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ControlHippo vs. ManyChat: Feature-Wise Comparison

Check out the detailed comparison between ControlHippo and ManyChat to find out which one suits you best.
Discover why ControlHippo is the leading alternative to ManyChat.

Contact Sync
WhatsApp Link Generator
WhatsApp QR Code Generator
WhatsApp Live Chat Widget
WhatsApp Broadcast
Do Not Disturb
Chrome Extension
Monthly Pricing
Provides unlimited contact sync
Includes a WhatsApp link generator
Provided for easy and direct communication
Provides a live chat widget
Supports WhatsApp broadcast
Offers Chrome extension
$25 a month
Manychat Logo
Does not provide unlimited contact sync
Not included
Not provided
Does not provide a live chat widget
Does not support WhatsApp broadcast
Not available
Does not offer a Chrome extension
$15 a month

Features That Make ControlHippo #1 WhatsApp Shared Inbox

ControlHippo provides robust features like bulk messaging and WhatsApp broadcasts that
boost your sales team’s efficiency and enhance the customer experience.

WhatsApp Shared Inbox for Organized and Streamlined Workflow

  • Manage queries from different channels efficiently with ControlHippo's WhatsApp Shared Inbox.
  • Easily label, assign chats to agents, and monitor progress to enhance customer service.
  • Connect with other platforms, such as HubSpot and Zoho, to automate workflows and synchronize data easily.
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WhatsApp Shared Inbox For Multiple Numbers
Telegram Shared Inbox

Generate WhatsApp QR Codes for Easy Customer Connections

  • Integrate WhatsApp on your website effortlessly with ControlHippo's QR code generator.
  • Streamline quick access for non-tech-savvy customers via QR code scanning
  • Quickly initiate conversations with potential clients who scan your QR code for enhanced sales and business expansion.
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Do Not Disturb Feature for Uninterrupted Work Focus

  • Activate Do Not Disturb to prioritize tasks and minimize interruptions during critical work hours.
  • Customize DND to receive essential alerts and block non-urgent distractions for enhanced productivity.
  • Schedule DND periods to match your workflow, ensuring focused work and task efficiency.
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ControlHippo DND Features
ControlHippo unlimited contact sync

Unlimited Contact Sync for Seamless Business Communication

  • Sync unlimited contacts for smooth communication, boosting productivity and coordination.
  • Effortlessly import contacts from CSV, vCard, CRM, and more into ControlHippo for seamless synchronization.
  • Organize contacts efficiently with ControlHippo's user-friendly interface, simplifying contact management tasks for better organization.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • ControlHippo is considered one of the best alternatives to ManyChat due to its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface. It helps teams improve marketing strategies and customer satisfaction levels by offering advanced capabilities at a relatively low price.

  • Yes, ControlHippo provides a WhatsApp QR Code Generator that enables potential customers of a business to quickly and directly engage with the sales team, boosting the chances of their conversion.

  • In ControlHippo vs. ManyChat, ControlHippo sets itself apart by offering exclusive features like Unlimited Contact Sync, WhatsApp QR Code Generator, Do Not Disturb, and more. It is an all-in-one platform costing just $20 a month, slightly higher than ManyChat, but loaded with many advanced features that every business needs.

  • Yes, ControlHippo alternative ManyChat provides a Do Not Disturb feature, allowing users to prioritize tasks and reduce interruptions during work hours.

  • Yes, ControlHippo, the best alternative to ManyChat, provides a Chrome extension, enhancing functionality and ease of use for managing customer interactions directly from your browser.

  • Yes, ControlHippo offers a WhatsApp link generator. Businesses can generate links and upload them on social media or other channels to facilitate seamless connections and communication with customers.

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