Integrate WhatsApp With CRMs to Maximize Results

Level up team efficiency, optimize workflows, and gain profound audience insights with ControlHippo’s WhatsApp CRM integration.

  • Offer prompt and personalized responses via WhatsApp
  • Leverage real-time data insights to tailor marketing strategies
  • Integrate with popular CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho

Elevate Bottomline with CRM Integration

Combine the potential of WhatsApp and CRM to improve every aspect of your business, from lead conversion to customer satisfaction.


Efficient WhatsApp Lead Management

  • Effortlessly collect and consolidate leads from multiple channels and sources.
  • Share precise customer messages with the sales team for informed action.
  • Ensure that each sales inquiry receives proper attention and handling throughout.
  • Continuously monitor and optimize conversions across the sales pipeline.

Centralized View of Team Chats

  • Consolidate and view all ongoing customer integrations in a unified dashboard.
  • Empower teams to categorize and assign chats based on queries and urgency.
  • Simplify monitoring to avoid message duplication with the WhatsApp inbox.
  • Effortlessly scale the team size as needed to manage support volume.
Centralized View of Team Chats

WhatsApp API And Automation

  • Swiftly perform operations with the ControlHippo Google Chrome extension.
  • Initiate conversations instantly with pre-set, personalized response templates.
  • Efficiently manage the fluctuating volume of customer support queries and concerns.
  • Save time and manage volumes efficiently with Quick Replies functionality.

Monitor Team Progress Effectively

  • Optimize team performance with effective monitoring and feedback mechanisms.
  • Implement robust tracking systems for real-time visibility into team progress.
  • Foster a culture of accountability and improvement through continuous monitoring.
  • Enhance team productivity by proactively monitoring and addressing performance metrics.

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Sync Your Team Communications into Your CRM Without Any Hassle

Take Communication to a New Level With WhatsApp CRM Integration

Synergize the power of WhatsApp and CRM solutions to better understand your audience and cultivate lasting relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions for WhatsApp CRM Integration

Get quick answers to your questions related to ControlHippo and CRM Integration.

  • ControlHippo allows you to integrate your favorite CRM solutions with WhatsApp. This will not only help streamline customer interactions but also enhance CRM potential for a more comprehensive understanding of your audience.

  • Integrating CRM with WhatsApp empowers businesses with efficient communication, personalized engagement, and deeper insights into customer interactions. This will eventually build lasting relationships and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Yes, ControlHippo allows effective team progress monitoring through centralized communication. This will help optimize overall team performance and productivity.

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