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About Product

The inception of ControlHippo came about in 2021 when we realized how many organizations (including us) were finding it difficult to manage their saas spend. We saw how enterprises were losing track of their SaaS usage and also losing money due to poor or uninformed purchases. Having the industry expertise and technology at our disposal, we decided to create an insightful and user-friendly application that helps organizations manage and monitor their SaaS applications in a cost-effective and convenient way.

SaaS applications have become mainstream of late, and most organizations use a ton of such applications without knowing exactly what they do, who uses them, what kind of costs they incur, and what kind of permissions they have. As a result, most organizations have similar applications running side-by-side, overlapping permissions, and unaccounted renewals. Not only does this increase organizational spending, but it also makes it susceptible to data threats. ControlHippo was created to put an end to such woes and offer organizations a better and more efficient way to manage their SaaS applications.