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ControlHippo Vs Gupshup

ControlHippo vs. Gupshup: Feature-Wise Comparison

Check what makes ControlHippo the best Gupshup alternative in this side-by-side comparison table, and discover how our superior messaging capabilities can drive your business to new heights.

ChatGPT Integration
Chrome Extension
Do Not Disturb
Supports 12 CRM
Gupshup Logo
Supports zero apps
Not available

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Why Choose ControlHippo Over Gupshup?

As a leading Gupshup alternative, ControlHippo empowers businesses to elevate their messaging strategies,
streamline workflows, and deliver exceptional experiences across multiple channels.

Maximize Focus With Intelligent Do Not Disturb Option

  • Customize availability settings based on your schedule and preferences
  • Automatically send personalized away messages to inform contacts of your status
  • Minimize distractions during critical tasks or non-working hours
  • Seamlessly toggle Do Not Disturb mode on and off as needed
  • Prioritize urgent messages with customizable notification settings
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ControlHippo DND Features
ControlHippo unlimited contact sync

Engage With Multiple Prospects With Unlimited Contact Sync

  • Sync contacts from multiple sources, including CRM platforms and email lists
  • Eliminate manual data entry and ensure data consistency across systems
  • Reach out to prospects across channels, including email, SMS, and messaging apps
  • Segment contacts based on demographics, behavior, and engagement history for targeted outreach
  • Automate follow-up sequences and nurture campaigns to maximize conversion opportunities
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Eliminate Manual Entry and Reduce Errors With CRM Integration

  • Integrate WhatsApp conversations directly into your CRM platform for centralized data management
  • Capture and track customer interactions, inquiries, and support requests in real time
  • Automate lead generation and qualification processes based on WhatsApp interactions
  • Create custom workflows and triggers to streamline follow-up actions and task assignments
  • Empower sales and support teams with access to complete customer histories and context
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controlhippo integration

Manage Customer Interactions Seamlessly From Any Web Browser

  • Access ControlHippo's messaging platform directly within your Chrome browser
  • Receive real-time notifications for new messages and updates
  • Reply to messages, send files, and share links without leaving your current tab
  • Utilize quick actions and keyboard shortcuts for efficient message management
  • Seamlessly switch between multiple accounts with ease
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • ControlHippo is the best alternative to Gupshup. It offers a user-friendly interface, comprehensive messaging capabilities, better integration options, and advanced automation features that enhance communication efficiency.

  • As a leading alternative to Gupshup, ControlHippo offers an intuitive interface, seamless integration with multiple messaging platforms, and advanced automation features. Additionally, ControlHippo provides robust analytics and superior customer support.

  • Yes, ControlHippo offers a Chrome Extension, making it easy to manage your messages and communications directly from your browser.

  • ControlHippo offers a single, all-inclusive pricing plan at $20/month, giving you access to all features without any limitations.

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