How to Integrate WhatsApp With Pipedrive using ControlHippo?

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Want to centralize customer interactions, maximize lead capture, and strengthen customer relationships effortlessly? WhatsApp Pipedrive integration can help. How? We’ll explore that in this guide. 

This integration will also help you personalize your business communication. In fact, 80% of customers are likelier to buy from brands offering personalized experiences

Capitalize on this opportunity by implementing WhatsApp Pipedrive integration. Read on to discover the steps involved and the benefits you can expect from this integration.

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Random modification of sales strategy, ineffective lead management, and disjointed communication data can hamper your business growth. Stop this from happening with Pipedrive WhatsApp integration. It centralizes your data, helping your team better optimize sales strategy, offer personalized responses, and boost customer satisfaction.

How To Integrate WhatsApp With Pipedrive?

Pipedrive WhatsApp integration helps businesses track customer conversations, manage leads, personalize communication, and streamline sales processes well. Doing so significantly enhances customer satisfaction, improves deliverability, boosts conversions, and expands business reach.

To avail of these benefits, you must know how to integrate WhatsApp Pipedrive. Hence, we have curated this step-by-step process on WhatsApp Pipedrive integration –

Step 1: Sign up for ControlHippo by keying in your email ID and new password.

ControlHippo - Signup

Step 2: Navigate through the list displayed on the sidebar of the website and click on the integration option. 

ControlHippo Dashboard

Step 3: From the list of ControlHippo integrations on the website page, hit the Pipedrive Integrate option. 

ControlHippo - Integration

Step 4: Next up in the integration setup, you’ll see a pop-up box appear on the screen with the Add to Pipedrive button. 

ControlHippo - Add to Pipedrive popup

Step 5: As soon as you add Pipedrive, you’ll be redirected to the Pipedrive login page. Quickly and accurately enter your Pipedrive credentials here.

Pipedrive Login Page

Step 6: Now, a list of permissions will appear on your screen, like access to contacts, basic information, data, and activities. To give the required permissions, you must hit the Allow and Install button in the lower right corner. 

Pipedrive - Allow Terms and Conditions

Step 7: Upon successful login, you’ll be taken to the integration page again. Check that the blue box under Pipedrive that showed Integrate in the starting, appears as Integrated.

WhatsApp Pipedrive Integrated

Step 8: Now that the integration part is over, you can explore the chat option from the side menu and start a new conversation with any of your contacts. 

Start a WhatsApp Chat - ControlHippo

Step 9: Head to your new Pipedrive account to find the contact (you recently interacted with) in the latest activity list. 

Pipedrive Activity Page 

Step 10: When you click on the contact, you can find the recent message, as it’ll automatically be synced and displayed in Pipedrive due to the integration. 

WhatsApp Message Sync with Pipedrive

Step 11: Want to send messages directly from the Pipedrive account? Open the specific contact and tap on the messaging module. Now, hit the send WhatsApp message to start sending messages to your contact right from your Pipedrive account.

Send WhatsApp Message From Pipedrive

Key Benefits of WhatsApp Pipedrive Integration using ControlHippo

ControlHippo offers a WhatsApp shared inbox for your teams to efficiently manage multiple WhatsApp accounts, acquire useful insights, and integrate with CRM. 

So, upon Pipedrive WhatsApp integration via ControlHippo, you get to experience effortless WhatsApp numbers management, streamlined support processes, and data-driven decisions. 

Now, let’s explore the key benefits of WhatsApp Pipedrive integration using ControlHippo –

WhatsApp Pipedrive Integration Benefits

1. Boosted sales team productivity

When you integrate your Pipedrive and WhatsApp via ControlHippo, all your conversations and data are automatically synced and displayed in one place. This enables your sales team to have updated customer or lead information and deal details at all times without much effort. 

Using this data, your team can better make required decisions, avoid draining time fetching customer information, and focus on sales-centric activities. 

2. Higher conversion rates

Access to all WhatsApp interactions in one place is extremely important for your team to promptly attend to, prioritize, and engage with your leads. This access is possible with WhatsApp Pipedrive integration using ControlHippo

Not just that, Pipedrive WhatsApp Business integration helps you optimize your sales funnel in a way that your inbound WhatsApp inquiries are automatically converted into leads, with minimum lost leads. This streamlined process helps you boost your conversation rate manifold and maximize your sales efficiency. 

3. Personalized responses 

Remember we talked about how Pipedrive WhatsApp integration through ControlHippo gives you a WhatsApp shared inbox? Yes, that inbox WhatsApp offers an in-depth and holistic view of your customers. Using this information, your support and sales teams can easily send personalized follow-ups and responses, improving customer satisfaction. 

Obviously, when your teams are aware of a customer’s history, they’ll be able to personalize their communication. This builds and strengthens customer relationships. 

4. Data-driven decision making

ControlHippo’s WhatsApp shared inbox tracks customer interactions to give you real-time, actionable insights into your support and sales team performance. These insights are all you need to gauge response times, messaging trends, and conversion rates. 

Once you have enough information, use it to enhance your sales efficiency, modify your strategies, and reallocate your resources for maximum revenue growth. Most importantly, companies that make data-driven decisions perform 20% better than their competitors.

WhatsApp + Pipedrive Integration using ControlHippo
Streamline your business communication by integrating your WhatsApp conversations into Pipedrive.

Wrapping Up

So, that’s how you integrate WhatsApp with Pipedrive using ControlHippo. Doing so offers personalized interactions, supports data-driven decisions, improves conversion rates, and more. 

While integrating these platforms, make sure to follow the above-mentioned steps to avoid time drainage due to failure. Once the Pipedrive WhatsApp integration setup process is complete, you can start leveraging the above-explained benefits.

Maximize these benefits by choosing a trusted integration platform like ControlHippo. It is extremely feature-packed, incorporating capabilities like automated lead creation, real-time data sync, and performance insights. If this is something you’ve been looking for all this while, start ControlHippo’s free trial today!

Updated : May 28, 2024

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