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ControlHippo Vs. Front: Feature-wise Comparison

Take an in-depth look at the difference between Front and ControlHippo to make a well-informed decision.
Discover what makes ControlHippo a better WhatsApp Shared Inbox Platform than Front.
Canned Message
File Upload Capacity
Chrome Extension
Monthly Price
Yes, you can create and customize canned messages
$25 a month
Front Logo
Does not allow you to create canned messages
Up to 100MB
Not available
$70 a month

Note: The information provided above is accurate to the best of our knowledge and is subject to change without prior notice

Features That Make ControlHippo #1 WhatsApp Shared Inbox

Take your collaboration efforts to the next level with our powerful suite of features. Discover how ControlHippo
fosters seamless communication, streamlines operations, and removes friction.

Respond promptly to customer inquiries with canned messages

  • Create an extensive library of pre-written responses for various scenarios with ControlHippo's Canned Message feature.
  • Tailor canned messages to specific customer inquiries, ensuring accuracy and relevance in your responses.
  • Save time by avoiding repetitive typing, especially for common customer queries.
  • Streamline customer support by empowering agents to respond promptly with ready-to-use messages.
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Canned Messages
Boost efficiency

Boost Efficiency By Uploading Files

Without Size Restrictions

  • Efficiently send images, videos, and documents through WhatsApp with ControlHippo.
  • Save time by sending multiple files together quickly in ControlHippo.
  • Provide comprehensive support with bulk file attachments for streamlined solutions.
  • Easily share product manuals and guides via ControlHippo to enhance customer satisfaction.
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Sync Team WhatsApp Conversations with Your CRM

  • Automatically synchronize WhatsApp conversations with your CRM system.
  • Capture valuable customer interactions on WhatsApp directly into your CRM for a comprehensive view of customer engagement..
  • Improve sales and marketing efforts by integrating WhatsApp data into your CRM campaigns and lead nurturing.
  • Customize data mapping to ensure seamless integration between ControlHippo and your CRM platform.
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Enhance business productivity by using the Chrome extension

  • Enhance your customer support capabilities by responding to WhatsApp messages directly from the ControlHippo Chrome Extension.
  • Improve workflow efficiency by managing multiple chats and conversations without leaving your existing tab.
  • Streamline task management by assigning chats, setting reminders, and flagging important messages.
  • Stay organized with synchronized notifications across devices, ensuring you're always up-to-date on customer interactions.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • ControlHippo offers cost-effective solutions with features like WhatsApp CRM Integration, seamless chat sync, multiple user access, analytics reports, WhatsApp automation, and 24/7 support. Try ControlHippo for free for ten days and see for yourself!

  • ControlHippo allows you to label chats and assign them to appropriate team members. The members are automatically notified when you assign them, enabling them to engage with customers instantly. This saves your time while ensuring customers get the best resolutions to their queries.

  • Yes, ControlHippo offers detailed reports that provide valuable insights to drive informed business decisions. You can also sync ControlHippo with your CRM to capture conversations and better understand your customers.

  • Yes, ControlHippo's efficient features, such as chat labels, assign chat, auto-reply, and automation tools, enable businesses to improve response time and overall customer satisfaction.

  • Yes, ControlHippo provides a 10-day free trial for businesses to experience its WhatsApp Shared Inbox capabilities firsthand. Additionally, you can schedule a personalized demo with our team for a guided tour.

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