks, such as forwarding messages or alerts, thereby saving time and reducing manual effort.

4. Inclusive Participation

By integrating Telegram and Slack, ControlHippo ensures that stakeholders using either platform can participate fully in conversations. This inclusivity means that external partners or clients on Telegram can easily communicate with internal teams on Slack, enhancing collaboration and partnership.

5. Secure Information Exchange

ControlHippo prioritizes security in its integration, ensuring that sensitive information shared between Telegram and Slack is protected. This security feature provides peace of mind for businesses, knowing that their data and communications are safeguarded.


Leveraging ControlHippo to integrate Telegram with Slack offers businesses an effective way to enhance communication and streamline workflow processes. This “Slack and Telegram integration” bridges the gap between the two platforms, providing benefits such as efficient communication channels, a centralized hub for notifications, the automation of routine tasks, the inclusion of all stakeholders, and the secure transfer of information, and the integration of an inbox telegram feature, enabling users to manage Telegram messages directly within Slack. This synergy not only boosts productivity but also fosters a collaborative environment.

Updated : April 18, 2024

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