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ControlHippo vs. Zendesk: Feature-wise Comparison

See how ControlHippo stands against Zendesk in this comprehensive comparison table.
Explore what makes ControlHippo the go-to choice for brands.

Additional Number
Chrome Extension
Contact Sync
Monthly Pricing
$15 a month
$25 a month
Zendesk Logo
$18 a month
$69 a month

Note: The pricing comparison between ControlHippo vs. Zendesk is for the WhatsApp shared inbox solution.

Features That Make ControlHippo the #1 Zendesk Alternative

Empower your team with an intelligent solution that promotes collaboration and transforms
customer interactions into memorable experiences with these features.

Engage with multiple prospects with unlimited contact sync

  • Eliminate manual data entry with automated contact syncing for increased efficiency.
  • Sync an extensive list of contacts effortlessly for comprehensive customer management.
  • Easily manage and update your contact list with unlimited syncing capabilities.
  • Ensure all team members have access to the latest customer information in real time.
  • Streamline communication by syncing contacts across various platforms seamlessly.
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Sync Contact

Boost Customer Service with Effortless File Attachments

  • Effortlessly attach contracts, agreements, or proposals for seamless client interactions.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by sharing files directly within your conversations.
  • Expedite issue resolution by providing visual aids, documents, or screenshots instantly.
  • Simplify collaboration among team members with easy file-sharing capabilities.
  • Ensure clarity in communication by attaching relevant documents or images.
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Sync Your Team WhatsApp Conversations with Your CRM

  • Enable personalized customer interactions with insights from synchronized WhatsApp conversations.
  • Improve customer engagement by capturing WhatsApp interactions directly into CRM records.
  • Enhance team collaboration by sharing WhatsApp conversations within your CRM platform.
  • Ensure a holistic view of customer interactions by combining WhatsApp and CRM data.
  • Streamline sales processes by tracking WhatsApp inquiries alongside other customer activities.
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Enhance business productivity by using the Chrome extension

  • Access ControlHippo's features conveniently with a user-friendly Chrome extension.
  • Simplify workflow by performing ControlHippo tasks directly from your browser.
  • Seamlessly integrate ControlHippo with your everyday browser activities.
  • Increase team productivity with quick access to ControlHippo tools within Chrome.
  • Stay connected to customer interactions even while browsing other web pages.
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We got amazing help from the ControlHippo team. They're really quick to respond, know a lot, and do everything they can to help with our questions.

Boban Jagodic Sales Assistant

Frequently Asked Questions

  • While Zendesk is a popular customer service software, ControlHippo stands out with its focus on seamless multi-channel communication, unlimited contact sync, multi-number access, and intelligent team collaboration features.

  • ControlHippo promotes team collaboration through its shared inbox, real-time notifications, and intelligent assignment of tasks. This ensures that every team member is on the same page and can work together efficiently.

  • Yes, ControlHippo seamlessly integrates with leading CRM platforms such as Zoho CRM, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and others. This integration ensures that customer data is synchronized across all your systems for a unified view.

  • ControlHippo takes pride in its responsive customer support team, ready to answer all your questions and resolve any issues. You can reach out to us via email, live chat, or phone for prompt assistance.

  • Yes, we provide a 10-day free trial of ControlHippo so you can get a hands-on experience of the platform. Additionally, we’re here to demonstrate how you can get the most out of our platform. Feel free to reach out to us!

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