WhatsApp Management Tool
For Real Estate

Scale, simplify, and optimize your real estate business communication with ControlHippo’s shared inbox solution.

  • Centralize and oversee all WhatsApp communication
  • Connect WhatsApp seamlessly with Zoho and other tools
  • Design tailored workflows and automated processes
  • Simplify scheduling, site visits, and information exchange
WhatsApp Management Tool For Real Estate

Advantages of WhatsApp Shared Inbox in Real Estate

From faster response times to unified communication, WhatsApp Shared Inbox for real estate helps you in multiple ways.

Use Multiple WhatsApp Numbers for Swift Resolutions

  • Manage inquiries efficiently with separate WhatsApp numbers for different departments or teams.
  • Tailor responses based on the type of inquiries received on each number for personalized interactions.
  • Direct messages to appropriate agents or departments automatically to ensure prompt responses.
Use Multiple WhatsApp Numbers for Swift Resolutions
Label and Assign Chats for Real-time Assistance

Label and Assign Chats for Real-time Assistance

  • Categorize conversations by priority, status, or topic for easy organization, prioritization, and resolution.
  • Assign chats to specific agents based on expertise, ensuring personalized attention and swift resolution.
  • Receive instant alerts for new chats or updates, facilitating quick responses and real-time assistance.

Integrate Your Preferred CRM and Other Tools

  • Sync WhatsApp chats with your CRM system to maintain a centralized database of customer interactions.
  • Integrate ControlHippo with other essential tools such as email, calendar, or project management platforms.
  • Ensure consistent data flow between WhatsApp and integrated tools, minimizing manual data entry.
Integrate Your Preferred CRM and Other Tools
Increase Lead Conversion through Organized Communication

Increase Lead Conversion through Organized Communication

  • Create predefined message templates for common inquiries, empowering agents to respond swiftly.
  • Set up automated follow-up messages to nurture leads and keep them engaged throughout the sales process.
  • Track the performance of communication efforts to refine strategies and improve lead conversion.

Why Choose ControlHippo for Your Real Estate Industry?

Customer Support
Manage queries, provide swift responses, enhance customer satisfaction effortlessly.

Team Collaboration
Efficiently coordinate tasks, share updates, foster seamless teamwork dynamics.

Sales Engagement
Engage prospects, nurture leads, and close it faster with personalized interactions.

Marketing Campaigns
Broadcast promotions, gather feedback, and analyze campaign effectiveness collaboratively.

How to Set Up Real Estate Business On ControlHippo?

Step 1: Sign up with ControlHippo for free.

Step 2: Verify your WhatsApp Business account.

Step 3: Integrate your CRM with ControlHippo and add users.

Step 4: You’re all set to use ControlHippo.


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Frequently Asked Questions for Real Estate Industry

  • ControlHippo helps your real estate business by making communication smoother and more organized. This leads to better customer service, more lead conversion, and business growth.

  • Yes, ControlHippo can work with many popular CRM systems and other tools, such as HubSpot, PipeDrive, Slack, Shopify, and more.

  • Absolutely! You can label and assign chats however you want, making it easier for your team to handle inquiries effectively.

  • ControlHippo takes your security seriously. We employ encryption and other security measures to ensure the safety of all customer data.

  • Yes, at ControlHippo, we offer training and support to help real estate professionals like you make the most out of this end-to-end WhatsApp support platform.

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