How to Backup WhatsApp Business on iPhone and Android: A Complete Guide

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If you interact with customers and teams on WhatsApp Business, you must have heaps of crucial data you’d like to keep safe forever. Backup WhatsApp Business to do so, or simply transfer it to another phone when switching phones (Android or iPhone).

We have curated this guide to discuss how to backup WhatsApp Business data for iPhone and Android. We have also included the best way to transfer WhatsApp Business backup data to another phone (same platform and cross-platform). In the end, we go through the steps to export WhatsApp Business data easily. Let’s dive right in.

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"Keeping your WhatsApp Business data safe is critical, especially when you rely on it as your primary customer interaction platform. Backing up and saving customer conversations will help you improve customer service by dispensing more nuanced, contextual, and personalized messaging. WhatsApp makes it possible to create WhatsApp Business backup, but you can also transfer data to another phone or export your data to email for increased confidentiality."


Backup WhatsApp Business App Data for iPhone (Using iCloud)

Do you want to keep your WhatsApp Business data stored on your iPhone safe and accessible? Rely on iCloud to backup WhatsApp Business app data stored on your iPhone; you can restore iCloud WhatsApp backup when needed. 

Remember that iCloud only provides 5GB of free space to store data (WhatsApp backup (iPhone)); you’ll have to buy more storage based on your needs. 

Let’s understand the process of WhatsApp Business backup for iPhone in steps –

Backup Whatsapp Business For Iphone

Step 1: To backup WhatsApp Business data, open the WhatsApp Business app and head to ‘Settings’ by clicking the gear icon from the bottom bar. 

Step 2: Now hit the Chats option and tap Chat Backup (WhatsApp Business). Don’t forget to double-check that your WhatsApp Business is linked or synced with iCloud. 

Step 3: Tap the ‘Back Up Now’ to backup WhatsApp Business data. If you want to eliminate repeating this process whenever you need to backup WhatsApp Business, activate Auto Backup (WhatsApp Business). This’ll ensure your iCloud WhatsApp backup is updated based on your preferred schedule–daily or weekly.

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Backup WhatsApp Business App Data for Android (Using Google Drive)

If you’re an Android user and wish to keep your WhatsApp Business chat safe and accessible at your fingertips, you must backup WhatsApp Business chats. WhatsApp backup (Android) is possible by linking your WhatsApp Business app with Google Drive. Here’s the step-by-step process to create a Google Drive backup (WhatsApp) –

Step 1: The first step to creating a WhatsApp Business backup is to open the WhatsApp Business app on your Android device and tap ‘Settings’ by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner. 

Step 2: The next step in creating a WhatsApp Business backup is to scroll, hit the Chats option, and tap Chat Backup. To ensure your WhatsApp Business is linked or synced with your Google Drive account, head to the ‘Google Drive settings’ option under Chat Backup > Account. 

Step 3: Click the ‘Back Up’ option to backup WhatsApp Business app chat data. To avoid creating WhatsApp Business backup frequently while ensuring your data is saved, set the chat backup schedule to daily/weekly/monthly. You can also choose or eliminate to back up the media–videos, files, or images. 

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Wrapping Up

As we’ve reached the end of this actionable guide, we suppose you now know the exact steps to create a WhatsApp Business backup on iPhone (iCloud account) or Android (Google Drive). 

However, if you want to transfer your WhatsApp Business chat data to another phone, that’s possible too. WhatsApp supports the same platform transfer, but if cross-platform transfer is the need of the hour, rely on a trusted data transfer platform. 

So, wait no further and get all data backed up to never lose it and access it at your convenience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Go to your Google Drive account on your PC > tap on the Gear icon > select Setting > Manage Apps > Scroll down to WhatsApp and hit options to view your WhatsApp Business chat backup.

To create a WhatsApp Business chat backup on your iPhone without iCloud, connect your iPhone to your PC via cable and open iTunes. Now tap Trust the computer on your iPhone. Next, on iTunes, go Device option, tap Summary, and hit the Back Up Now option to start backing up your iPhone, including WhatsApp.

WhatsApp’s in-built features do not support restoring WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to iPhone. You need to turn to an external data transfer app to do that.

Updated : June 17, 2024

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