Integrate Shopify CRM with WhatsApp through ControlHippo

Integrate ControlHippo’s WhatsApp shared inbox into your Shopify store and offer robust, 24/7 sales and customer support. Send promotional messages, alerts, notifications, and service responses through the most preferred communication channel and boost your conversion rates.

Integrate Shopify CRM with WhatsApp through ControlHippo

Shopify Integration Features

24/7 Customer Support

With Shopify and ControlHippo, promote an all-around availability and respond promptly to customer queries. With a shared WhatsApp inbox and chatbot, automatically respond to customer questions with personalized, canned responses when agents are unavailable.

Boost Sales & Conversion

Send abandoned cart messages and notify customers of deals and offers on a product to maximize sales and conversion. Explore cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, and enhance your marketing efforts by engaging with customers on the most preferred platform.

Automated alerts and notifications

With Shopify integration, send automated alerts and messages about order placement, tracking, shipment updates, etc. on WhatsApp. Offer instant updates, promote a positive customer experience, and secure their trust and reliability.

Performance Tracking & Analytics

Shopify WhatsApp integration offers insights and analytics about agent performance and customer satisfaction. Businesses can gain a comprehensive understanding of their customer support quality and put forth corrective actions.

Enhance E-commerce Efficiency with Shopify Integration

Improve order processing and customer communication by seamlessly integrating ControlHippo with Shopify, enhancing your e-commerce operations.

Offer proactive customer support with WhatsApp Shopify Integration

  • Set predefined templates and canned responses to respond promptly to customer messages and service requests.
  • Leverage ControlHippo’s WhatsApp shared inbox to promote consistency in customer responses.
  • Promote 24/7 availability, reduce customer response time, and scale your customer support quality.

Deliver personalized customer support and boost your sales

  • Offer personalized support by leveraging data from the history of customer orders, conversations, etc. 
  • Integrate data from several points and forge engaging conversations to enhance sales efficiency.
  • With WhatsApp Shopify integration, businesses can send automated messages on abandoned carts to boost sales.

Access performance analytics and insights

  • Track analytics about your customer support functioning on ControlHippo’s single dashboard.
  • With WhatsApp Shopify integration, make informed decisions and put forth corrective actions based on the insights.
  • Identify trends in customer behavior, thoughts, etc. early on, and gain a competitive advantage.

How ControlHippo integrates with Shopify: Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Visit the Integration page on ControlHippo.

Step 2: Select Shopify from the available tools.

Step 3: Approve the integration by authenticating with your Shopify credentials.

Step 4: Click on Allow and Install to complete the integration.

Step 5: Choose the data you want to send from Shopify to ControlHippo and vice-versa.


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Shopify ControlHippo Integration for Automated E-commerce

Integrate ControlHippo with your Shopify store to automate order processing, sync inventory data, and enhance customer experience. Try it out with a 10-day free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions For Shopify WhatsApp Integration

  • Shopify integration connects Shopify's e-commerce platform with other tools, apps, or systems to streamline operations for efficient business management.

  • Native Shopify integration refers to a direct, built-in connection with other apps or platforms, enabling seamless data sharing and streamlined workflows without the need for third-party middleware.

  • To set up Shopify integration, follow the steps:
    Step 1: Go to ControlHippo's Integration page.

    Step 2: Choose Shopify from the list of options.

    Step 3: Confirm the integration by signing in with your Shopify credentials.

    Step 4: Press Allow and Install to finish the integration.

    Step 5: Decide which data to share between Shopify and ControlHippo.

  • With Shopify integration, you can send order confirmations, shipping notifications, personalized promotions, and customer service messages. This enhances customer experience and keeps them informed about their orders.

  • The COD feature allows customers to pay for goods upon delivery, providing flexibility and convenience. It builds trust and appeals to customers who prefer physical transactions.

  • The ControlHippo Shopify integration simplifies customer support, boosts sales and conversion, sends automated alerts about order placement, and offers insights on agent performance and customer satisfaction, etc. It connects data from Shopify to other platforms, streamlining workflows for your business.

  • Yes, there are costs associated with integrating Shopify with ControlHippo. The different pricing plans include the following:
    Bronze: $20 Per user/month billed annually

    Silver: $28 Per user/month billed annually

    Gold: $40 Per user/month billed annually
    The platform offers a 10-day free trial.

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